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Generator coils with larger cores.

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  • Generator coils with larger cores.

    Hi Gents,

    Did anything good come from the generator coils with larger cores from Peter Lindemann?
    I've done a side by side test of the 3/4" core versus a larger core.
    Same amount of copper, both 8 filar in series and parallel.
    The larger core will charge a capacitor faster even though it doesn't output a higher voltage due to less windings.

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    Side by side comparisons show lower peaks but more power.
    Coils use the same length of wire.
    The higher voltages are series, the lower parallel.
    Large core is 714mm2
    Small core is 314mm2
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      Try placing a set of small neos up the middle with the polarity the same as the coil. This works like this the iron core shorts out the flux field then when energized they add there fields so you get free energy your not paying for . finding the best ratio of iron to magnet flux is on you but you should see results anyway. You pluse it with DC . 1 input to 4 out put has been seen .this creates a switching magnet. This might just change everything .