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Bedini Imhotep fan as transformer?

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  • Bedini Imhotep fan as transformer?

    Hi, Im new to the forums but have started doing some experiments on and off lately. However I am not sure if anyone has had this idea before.
    Has anyone ever tried to take a bedini Imhotep fan, and disconnected 1 coil from the circuit? The other coil would be the primary. I have had some progress with the Imhotep fan before, but the one video I have is too large to be uploaded. I am curious if there would be any interesting results from this setup.

    During an previous experiment I have noticed that the bedini circuit is very similar to a joule thief. When not spinning and i have been able to have a charge stay within the device after i remove its input, while it appears to be oscillating.

    My plan is to have 3 of the coils setup normally as the trigger/charger circuits. so if needed the fan could still spin and charge a battery. The last coil would essentially be setup as a joule thief, integrated with the existing circuit. If it does not work, at least I may be able to hookup a full wave rectifier to it for another output. I do not have a picture of my ideas as I am at work without a camera, lol. Hopefully this is not a redundant post, however I do plan to upload a video eventually once I build this version of experiment.

    Thank you for your time.

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    @ tester16 - sounds interesting, I haven't seen done what you are proposing. It should be doable, and a nice learning curve.
    I look forward to seeing how it goes, keep us posted

    Atoms move for free. It's all about resonance and phase. Make the circuit open and build a generator.


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      first test

      Hi, I have started to test my idea but I had some issues. I originally started to test the transformer and I melted the primary coil wire. The other 3 coils are wired in series. I do not know the number of winds in the coils. I rewound the primary with a thicker gauge wire and I have not been able to get a reading off my meter on the secondary. I assume that either the voltage is too high or the flux does not travel properly to the other coils.
      -I will do some further tests and try to keep everyone updated. Once I get some better progress I will try to post a video.