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Bedini's magnetic hydrogen and oxygen extraction

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  • Bedini's magnetic hydrogen and oxygen extraction

    Hi Guys didn't have time to draw any thing up today have to go back to the shop, but here is a direct extraction from the new energy from the vacuum on John's Water hydroxy magnet method. I extracted the images form the black board and made a transcript

    To quote John
    "where did that go?

    How many people know this? A normal horse shoe magnet
    ImageShack - Image Hosting :: bedinihydroxy1.jpg

    Well how many people know that if you add a special tube, made of glass, it was sort of shaped like this, and it was split, except for a little point down here.

    ImageShack - Image Hosting :: bedinihydroxy002.jpg

    And this was filled with water.
    ImageShack - Image Hosting :: bedinihydroxy003.jpg
    ImageShack - Image Hosting :: bedinihydroxy004.jpg
    (shaded in parts at bottom)

    And just by doing that, out of this side comes oxygen and out of this side comes hydrogen.

    ImageShack - Image Hosting :: bedinihydroxy005.jpg
    (hydroxy left, and oxygen right)


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    Felix Ehrenhaft Magnetic Current

    Hi ashtweth,

    John Bedini is just quoting the work of Felix Ehrenhaft on magnetic decomposition of water.

    Check out RexResearch:
    Felix Ehrenhaft: Magnetic Current --- 9 articles

    Take care,

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      in the pages of Felix Ehrenhaft research, i have read that after the experiments magnets will be exhuasted.

      is there any net gain? this exhaustion observation does it relate to other OU projects?



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        Electrolysis with magnetic current.

        Hi baroutologos,

        Yes, the magnets slowly drains. The magnetic current carries an electric field and this field is probably producing the electrolysis. The gaz production with the magnets and electromagnets he used was pretty low. Using today's magnets may improve the production of hydrogen and oxygen (higher than what he got) and the process may be good for a longer period although still inefficient.

        Take care,



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          Any experiment video for this yet? Anyone has a horse shoe magnet and plastic tube? Anyone interested to see what happen if we tie the tube in the horse shoe magnet like leedskalnin wound and fill the plastic tube with water?


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            What if the magnet was replaced by a horse-shoe shaped iron bar. With copper coil all covering the bar. Then using AC, looking for the resonance frequency for water....

            just brainstorming here...


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              That would stop the magnet drain, and possibly increase production. Stronger field = more gas??
              You can view my vids here



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                Bedini's drawing is wrong...

                Dr Felix Ehrenhaft:
                Instead, he uses the iron rods as pole pieces, or North and South ends of a magnet --- either an electromagnet or a permanent magnet. Bubbles of gas rise through the twin columns of acidulated water, to be collected and analyzed. As might be expected, nearly all of the gas is hydrogen, liberated by a commonplace chemical interaction between the iron rods and sulfuric acid, one percent by volume, in the water. But the phenomenal part of the experiment is that oxygen also turns up, Dr Ehrenhaft recently told the American Physical Society. To be specific, it is found in clearly measurable proportions ranging from 2 to 12% of the total volume of gases. When the gases obtained with a permanent magnet are separated, the larger proportion of oxygen is found above the north pole of the magnet. After rigorous precautions that seem to rule out all other explanations --- including short-circuiting the magnet poles with wire, so that the poles will be at the same electric potential --- Dr Ehrenhaft concludes that there is only one place the oxygen can come from. And that is from the water decomposed with a magnet! Without a magnet, pure hydrogen is evolved.
                Felix Ehrenhaft: Magnetic Current --- 9 articles

                the larger proportion of oxygen is found above the north pole of the magnet.

                Somebody should tell Mr Bedini that his drawing is wrong as he places the oxygen output at the South pole of the magnet and it should be at the North pole of the magnet... Won't look nice in his curriculum.

                Take care all,

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