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Transatlantic Telluric Communication Experiment

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  • Transatlantic Telluric Communication Experiment


    The transatlantic telluric communication project is an experimental attempt to transfer power between two specially arranged Tesla transformers, one in the US and one in the UK. Electrical power and hence modulated communication in the form of Morse Code or low bandwidth telephony will be transferred between TX and RX bidirectionally. If this experiment could prove successful it will represent one of the most significant Tesla based experiments since Tesla's own era, and also serve to validate the principles, apparatus, and experiments that Tesla was engaged with. Even if not successful it should reveal a wealth of research into the underlying principles and suitable apparatus for further investigations and experiments, and whether telluric power transfer and communication is actually possible over such large distances through the earth.

    Tesla was originally arranging telluric transfer of power at 45Kc which requires very large coil dimensions, and powerful apparatus and generator equipment to drive the TMT system. This intended experiment will start in the 160m amateur radio band, at say 1.86Mc, where coil dimensions and generator apparatus and power are much more manageable, and work down in frequency band from this if required, and as resources become available.

    This topic reports the progress of this experiment since its initiation at the 2022 Energy, Science, and Technology Conference.

    The Tx and Rx system are constructed and operated by AMInnovations in the UK, and Griffin and Hakasays in the US. Both stations will act as both TX and RX for bidirectional experiments. For much more information on the theory, design, apparatus, and operation of successful telluric experiments, visit the Telluric category at AMInnovations website at link:

    What follows is an update so far on the preparation for the UK station at AMInnovations Lab:

    Attached are pictures of my preliminary apparatus and setup of the 3-coil Tesla transformer that I will use for TX and RX between the US and UK, along with the generator system which is up to 1kW modulated power in the 160m amateur band.

    The electrical and mechanical design of the coils in the pictures (less extra coil) are covered here:

    I have not tuned the coil or done the VNA analysis yet. I plan to do a video of the VNA tuning and setup, along with picking the best drive point, which will be the series mode of the extra coil, with the parallel modes adjusted to form the best LMD cavity with the ground system. I am aiming for a target extra coil series mode at 1.86Mc, and will send the data for tuning etc. when I have it, but probably not until late Aug/early Sept.

    Note that the coil system has a telescopic antenna on both the secondary coil, and another can be attached to the BNC at the top of the extra coil. These dual telescopic aerials lead to very fine tuning of the series modes through small adjustments of wire length, and you can get a very finely adjusted and balanced tuning point like this. Much more on this when I make the tuning video and do the write-up .

    The Kenwood linear amplifier generator connects via the normal matching equipment (Palstar AT5K) to a Bird inline digital power meter, and I will be making some high-power efficiency tests down to the ground system as well. I would expect to be able to get at least 95% of the power from the generator into the ground system with the Tesla transformer properly setup and tuned for both series and parallel modes, and where the LMD mode is dominant through to the ground system.

    Work in progress, but this is where I have got to so far .

    Best wishes,
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    In prep for the upcoming through-the-ground communications experiments, I spent the last couple days fabricating a large Tesla Coil secondary out of UHMW polyethylene.

    * Construction technique and calculating dimensions+wire length is outlined here if anyone's interested in building high-efficiency open-frame Tesla Coils:
    * The target frequency is just above the 160m HAM radio band, so about 2-2.4mc.
    * Using RG316 coax cable since it is silver coated and has a quite large surface area. Only the outer sheath is being used in this instance, same as Adrian's setup above.
    * I intentionally left it oversize to allow lots of room for trimming to hit the target frequency. It’s better to be 10 feet too long than one inch too short.

    This next week for me will be trying various permutations of secondaries and extra coils so I can get a comfortable baseline to work with before trimming things down to-size.
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      Update: After a week of solid testing and a hundred feet of wasted/cut coax, I’m finally honing in on a good procedure for building+tuning a Tesla Magnifying Transmitter.

      Short version: Wind your secondary and extra coil to about 1.5x your target frequency.
      Measure each coil separately with a VNA or function generator and scope/meter until you have a match, then join them together and measure the series resonant frequencies.
      If your frequency is too low, trim an equal amount from both coils until you are close to your desired target. Keep going back+forth tuning each coil separately to ensure they stay roughly the same.
      When both have roughly equal length, they will also have equal weight, which corresponds to roughly equal capacitance, which causes both halves to interact more strongly in longitudinal mode.

      Myself and a couple others performed a couple rudimentary tests yesterday on 160m to see if transverse waves could be picked up through-the-ground in transverse mode over hundreds-of-miles (no signal was received). But since I had a pair of Tesla-type coils set up and tuned to the same frequency I thought I'd try transmitting power between them in some brief experiments.


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        Follow-up video from yesterday, managing to light >100w through a bulb, a thin wire and 200ma fuse all in series.
        This was somewhat cobbled-together test as I'm still working at finishing+tuning the second Tesla Magnifying Transmitter. A matched set should perform much better



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          Eric Dollard commented on his very first accidental telluric experiments he performed, before he'd even heard of Tesla.

          He was messing with a single Tesla Extra coil (air-core high Q resonant quarter-wave coil), observing all its interesting properties, and got a call from a friend a town over telling him he was 'on the air' even though there was no antenna. That was when he realized the ground was acting as a transmission point.
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            'Telluric Apprenticeship' under Eric Dollard, part 1


            I am blessed to be able to work with Eric Dollard this week, helping to get a telluric (through-the-ground) communication station up-and-running. Learning ungodly amounts of useful information in the process
            I am documenting everything I learn here in hopes that I can extrapolate and compile it into a useful guide so that others can follow along and replicate the work themselves.


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              Experimental update concerning different ground impedances encountered in a simple telluric configuration: