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Winding motors for bedini

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  • Winding motors for bedini

    I got two photocopier feeder motors and I found that the stator has 9 poles and the rotor has 12 NS NS NS NS NS NS. I don't know how I can wind it.
    With 9 poles I always will get more of one pole.

    Any idea?

    Thanks, and sorry for my english


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    wiring 9 poles

    could you possibly make one winding take up two poles?

    ie n s n s n n s n s

    or else skip every third winding;

    ie n s 0 n s 0 n s 0

    love and light
    Atoms move for free. It's all about resonance and phase. Make the circuit open and build a generator.


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      You can either place new magnets on the rotor, or figure out which coils face which magnets. If three of the coils line up with the same polarity of magnet those three can be triggered from one trigger. You could have three phases each with their own trigger. Alternatively, you could have some of the coils wound or connected in reverse, and have them interact with an opposite polarity.

      There are alot of different ways it can be done. But ideally if you want to stick with all coils firing at once you will need to change the magnets. Look at user DADHAVs videos on youtube for some ideas.

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        Thanks for the answers

        I saw davhav videos but he has 12 poles :-)

        I built the bedini fan circuit that have 2 transistors and handle 2 coils pair separately (bedini fan energizer) that cannot be posted here

        I will start with n s empty n s empty n s empty and let see what's happen.

        At least sounds like Marko Rodin theory and has 3 6 and 9