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My first month with my Bedini...

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  • My first month with my Bedini...

    I would like to give a short overview about my Bedini project. First 'engine' start the 10-th of september with a little online help from citfa and guruji. Thank you again

    Version 1 was a home built 175mm diameter rotor from wood/aluminium with 6 neo magnets and one coil 800 turns bifilar.
    Run and charging battery are car starter batteries. I discovered that here has to be a ratio between machine size (number of coils, ampere draw) and battery capacity. Because my route in mind leads in direction to a 17" casted alu wheel wich has weight, i made a something bigger rotor out from oval shaped alu profile.
    I now had 225mm diameter but all from alu, very lightweight. A better 'throttle' response and some higher rpm's were trying to catch the liking of a racer heart, but... it feels like you have to give more to hold the rotor on speed. Seeing the difference, i had to conclude, the wheel has to almost turn by itself wich needs some mass to overcome the time when no driving force is acting on it.
    It's the same as on my bikes motor, wich has an uneven firing sequence. It needed more rotating mass to compensate for that, although oscillating or rotating mass is hated like pest in this segment.
    The second difference beside mass is the spacing between magnets. Bigger rotor and same number of magnets = more time between impulses. To test for each component counts for what, i used the bigger lightweight rotor, but the magnets are at - 1,5 cm diameter placed. This felt better then before. So i asume my magnets shouldn't be further spaced then they were at Start, what was 9,2 cm in circumference, center to center. Because it's neodym, not recommended for SG as i can read, there is not much advice about. Keramic magnets have a rule from about twice the with for spacing. The bigger field and the strong push (or drag) is the other thing. I now adjust a gap of about 17mm so i can feel only a little bit of pressure from the poles.
    If the gap is smaller, the engine gets louder, it's working harder, there is more positive energy and sure more torque, but we are not looking for that i think.
    This engine shows me in an other point of view, that the power where true force is in is placed in equilibrium of self-sustaining, circular motion. No drag, no push. It's real Tao or Zen in a machine ... or the potential of it as allways...

    Time for version 3, the first small wood/alu rotor again but even heavier as contrast. About 1/4 heavier the ver.1. Meanwhile i attached my second coil i built because of the impedance (?) problem of my car batteries. So heavy, small wheel and two coils, two circuits.
    The starting 3055 and a new BD243 circuit, triggered by the SG.
    The BD243 coil is a five filar twisted #22 wire, 456 turns, 2,9 Ohm, lacking a state of the art core right now. Only one wire connected till now. This is the actual setup.
    Further improved: multiple diodes and thick cable to charging battery, soldered the lamp in and trying to understand the correlations between resistance, impedance, draw and rpm... hmm
    All runs compared to starting point real smooth, quiet, fast and reliable. It only stands still when i work on it. Charging seems better now, but i have to see first the bat in charge. I used the time i had until i finished the second coil to test some AA 1800 und 2300 mA accus. They were dead. I charged them in the Bedini while upgrading, put them in a small light and could draw 1620 mA after one charge. I was astonished... but have first to repeat it a few times.
    Other strange things happend, too. A lot... one in my mind right now is that i forgot the run battery completely for 4 or 5 days. I checked voltage and hat about 14,6 V... normal for this battery. Ok, doesn't need much i wonder, because meanwhile i draw in my sweet spot about 380 mA. Now i didn't forget, checked again 2 days later and... 16 and a bit volts! That was yesterday. Last charge, conventional, about 10 to 14 days ago.

    Right now and for the near future i expand into multiple branches of charging batteries seperated by diodes and more circuits for my new 740 gr. coil And an earth rod has to cross my path, better two please. I have now 6 batteries between 55 and 80 Ah to be grouped when time is here. Right now activating the 80 Ah. She had 10,2 V starting out, now after 15 h. she was at 15,3 V and then dropped to 14 and a bit. Again climbing and now at some over 15 V. What is this drop i often see? When is the battery charged? I have no nominal charged status. I will try and see.

    Comments and suggestions are welcome!
    I try to upload some pictures from the various stages... should be chronologically.

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