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What Cracks Water?

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    Originally posted by mikrovolt View Post
    The chart tells you that other resonance types do not work efficiently.

    So what resonance effect is valid ?

    What cracks water ? What resonance effect works efficiently ?

    Other resonance effects are NOT invalid because of ultrasonic alone. Inventors have called
    them resonance devices. patent reading skills...
    If you refer to patent of Walt Jenkins is the ugly copy of Meyer patents.. Led, UV, High Voltage, Ultrasonic, special spark plug, etc....all in one similar to an technological pot.. For my direct experience I'm sure that an water engine don't need to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen but you need just an EXPLOSIVE REACTION. in fact what no one consider is the time and the initial energy necessary for split water.. also if you are using an water fog. At today for me the right way is continue the Peter Graneau studies, Lord Armstrong Hydromachine, etc.. because all of these are connected and the result to the end is every the same.
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      New products available.

      Hitting water acoustically with 42.8khz, Keely style.

      I notice that one can buy two ultrasound transmitters, pitched at 40khz, and a driving board for around 35.

      The snag is that one needs to examine the board, see what it takes to adjust the existing fixed frequency.