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  • Pes-wiki-- criticism of John Bedini

    Is Pes-wiki friend or foe?

    I mean John's stuff seems to me to be pretty legitimate and Peter seems to think he is an honorable man, (which I agree from what I know of him). This isn't the first time Sterling D. Allan has been critical of John's inventions . I saw a video where he said that he made a School Girl Motor but he didn't find anything unusual from it. Here is the quote about John's new companyRenaissance Charge - Intelligent Solutions to Premature Battery Failure:

    "Note that this was not the experience of Sterling D. Allan, CEO of PES Network, Inc. and the New Energy Congress. He has been very disapointed in the performance of the R-Charge device. It turns out that the number of rechargeable batteries that are compatible with the device is much smaller than he was led to believe, and one that was supposed to work well had no change (was not rejuvenated). [Report pending shortly, probably Dec. 31.]"
    Directory:Renaissance Charge Device by Energenx - PESWiki

    I don't know Sterling D. Allan and while he seems to be open to "free energy" he can hurt it more than a person who denies it even exists!

    Any thoughts?
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    Not John Bendini Gary Bendini

    That first link posted is Gary Bendini not John Bendini so it may be misrepresented...As a spokes man giving a reco.
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      I love Pes-wiki

      Myself I like how Sterling actually built the system that Bedini suggested. I have felt the same frustration Sterling felt as to not seeing the results as might be expected from watching EFTV 1.

      I believe it shows the real problems with trying to build a Bedini,

      1. Very hard to build a free energy Bedini if you don't have Bedini standing there helping you. Sterling spent months building the SSG and came under frustration of not getting results he expected. I don't believe he was right in calling the Bedini a lemon after being to Bedini's shop.. but I do understand his feelings after spending so many months of time on a unit that did not work for him. ( Just look at how much detail he put in to get exactly the right parts, and record all the batteries results )

      2. Bedini is not the only technology out there. If you watch the video #1 EFTV this is presented as the only means of end of Fossil fuels at to future demand. I like how Sterlings site shows all kinds of methods of getting energy and using the present energy we have much more wisely.

      3. Sterling has recently did a great promotion of the new radiant charger that has been released. So not all is bad from Sterlings point of view that Bedini does. I think some things Bedini does in terms of free energy needs to be separated from what the average person does.
      See my experiments here...

      You do not have to prove something for it to be true. However, you do have to prove something for others to believe it true.


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        Correct Spelling, Please...

        Originally posted by wpage View Post
        That first link posted is Gary Bendini not John Bendini so it may be misrepresented...As a spokes man giving a reco.

        While there may be differences of opinion as to the benefits from one of John's battery chargers, there is no debate as to the correct spelling of his NAME. John and Gary's last name is BEDINI, not "Bendini". These threads have so many misspellings of people's names in them, it is no wonder that new people to the threads get confused.

        I believe we should all take the proper care to spell people's names correctly, as a courtesy to them, and to reduce confusion in the threads.

        Also, Gary Bedini is the President of Energenx, Inc. and not "just a spokesman" for the products. His descriptions are for marketing purposes and are not meant to be a technical explanation of the equipment.

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          Worry about our REAL critics

          No one in this genre should be above legitimate and constructive criticism...

          I find it hard to fault Sterling for providing his results, if they are different from what we have heard before then he is doing us a service (whether or not we may agree with him): He is showing the outside world that the Free Energy community is not monolithic, not completely self-deluded, and not immune from thoughtful self-critism. Lol we already know it isn't (just reading some threads here or especially on the other forum will tell us that); but others do not and constantly accuse us of all manners of delusional thinking lol.

          To answer our REAL critics... We must be about science & results, and not just about beliefs and opinions.


