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Thane Heins motor? Is this a Bedini Motor?

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  • Thane Heins motor? Is this a Bedini Motor?

    Hello all,

    Has anyone heard of Thane Heins?

    In the Toronto Start newspaper (Saturday Feb 28, 2009) there is an article on page A14 which states something very interesting about an electric motor.

    The article says
    “In a nutshell, he had figured out a way to eliminate the electro magnetic friction that typically limits the performance of an electrical generator – an effect known as “Back EMF.” “

    Than Heins is on You Tube and you can see his motor and videos there.

    The motor looks like a Bedini Type motor but there is no mention of Bedini anywhere? What gives?

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    You need to do more research on this. There's a huge thread at where Thane is active. It's not a Bedini motor. To summarize what happens...

    He has a rotor with magnets on it that's being rotated by an electric motor. Now when he puts a specially wound coil in front of that The rotor starts to spontaneously accelerate with the same constant input given to the motor while Lenz's law says it should deaccelerate. And that's pretty much the whole idea. There's much more info in this thread...

    Thane Heins Perepiteia.


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      Oh yes!!! It reduces lenz law! He controls it.