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Bedini spike gone - and back again

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  • Bedini spike gone - and back again

    I've experienced something interesting for me with my SSG.
    I did a clean up of the wiring, for shortest connections with same length of wire to all transistors, good diameter wire and soldered all. At the same time i updated the core of coil 1.
    All looked nice and clean but i lost the spike.
    Previously, after buying a oszi, i could adjust base resistance to get a peak of 284 V. Thereafter 60 V!
    By fortune my search went into direction of run/charge wiring. Mostly because i realized, that my ampere meter inline brings me a bit more Volts. This was the proceeding:

    - Longer run wire: 134 V (+ or - longer).
    - Longer charge wire (-) only: 286 V
    - Longer charge wire (+) only: 306 V
    - Same length, but a small diameter wire inbetween: 295 V (2 spikes. One at 0,5 A the other at 0,95 A poti setting)

    So i'm back in the game, but hmmm... i think that shows me that there is somwhere a problem wich i only compensate with a long (6 meters ?) charging cable.
    I'm allways interested in causes, not symptom 'healing'.
    With different batteries it's the same. Any ideas?
    So ppl, have a look on cable length and impendance, maybe there is efficiency!


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    This is going to sound far-fetched...

    But did your temporary loss/gain of spikes coincide with the recent deluge of sunspot irradiation activity that screwed up a lot of other stuff here on earth?

    Remember, those lengths of wires are also resonating at a frequency, and their harmonics, according to their length, just like any antenna would.

    And lengths of wire have an inductive value anyway, but are impractically large, so are wound into coil forms to conserve space, and increase inductance via winding interaction.

    Perhaps the lengths resonate and harvest a bit of something else ?
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