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    I'm putting this out there for public consumption .
    Its conceding a possible new way to reach OU with HHO .its not for everybody but it may help prove OU .with out a doubt ..most run generators on HHO and that's fine with a mister .I've thought of an posibable up grade giving extra energy .its the buoyancy factor .one cubic foot of water is 62 pounds and if your using a meryer hi volume hi effency unit some have run these at 60 psi .I think i if not mistaken some said they had run theres a 250 psi .but in ether case .a 30 psi run should prove the concept .running a 6 liter unit at 12 watts or even 30 watts instead of going strate to the fuel cell or generator make it lift water 30 ft in the air and run a generator from the down flow then route your gas to what ever other end game your working with .the extra energy should put you over the line conceding OU .now conceder this instead of 30 ft why not 300 ft in the ocean pushing water before other uses ?.the gas would expand on rising giving even more lift .even a small unit might go over .you might need to keep the units internal gas volume way down by bleeding it off in Small tubes and many back flash stoppers .to avoid an explosion .but its more utilization of your product .lifting water up from the deep waters of the ocean magnify the returns .any extra returns would be better than just letting them go to waste . food for thought . by using a electrical system to create gas instead of a air compressor you get away from exchanging one rotational device for another your not pumping down to go up your creating it down there you dont have to over come that problem ...Jim live long and prosper .