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Trying To Popularise The Bedini/Bearden stuff in England

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  • Trying To Popularise The Bedini/Bearden stuff in England

    Hello folks,
    Having been impressed by Tom Bearden and John Bedini and there will be of course many others of note, a friend of mine and myself have built the Bedini fan motor as well as an SSG and another on the drawing board as well...

    For my own part I know little "hand on stuff".My mate is an engineer and we both are struggling to understand the over unity stuff and need to try to get to grips with it more.

    Here is my blogsite:
    Energy From The Vacuum For Idiots

    and I would welcome any constructive criticism please :-) either on the blog or on here...

    There is some video I've put on youttube on the blog. No doubt many of the advanced people will be a little amused at our efforts but we are determined to get to grips with this stuff. We are at the point where we need to be able to make meaningfil measurements and indeed understand what should be going on....