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Bedini Coil Specs - what to do?

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  • Bedini Coil Specs - what to do?

    Hi all,

    This is my first post. Nice to be here. For the past couple of months I've been planning on how I want to go about building a bedini motor for good fun!

    Today I asked a professional for a quote on a coil for a trifilar, 900-turn coil with an iron core. I told him I was not fussed about the overall size, so long as it's roughly the same size as a solder reel.

    If anyone can fill me in on what the exact specs are on a typical 900-run trifilar bedini coil that would be swell.

    I've also bought some 5 x 12mm neodymium magnets.


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    You can find the specs here Directory:Bedini SG - PESWiki

    They don't recommend neo magnets though because their field is smaller even though they are more powerful. If you use the neo's you will have to put them closer together on the wheel and the wheel will have to be closer to the coil.

    If you are not making an exact replica I would go for less turns and bigger wire because the lower your resistance the better it is.


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      Hi mbrownn, thanks for that link! I'm surprised I havn't found any coils like the one/s I want to have made on eBay.

      I don't quite understand how the coil manages to induce a current with the magnet passing on top of it rather than through it.

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        The permeable core goes through it.



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          The magnet is only for the switching of the transistor although it can be made to work without magnets.


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            Hi mbrownn, it would be great to make an equivalent that works without magnets. Ie. a solid state version if possible.

            I am wondering if this is possible to do using the back-emf from a power transformer? I have a 10VA unit which I've had fun with. I put 3v across it's primary side, and no surprise it lights up a neon across it when the 3v is taken off. Can this effect have the same effect on a SLA battery as the bedini motor?

            I have two 12V 7AH batteries that cannot be charged anymore by normal charging.

            A guy from work said that to get the (memory blank!?) off the inside of battery, you can use high voltage spikes. He doesn't believe in negetive energy, so now I'm trying to find the difference between what the bedini motor/radiant/negetive energy does to stuffed batteries compared to regular high voltage spikes.