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Finding Resonant Modes of a Tesla Transformer

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  • Finding Resonant Modes of a Tesla Transformer

    This section will confine itself to research into the measurement of various resonant modes and optimization of a Tesla Resonant Transformer, with respect to its configuration.

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    What we're finding so far is that the longitudinal/parallel mode for a single Tesla extra coil tends to be about 7-15% above the normal series/quarter-wave mode (average 10%).
    Unfortunately this doesn't directly correlate with any resonant peaks in the electrostatic field, or SWR on the transmitter, which forces us to find more complex/creative means.

    We want to find a more simple means of tuning Tesla Coils because not everyone's going to have a vector network analyzer handy, and even fewer will know how to 'read the tea leaves' to understand what the various traces mean.

    The best indicator thus-far appears to be found by measuring the electrostatic field in-air with one probe and measuring the current to ground with a second probe (single-turn current transformer).

    At the series(normal) peak the potential and current gradients both peak and are in-phase.
    At the parallel peak, the potential and current modes appear shifted either 90 or 180deg to the potential trace. With both traces on the scope you can see a phase-shift clearly when scanning 5-20% above the series peak.

    It's still a bit fuzzy at the moment because there seems to be some variation based on the transmitter used and the specific coil being tested. After this problem is solved, the next will be finding out how to balance 2+3 coil systems using a similar technique. And once that's done, anyone should be able to participate in these experiments at a very high-level without using a VNA