          Regarding Peter's great point about spelling; here's a great free app that can be very helpful when making posts (it will sit up on your IE top menu bar):
          Called IEspell. It won't help with proper names much (or work with Firefox), but will fix the main text from looking like it was written in Esperantu

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            Radiant charge experiment data

            After building a couple of Imhotep/Bedini fan chargers, I purchased the rc-1au-120 rejuvinators / charger from renissance charge. This is the general purpose rejuvinator designed for NI-MH Nicd up to 24v and smaller SLA batteries. Since mid December I have tested the unit with several types of batteries. I picked up a used Cadex charger/analyzer that precisely measures capacity by discharging batteries to minimum cell voltages, based on battery chemistry and amp/hour ratings. Here are my observations on the Rejuvinator so far.

            NiCad batteries seem to respond well to rejuvination, as long as the cells are not shorted, they will come back to life. This will not happen in one or two sessions, however, the battery must be charged on the device, drained and rejuvinated several times - 10 or more it seems, to reach optimal capacity. I have had a completely unchargeable 14.4 v nicd that will now charge fairly consistantly on the Cadex to 80%, as well success with a 12v nicad pack and an 18 v that were both garbage. Unfortunately the Cadex will only work up to 14.4v so I am waiting for my new computerized meter to do some discharge tesing on the larger batteries. I also noticed that the radiant charge seems to somewhat increase the battery voltate, ie my 14.4 pack will read about 16.18 v when fully charged.

            NimH seem to be less responsive to the device, though I have only tested on several AA batteries and one 14.4 tool pack. Tests are ongoing, though there has been an improvement in the AA's. The 12 cell tool pack still only reaches maximum 40% of the rated 2600 mah capacity after a dozen or so rejuvination sessions. Nimh batteries don't seem to display the over voltage phenomenon.

            Sealed Lead Acid - I have several, 9000 mah SLA's that are totally sulphated, showing between 0.14 and 1.4 volts. These are very old batteries that would not take a charge. After prying open and re-filling these batteries, after only a few sessions I am getting 30% - 48% capacities, that seem to improve with every rejuvination. These are pretty ardous to test, they take a long time to charge and discharge. As a side note I charged one of these that had no voltage with 3 bedini fans until it reached 12.6 v - took around 10 days. This battery now now produce almost 50% (4500 mah) capacity, I will hook it back up to the fans for next charge.

            LI-ion, I emailed r-charge to find out about charging Li-ion batteries. I am sure this is where Sterling Alan was disappointed. The response was basically - use the lowest setting and you may get results. I can see why you must be careful with these, if a li-ion overheats it has the potential for thermal runaway, basically catching on fire. If you listen to Sterling's inverview with Bedini (on, he does not make it apparent that this is the case. I just re-listened to the interview, he does state explicitly that cell phone, laptop and other Lithium Ion (all household batteries) batteries can be rejuvinated with this technology. Since so many batteries we use are based on li-ion chemistry it is somehwat dissapointing, cell phone, Mp3 player and laptop batteries are usually Li-ion. Often the cells themselves have circuitry to protect them from overcharging, and laptop batteries are complicated computerized devices. I have pulled several old laptop batteries apart, and have been successful in charging the individual cells, but haven't tested the cells capacity yet, as the laptop no longer recognizes the battery. More testing is needed to see if the Li-ion cells are actually rejuvinated. From the interview it seems like this charger will rejuvinate most household batteries - this is not true because of the Li-ion situation, which is not Bedini's fault, but an issue of the battery chemisty itself.

            Alkaline - limited testing indicates that they will take a charge, though I have not checked capacity. 2 C cells leaked on the last test.

            More experimentation happening as I write.

            In general this rejuvinator charger is quite an incredible device, It has run in my lab constantly for the last 2 months with all types of batteries. It works for Nicd and Sla, (maybe Nimh). I have had no problems with safety or overheating batteries.

            It will not charge everything though, and this is not apparent in the promotional material.


