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  • Bedini dynamo

    I want to build a dynamo to charge set of ni-mh AAA batteries (8) .
    I very much like the idea of Bedini negatives pulses because it requires far less energy to charge batteries. The dynamo would be used on a bicycle, on world tour. I tought of using a stepper motor to be used as a dynamo, because it generates a higher voltage at lower rpm. I've read it usualy generates 4 phase AC, so rectifying it full wave would make DC. What about rectifying it half wave and tweaking the pulses to make them shorter? Would it make a decent pulse charger?
    Anyone has schematics for a bedini dynamo? I guess it would be a OSSG, over simplified school girl motor

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    I just converted a DC computer fan to use a Bedini circuit yesterday based on Imhotep's idea and it was pretty easy, and it's small and compact, so personally if I was in your situation I'd be thinking something along the lines of a normal 12v bike dynamo for a 12v supply, and use it to run a converted DC fan, and use this to charge the batteries. If you point the fan facing back you might also get a bit more thrust

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      I very much like Don Smith's magneto restrictive wheel idea. I have a feeling that the coil-over magnet is very efficient. The wheel would be spun by the bicycle wheel, and instead of capacitors it would be AAA batteries.
      This setup would be one of the simplest cop > 1 circuit.


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        why not put the magnets under spring tension so there is an mechanical resonance of the magnets literally moving in and out of the coils at a certain speed based on the springs.