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  • another point of view meyer project

    I would like to add another point of view.
    I think the water must first polarize.
    then you have to make it oscillate electrically.
    First you have to tighten the guitar string.
    Then you have to press the guitar string.
    the oscillation should go lower amplitude greater amplitude.
    ultrapure water should be used 0.054 uS / cm.
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    must first understand the nature .... and then imitate

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    Draw water vapour into a electrically insulated vacuum tube with magnets along the outside, via an electrified grid, heated if you like. This will disacociate or ionise the water vapour. The vacuum reduces the chance of the ions recombining. The flow of moist air between the magnets, will seperate the ions, -ve ions will be deflected one way and +ve the other. The seperated ions in the magnetic field because they have the same polarity will become more excited and smash into other none ionized atoms, disacociating them also.

    The +ve and -ve ions can be guided into two seperate vacuum tubes which have a metal surface which will allow the ionized gases to discharge. The charge from the metal tubes can be returned to a battery or whatever. The two gas flows can then be brought back together safely.

    If your ionizing electrodes arent far apart you dont need horrendous voltages, the air breaks down at 3000000V/m that is 3000V/cm or 3V/um. A fine grid to draw air through would create the necessary restriction to create a vacuum, and the friction would heat the moist air as it entered the vacuum or reduced atmospheric pressure area, say 0.125Atm similiar to 15000m altitude

    See the science energy forum for more detail under lightning and chain reactions.


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      Meyer tech is very simple to understand.. just too many words to confuse the minds :-)

      Forget hydrogen and oxygen dissociation and study the water hydrogen bond..

      When the ambient air absorb the bonding electrons from water molecules you obtain positive droplets creating electrostatic repulsion that release heat.. presence of an thermal spark or heat zone you obtain the Stan Meyer thermal explosive energy..

      Forget electron extraction device.. air is enough for absorb the electrons AS AN SPONGE making negative ions .. no need pre-ionized air.. Mother Nature teaches us!!!

      Forget thousands of patents.. all is reassumed in TWO simple reactions:

      SUN (electromagnetic radiation for remove electrons) AND/OR [MECHANICAL WORK] +WATER (water fog droplets) +AIR (normal air mixed with fog)=THERMAL ENERGY

      SUN (electromagnetic radiation for remove electrons) AND/OR [MECHANICAL WORK] +WATER (water fog droplets) +AIR (normal air mixed with fog)+ADDITIONAL HEAT (ENERGY)=THERMAL EXPLOSIVE ENERGY

      Here video experiment

      Attached image extracted from meyer docs.. and from Mother Nature.
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          Originally posted by tutanka View Post
          SUN (electromagnetic radiation for remove electrons) AND/OR [MECHANICAL WORK] +WATER (water fog droplets) +AIR (normal air mixed with fog)+ADDITIONAL HEAT (ENERGY)=THERMAL EXPLOSIVE ENERGY.
          Hi Alessandro and all, your statement makes me wonder, what if a diesel engine would have a spark plug?, could it run on just water?. There would be sprayed water at peak pressure and temperature and a spark.
          Based in your previous experience, do you think is possible to get it work?.
          I know there is no diesel engines with spark plugs to test, and that intrigues me more... And modify one would be not easy.


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            Is too many difficult modify an diesel engine.. If you want to use an piston engine I suggest to buy an two stroke ditech engine. First you need to start to gasoline and after you need to switch to water (pre-heated to 30C). Ditech engine works thanks to special injector that mix fuel with air very similar to meyer injector. But you need to know how HBE works. For this I suggest to use an pelton turbine and make an artificial hydrogenerator with an efficiency >90%. Cheers
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