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              Getting back to the Pes-wiki projects and relative criticisms of John Bedini. Keep in mind that these project scale models are meant only to prove that this radiant energy exists. But these models do not account for the time the coil takes to energize before current flow and how fast it is shut off. We are told up front that a single coil monopole will not perform like the large precision machines. I feel that criticisms against a whole idea are not warranted by an experiment that is not meant to over come the limitations of nature.

              The larger problems were that the criticisms were subjective in nature. The fact remains that the ssgs that "failed" still produced a high voltage, low amperage pulse that charged the batteries.


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                I don't know why the r-charge do not perform so well. But I don't think peswiki is an enemy, it has many content about Bedini device.

                I am a believer of radiant charger. I currently running a similar device as Bedini capacitive discharge, utilizing 1 capacitor, 1 transformer, 1 optocoupler, 2 type of transistor and 1 555. Even if my capacitor only at 10000uF, while according to Aaron it should be very high capacity and low voltage, I can charge anything at satisfiable way.

                No heat is the best benefit of Bedini like radiant charger. Charging many kind of battery is another. I don't know if this is appropriate or not, I charge a 1.5V zinc carbon battery using the same circuit for charging 12V gel battery. I drain the 1.5V ZCB by made it light up LED of joule thief circuit. After the LED do not light up I charge it for 3 hours. It can light up the LED again, never check how many days though, only a couple of hours.

                I only rejuvenate one battery. A friend ask if I can made his small mp3 player battery run longer. It just light up shortly after charged at computer usb port. After 1 hour of radiant charge it can run 3 hour. After another 2 hour of radiant charge it can run more than 1 day.
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                  Originally posted by sucahyo View Post
                  according to Aaron it should be very high capacity and low voltage
                  This was from one particular method. Most were higher voltage and low capacitance.
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                    Originally posted by Aaron View Post
                    This was from one particular method. Most were higher voltage and low capacitance.
                    I see. I really interested with self charging aspect that you mention, which you said only happen if there are enough current, lack of current will result in fluffy charge which I translate as surface charging. You also mention 2 Volt more than rated battery so I figure a low voltage high capacitance capacitor is best for battery charging.


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                      I think that we need do new experiments


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                        Thanks "chillie" that really helps. I know I sound paranoid but who better to discourage free energy than a "friend'. Mind you I love Sterling's site but his influence may unfairly bias people who don't dig and explore more information. I'm glad I posted this I thought people would be angry with me for being suspicious of Sterling.

                        Again thanks "chillie" for clearing some things up!


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                          Renaissance Chargers a satisfying green technology

                          Allow me to make a few comments here. Sterling wrote these comments after only testing a few batteries. A few days after posting them he got better results and said the opposite to his inner circle, but left these comments up for a long time afterwards. This was strange considering he was trying to sell the charger as a new dealer. We only got one direct sale from him, probably because of his rush to post such news prematurely and forgetting to take it down and update it.

                          Also, I bent over backwards for two days straight getting him set up and spending countless hours into the night answering all his questions. He disregarded my very specific clarifications about the technology, its limitations and all the battery types. We never said that every battery would come back 100% of the time to 100%, and yet this is what he made himself believe and wanted to start some business based upon that.

                          What Gary said in the short clip was not meant to be professional or even promotional. It was just a little clip Tony did while filming, and I didn't even know about it till it was up on the net. Not bad for Gary, and I think it did a lot of good. We don't put it up on our r-charge pages as it was more for fun and youtube kids stuff. Later this year we should have some professional fliming done for the companies that will be Hollywood industry quality.

                          Further, what John said in Sterling's interview was short and more inspirational and an overview. You can't get into all the details in that short time as I do all day long with customers.

