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Bedini SSG vs. Pulse / Reed Switches (?)

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  • Bedini SSG vs. Pulse / Reed Switches (?)

    Hello -

    I've been doing a lot of reading lately about the SSG motor vs. Pulse motors, etc. I did have a really core/fundamental question that is messing up in my brain and wonder if someone could answer it.

    Basically I see that people are building pulse motors with Reed Switches in attempt to fire on/off the coil as the magnet passes in order to maintain the rotor action.

    Then I look at the SSG circuit and it does not have this type of mechanism.

    So my question becomes how does the SSG motor not 'hang' against the magnet/coil when the power is engaged (???).

    a newbie

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    The coil need to be energized before it fire, when the magnet pass over the coil there a EMF who appear and trigger the transistor to fire. Its why a SSG do not self start , when the power is ON there no EMF induced by the magnet since the rotor is stationary.

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      In the SSG there is always at least a bifilar coil (2) windings...

      One winding is used a "trigger" to the base of the transistor so each time a magnet passes the coil the "trigger" winding turns on the transistor....

      You can just as easily build the SSG with only a one winding coil and a reed switch to "trigger" the transistor (circuit components are a little different).... just different ways to "trigger"...

      Hopes and Dreams....