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Diametric/Bipolar Magnet Effects (Bedini Davro / Bobin Bedini)

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  • Diametric/Bipolar Magnet Effects (Bedini Davro / Bobin Bedini)

    maybe its a simple question, with a simple answer, but i was wondering about this effect...

    if it is allready a topic in this metter, in that case i ask the forum admin to please put this thread inside the other one.

    in a standard bedini configuration, is the pickup coil, only affected with one pole of the rotor (magnet), so when it detects the repulsive pole, will repulse it with the run coil, and is not affected by the attraction pole?

    and in the davro configuration, what triggers the coil? cause in this config the coil is allways affected by both, repulsive and attractive poles...

    i was intrigued by this effect and thinking about what is really happening...

    any thoughts about this?


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    Hi Juju.There is already an extensive thread which covers all aspects of the one magnet no bearing Bedini motor and this can be found here so it may be better if an admin could move this there but as you asked the questions,i will try and answer.
    Regarding how the Bedini motor works in regards to the north and south poles acting on the coil.I would have a look at this vid by Introvertebrate/Sephiroth as it explains the operation well.
    YouTube - Understanding the Bedini Circuit
    Regarding coil orientation.You would be suprised by how many different positions the run coil can be orientated in relation to the rotor and still spin it.Here is a vid of a coil orientation test i did.
    YouTube - One magnet no bearing Bedini motor.Coil orientation test
    Regarding triggering in the vertical coil/left pic.The first thing i need to mention is the fact that there is a dead spot when the rotor magnet is dead centre in relation to the coil like you have in your pic.The magnet won't spin as like you say,both poles are equally cutting the coil and effectivly canceling each other so the magnet has to be slightly off centre and then triggering occurs.I have also noticed this dead spot with the coil perpedicular to the rotor as in pic 2 but both these orientations are effective depending on which rotor/motor type you are using.I run the snake egg and spheres with the vertical coil and the cylinder is best with the perpedicular coil but if you slowly work through the OMNBB motor thread,you will find lots of useful info.
    Hope this helps.Jonny


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      thank you very much jonny

      i have not proceeded well by posting this topic without searching the info,

      but you answered my question very good, as always! you r the man

      so i ask the admin to put this topic, inside yours "one magnet, no bearing"!!

      sory to all about that, will not happen again...



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        my findings

        i actually putted my SG running with the original circuit and with same velocity of a monopole rotor, but with a bipolar rotor, 6 magnets, 3 south, and 3 north...

        this is very interesting, because i can get real alternating current (south and north) current in my generator coils...

        the consumption is a little bit more than half that with the monopole rotor config, and that make me think that the pick up is only being activated 3 times per cycle, instead of 6 times per cycle (monopole rotor)...

        i always tought that by making that, the drive coil will be attracting half, and repulsing other half of the rotor magnets (and that was not desired)...

        so the pick up, is only affected, by one polarity of the rotor... thats interesting stuff to me!!