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The relationship between Radiant E Strength and Components (Bedini)

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  • The relationship between Radiant E Strength and Components (Bedini)

    I've started a new forum on this topic only because I did not want to bombard the focus of an existing topic.

    First off, I hope to educate myself here, and maybe help other newcomers -like myself- collect opinions and information - who might be asking the same questions.

    I am not making any claims... I am merely asking a question and I am curious what other experimenters have found.

    I wonder what the relationship is, between the strength and quality of the spike created and the components chosen to do the job.

    Out of ignorance, I may not be able to form my question using the best terms, so I will give some examples to help clarify my questions.

    1. If you wished to have a good charging spike capable of doing a good job of charging the secondary battery... and ...

    2. You also wished to consider the ability of the motor itself to provide sufficient torque, as well, to "do work"...

    What components would provide a better work environment?

    For example...

    If your Bedini motor consisted of a reed switch control, would that provide a more thorough momentary connection, than what could be provided with an NPN, and therefore a cleaner large spike?

    If you chose a large coil and heavy neodymium magnets, would it in fact be harder to start, but provide more torque once it ran?

    Is it unreasonable to think that given a set up that provided maximum torque, that the turning commutator could be, in fact, be the input drive spindle of a DC generator instead of just a wheel bearing?

    Or the output of a Dc motor for example (to use in reverse) (or better, perhaps a miniature permanent magnet 3 phase AC alternator) with a disc mounted and magnets on it's perimeter?

    In other words, can you make some juice conventionally instead of blowing air with a fan?!

    What relationship does the size of bifilar coil have , in all of this?

    I have before me the basic SSG circuit with only two windings, and I ask these questions to myself. I am starting to understand the circuit, and now, I am curious about the makeup, you know? I basically get how it works, how the circuit flashes from side to side and what is accomplished... and now I wonder what would make it stronger.

    I also do not understand what is involved in adding additional coils. I understand how they might be mounted, and I've seen additional coils in pictures, but I do not understand if they are powered, or, if they act more like collection coils by way of pure induction only.

    Alberta is under attack...

    Has anyone seen my Bedini Ceiling Fan that pushes the warm air down, and charges batteries as an added bonus? Me neither. 'Bout time I made one!!!!! :P

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    Here is the diagram of the multi-coil ssg that I use and as you can see the coils have their own transistor but all with one common trigger coil....

    This is just one way of doing it..... they can be placed in series or parallel or combinations.....

    Have fun.....

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      Thank-you Unfortunately ... I am not an entirely scientific person, but given the fact that no matter who i listen to... there does not seem to be a clear and simple and easy way to measure output on these devices... I've even heard John say that.

      If that were true, my tradesmen side kind of takes over. Trial and Error, see what produces an effective means to the end, without obession on details.

      For me, it's potentially a practical devise. I've lived for over a year without power, here:

      When one embarks on the journey of setting up life in the bush, and actually does it for a year, actually DOES IT...

      You quickly learn you do what works, and if it isn't perfect, don't obsess... many other things need be accomplished as well, in your limited time.

      Pumping water and producing workable light, and water purification are big items.

      Food gathering is, by comparison, rather is heat, even in -30c, when done right.

      I really appreciate any help on getting some decent charging effects out of SSG mods. For a decent size bank, you know? 12 Trojan 6's for example, or more. 1000 watts of solar. That sort of setup.

      For me, it's workability not a free energy fantasy, I'll leave that for the condo king.

      As a footnote: We've gone beyond the Yurts and have embarked on our first straw bale. The yurts are now greenhouses and shops, so light and battery charging are pretty big deals. as is pumping water.
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      Alberta is under attack...

      Has anyone seen my Bedini Ceiling Fan that pushes the warm air down, and charges batteries as an added bonus? Me neither. 'Bout time I made one!!!!! :P


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        I have also pondered a lot of the questions you are asking. I think this is a good
        idea for a thread.



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          If I sound a bit crass... it's simply that i am bit tired of naysayers and overdoers, I apologize. Whether John Bedinis circuit is overunity or free energy really makes no damn difference IF it can charge batteries effectively with a very low amp draw BECAUSE some of us have solar panels that have low amp days... ya know? Sometimes it's not all about whether there's a miracle in it, or not, sometimes if something does a decent job, and it does it differently, it may have a serious application. I am also interested in the idea of a charger, possibly similar technology that utilizes a high potential low current source. This is because, by and large solar can be such a thing. Thin film amorphous typically can output 120 VDC @ 1a. on a maximum sunny day for a 130 panel. For $200. Some people dream, some people tinker, some people do nothing but claim bash and naysay. Then, there are those that utilize and on the farm we try to utilize so we are always open to good ideas that makes sense. I'm not waving and throwing a Bedini flag everywhere, don't get me wrong... there are aspects about it that I certainly cannot verify... but if it's a "a runner" and it does a job decently well, how do u make it do it's job best, is what I'm saying. Cheers and thanks all!
          Alberta is under attack...

          Has anyone seen my Bedini Ceiling Fan that pushes the warm air down, and charges batteries as an added bonus? Me neither. 'Bout time I made one!!!!! :P