                          So yes our technology does do all batteries, we just have to deal with different sizes and types of batteries in our products. We are coming out with another charger that you will all be impressed with very shorty. What needs to be understood is that we can charge any type, but the severity of the abuse to a battery determines how much it can be restored. We are very satisfied with the chargers on all battery types we have tested. Non rechargeable? Well we cannot recommend that to customers for liability reasons. Same goes with lithium, and that is why we issue the disclaimer. Do we charge them? Yes. Do our customers, yes. Alkaline can charge, but it depends on how they are discharged. If very slowly over years to 0 then the chemistry is converted usually and it will only be surface charge, but not in all cases. We are also dealing with different quality of batteries out there. This is especially the case with lithiums, and that is why we cannot officially recommend charging them. It is a mixed back of quality and lack of quality in the batteries out there. The 1AU can do them, and we are doing more R&D with lithium to deal with their specific chemistry and unique problems.

                          NiMH work great with the 1AU charger, and they are one of the best batteries I think. They don't have the self-discharging problems NiCDs do, and often come back fully or beyond. Most of these batteries come back in the first charge, but some take more as Chillie says. Thanks for the testimony.

                          I deal with past customers all day long all over the world and they find the chargers worth the cost. People who have the chargers get flooded with batteries from all directions and pay for the chargers in a short time. Many come back for more.

                          We are trying to save everyone money. I spend countless hours helping people with battery and energy problems in the customer service. So we are trying to educate people as well. Many people are scammed by industry to spend loads of money every year. One major company I spoke with today spends half a million a year on batteries, and we hope to not only help them with better charging of good batteries, and recovery of useless batteries, but to help them take preventative measures. We also promote safety.

                          We are doing what we can to keep up with the great demand the world has for this technology. We are making major upgrades these days and appreciate everyone's patience as we are not huge companies yet.

                          We invite people to become dealers to join us and reach out to their contacts and take advantage of the great opportunity to save everyone money and time in using this new truly green technolgy. It is truly a rewarding business to be in where you make people happy all the time and as times get really bad people need this technology more and more...

                          Rick Friedrich
                          Sales Manager,
                          Renaissance Charge, LLC

                          Originally posted by chillie View Post
                          After building a couple of Imhotep/Bedini fan chargers, I purchased the rc-1au-120 rejuvinators / charger from renissance charge. This is the general purpose rejuvinator designed for NI-MH Nicd up to 24v and smaller SLA batteries. Since mid December I have tested the unit with several types of batteries. I picked up a used Cadex charger/analyzer that precisely measures capacity by discharging batteries to minimum cell voltages, based on battery chemistry and amp/hour ratings. Here are my observations on the Rejuvinator so far.


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                            Two different worlds.

                            I think one needs to separate the "free energy world" from the commercial chargers that Rick / Bedini sell.

                            The commercial products do not yield free energy as I have heard from several people that own and use them. That being said, they are were not designed to do this, they do very well what they are designed to be, battery rejuvenators. It is evident from the satisfied customers that batteries do come back to life and they are a viable product for those who use batteries in bulk. I am glad to hear that Sterling and Bedini are both working together to get this info out there. I like to know both of these advocates of the free energy movement are working together to promote a good product.

                            However, on the other side of the coin what is lacking on the free energy side is a means by which Joe Smith can take a set of directions and charge 2 batteries from one. Yes the SSG is out there, the monopole is out there, but one must do extensive effort to test, combine all of the information together to get good results. I have found only 4 people on this forum who have reported to having achieved 2 for 1 charging. This tells me that it is not an easy task. Yes, there are examples of batteries getting better with time, but not an example of a system using an inverter for Joe Smith can charge and rotate batteries and get 2 for 1 charging as shown by John. I guess what I would like to see is a monopole example that Joe Smith can build getting the exact parts, and get 2 for 1 charging. When one cannot see results like this it does make one wonder is it real?
                            See my experiments here...

                            You do not have to prove something for it to be true. However, you do have to prove something for others to believe it true.


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                              Bedini is transforming low voltage in high voltage, you can't capture poynting flow and heaviside at the same time, i have proofs of this. Or you capture the radiant heaviside flow that is the case of bedini or capture the magnetic field like a transformer.