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The Daftman - Bedini / Newman setup

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  • The Daftman - Bedini / Newman setup


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    I did not think this belonged in another thread, so I started this one. I am amazed at how low the amp draw is on this circuit, and how stable it is finally I am now going on my 4th day running off the same battery with this running non-stop drawing .014 amp, turning the wheel. Primary batter has gone down from 13.00 to 12.75 target from 12.72 to 12.82.

    YouTube - Video 84 Daftman Bedini Newman and mystery with series capacitors.wmv

    I found it very curious about the fan stopping once I had caps loaded in series. Love to get input from others why they think the fans stops turning after they load up..

    See my experiments here...

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    I think neon is not necessary and may reduce output like mentioned in other thread. I found that TIP3055 can survive 2 Amp intermittent current. NPN seems to last much better than PNP on radiant circuit.

    Do you use 1 watt resistor? I have some broken potentiometer and some peeling off 100 ohm resistor because of excessive heat. I use 2 watt now, it can hold for months of operation.

    Do the coil wound at the same direction? I think we will have much less radiant current if coil is wound in a self canceling way.