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Modded Bedini, big voltage, no current

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  • Modded Bedini, big voltage, no current

    Hi, been experimenting with some mods to a basic bedini solid-state and would welcome some input. I can wind up the voltage (with 12.5v input) to well over 500v P-P going out to the chg battery.(12v 270cca). My problem is, there is virtually no amperage going into the charge batt.. Is that an issue? At 12.5v/750mA in, I get 300+v out, but only at 100-120mA! I have wound output voltage up to over 500v p-p, but still not much current. Hopefully have attached some scope pics.
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    The pulse looks really nice.
    can you describe the coil ?


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      It's a tri-filar, twisted together before coiling. .67mm copper. 50mt per length, wound onto an old fishing spool. (40mm core, 75mm dia.) I measured 2.7 ohms per coil. It stays cool, no heat generated at all. I guess the no current bit does that. I'm using an MJE3009 for the NPN and an 856 for the diode. I only have 3 watt resistors for the VR and base, but they get a little too hot for my liking... Rob


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        I thought this was pretty normal for most of the bedini style tech.
        lots of available voltage for charging, but minimal current on output. it's part of the efficiency of how they work. i could be wrong on this, as I am still learning, but it sounds to me like you are working just fine. as long as you are getting good charging on the output, it sounds like you have done your job well

        from the way i understand all of this (and that understanding is limited ), that is the reason why you can't "close the loop" on this kind of device, not enough current to run the input, even with the massive voltage available. it might assist with efficiency on the input, but won't self run.

        again, I might be wrong, but it sounds like you have a perfectly working device on your hands

        The absence of proof is not proof of absence


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          3 filaments of .67mm or 24 awg I don't know? but I don't think it's overkill

          Right now Steven Jones group are trying to help us measure
          the output of the JT. This may help to measure
          radiant output so we might have better understanding
          with these waveforms.

          Ashworth / Stiffler is measuring heat, really looking forward
          to his upcoming video, what the doctor is up to.

          Others have been charging batteries and just know about how long it takes after the
          conditioning period.

          The radiant charge is important technology. Thankyou for your efforts,
          this is my feedback just an observation.

          .67 mm = 24 guage AWG

          John's website has MJ21194 HV transistor

          36 watts + no heat = 300V * .120mA

          comparing to conventional charger approximation
          36 watts = 12 * 3 amps - minus heat (equivalent current)
          3 amps @ 12V (is not "no current").

          I wonder if using all three trifilar for more output and adding another
          for wire for trigger check with blackchisel and those guys on
          (Bedini solid state oscillators) they really got nice units working also.

          maybe you got a good combination and just the nature of this electricity
          seems mild. (no current) if I am understanding your observation.
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            Thanks for the input guys. Will see how the thing works re charging for a few days. Will keep you posted. Rob