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  • Yes the crystal batteries/power cells can convert electricity. But from where and how? The batteries seem to be thermoactive. Maybe its converting heat energy into electrical energy.


    • Originally posted by jiant View Post
      Yes the crystal batteries/power cells can convert electricity. But from where and how? The batteries seem to be thermo active. Maybe its converting heat energy into electrical energy.
      Jiant, I have tryed to answer in a way that supports the thread but after much consideration it is my opinion that John B earth cells do not concentrate primarily on thermal conversion activity.

      I did find some thermal cells that may be promising.
      John Bedini and his associates moved thread to his own forum

      The cells that I finally found after long search trying thermo active
      I found these thermal cells.

      Txchnologist - Tiny Efficient Fuel-Burning Generators Could Replace Conventional Batteries
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      • Hi every one i am back on line after a year off , i have been wanting to post this for months ...
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        • Originally posted by mk1 View Post
          Hi every one i am back on line after a year off , i have been wanting to post this for months ...
          hi mk1, this looks very interesting, do you have more from this book? or the name of the book? cheers



          • Gummy Bear Battery

            Originally posted by Lidmotor View Post
            I made a low power cell today using copper, magnesium, and a "Gummy Bear" candy. I started thinking about these soild state batteries that we have been studying and decided to look into "gel" cells. One thing led to another and I ended up with "gelatine" as perhaps a way to make a homemade "gel" cell. Gummy Bears are made using that ingredient so I tried one and it worked. I don't know if this has any value in the other type cells that we are building but it was an interesting little experiment. I found out that ions can travel quite nicely through a gelatine based substance.

            YouTube - Gummy Bear Battery.ASF


            I am slowly working my way through years of these posts, and hopefully I will find an update on this in the next couple thousand posts... I follow you on YouTube and commented on this video (tgraca50), so send a note if you get a chance. Love your work!



            • Working cells after 2 years

              The latest results of LaserSabre's study on crystal cells.
              The type of cell used was a magnesium rod in copper pipe.

              Motor + LED Going for 2+ Years! - Crystal Cells Duration Testing - YouTube

              also a video from John Hutchinson using copper pipe.

              Tesla s radiant energy device works great! woo hoo - YouTube


              • Status

                Originally posted by mikrovolt View Post
                The latest results of LaserSabre's study on crystal cells and John Hutchinson using copper pipe.
                Wow! It's been over 2 months and still only up to post #3152... there's a lot of videos and documentation to read through. I made a couple cells last week (cell #'s 174 and 175 for me) as suggested by Bedini back at post #1966, which seem to be working well. I will make a couple more this week.

                In series they are holding at around 2.2 volts and 1 mA under load so far. I'll add a third cell to get it over 3 volts to match the LED rating and add a photoresistor to my circuit to keep it off during the day. I left it disconnected for 12 hours and it came back stronger.

                I'm looking forward to working my way up to Bedini's "new" mix (from over 2 years ago) - post #2562 - and learning more as I trudge through these many posts.... Fun!

                Thanks everyone!

                PS - I hope to see some updates on the cells built back then as I go through this thread, but I haven't found any from this year on YouTube.... yet... I'll keep an eye out...
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                • John Moved

                  Thanks for sharing,
                  John Bedini continued his fuel cell efforts on a different forum.
                  For various reasons he decided limiting the scope and discussion.

                  He was generous in spending time here, he has alot of other important responsibilities so decided how best to manage his time. He helped many people here to better understand energy and crystals. The regulars that posted here are great bunch. Years ago I could not find anything on crystal cells, later overunity forum started a thread. John's support and experience drove the traffic when John posted it got busy. Many thanks to all those who supported the earth light.

                  John's thread can be found here:

                  How to Make a Bedini Crystal Battery


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                    Wow both forums on the crystal cells went dead... Maby since it has been dead for a while maby some of the group that have been here for a long time could post some updates. There are a lot of people getting into this still. I'm sure we all want to see some of the older cells and how they are doing.


                    • Sodium solid state

                      An Australian teacher discuses the sodium solid state battery.
                      Suppressing the Dendrite formation is a major accomplishment
                      The battery media/electrolyte as a pellet membrane made by fusing together nanospheres of the
                      ceramic Na3Zr2(PO4)(SiO4)2 to serve as the solid electrolyte.
                      It is this clever combination that has cost, longevity, charge density, fast charge rate, lower heat explosion risk, abundance of available materials
                      means plenty of awesome battery storage.

                      A solid new approach to sodium batteries | Chemical & Engineering News

                      The previous art of 2015 Argonne labs used carbon / nasicon

                      reference book terminology and basics
                      related formulation preparation of nasicon super ion material
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