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  • Developing the million mile battery…

    Chris Edwards has this to say…

    Always #crushing gas cars. Jeff Dahn, the one I met and introduced to him Nikola Tesla's batteries at his 3M booth at the SPI conference in 2014; who later began to work for Tesla in 2017 towards a Million Miles Battery, finally completed their Tests of his first Million Mile battery, with glass in the Anode (-) and single crystal Mica. Mica being cited by Nikola Tesla in 1901 as the best material for the Cathode (+) in a battery. They just completed 3.7 Million Miles of testing. It will be out by 2025. -- Also in today's news another formula by Tesla supplier, CATL that was tested to 1M miles with 90% remaining, or 5 Million Miles. So, I'll be surely happy when every gas car is crushed and dumped at the bottom of the Ocean. Never to be seen again.

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    "1M miles with 90% remaining, or 5 Million Miles"

    Elaborate? Where does the 5 come from, or point to?

    I assume the 90% "remaining" means capacity, meaning 10% degradation. A good performance on what, 3000 cycles?
    Until a real application for used batteries is found, so many cycles might only be useful for something like ferries and short distance planes? What other appliance would need a mobile power source and cycles that often a day to reach 3000 cycles over a reasonable commercial life? A plane of course, the fleet manager will want to keep going at least 30 years. 4 flights a days is nothing strange, I guess 6 is doable. 6 a day is 65,000 cycles in 30 years.
    30 year old cars tend to not have huge mileage, not too many cycles needed. Usually 70% or 80% capacity left is considered the end of car batteries, or what a warranty is given for.