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  • Working bedini?

    Hello all you "energy" people
    I became a member here about a year ago, trying to make a bedini... unfortunately i havnt had the time to experiment with the bedini as much as i wanted, and from what i read back then no one seamed to have a fully functional bedini that actually produced more than you put in...

    So.. i have a few simple questions.
    Has anyone of you actually succeeded? And if so, is there a complete schematic over the parts needed here on the site (without having to read and puzzle together 10.000 posts)?

    ..and if so, How much "power" is it producing, and how long has it been running? And what else can you tell me worth knowing?

    A tip to make it easier for the new members could be that you make a locked thread with a guide to how to make it work, because there are too many threads to read and the info is spread all over the place, making it almost impossible to make any sense out of anything... atleast thats how i feel about it.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Hi Master,
    Peswiki is a good Place to look for any Devices, what you want to build.
    Here is a Schematic of the latest Bedini Circuit.
    Directory:Bedini SG:Schematic - PESWiki

    Ashtweht do even his best too, to keep Panacea uptodate.
    He has some good Plans at his Page too.
    Panacea University

    When you just start with it, you should see Imhoteps Vids first at Youtube, free energie step by step or check this Post.
    I am not sure, if the Vids are removed, or resorted, and this Urls still work.

    And a Bedinimotor is usual not a standalone Motor, what you cant connect the Wires to itself, and it runs.
    Thats why most People state, it is not Overunity.

    But when you can load with one Batt 4 others, what you wanna call it else?
    Otherwise, you can load with it normal Batteries, not only Accumulators,
    and get out more Power from them, as with normal Loaders.
    Weird, huh? We can build Microchips and fly to the Moon and whatelse, but seems noone is able, to make good Loader for normal Batteries.
    But even that is worth to build one.

    Anyway, good luck at building.
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      Ahh one must define...

      What you mean by working...

      Does it spin yes..

      Does it desulfate batteries? yes

      Do I get 3 batteries charged from own no. Is this possible? Bedini reports this on his web but does not give the minute details of how to achieve this.

      From what I have seen the one that reportly charges 3 batteries from one would be the tape drive motor.

      Kevin reports a greater than one Bedini. I myself have learned that it is not for the faint of heart, you must be willing to put the months in it to understand it, and to condition the batteries so you will see some results.

      But be aware, that a MAJOR part of this is getting the battery conditioned so it will respond to the charge faster and faster.
      See my experiments here...

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        I've got several variants working. I made a thread for those new to the whole process and theory that contains some pics, schematics, data, videos and theory explained. Bedini Monopole Energizer SSG - Conspiracy Central Forums

        I don't pretend to be an expert by any stretch but I have a background in electronics and audio engineering so at least I have a small clue.
        I have learned a great deal by doing the experiments and testing while getting the background from Bedini's and Beardens's books. I've also learned a good deal from Peter Lindemann's work and lectures along with Konstantin Meyl's work. (thanks to you all!!!)

        Perhaps that thread will help in some way. I'd even be willing to transfer over the pertinent posts here as an aid if others think it helpful.
        I've been testing them solidly for about 4 months now and learn something new every day with them.


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          A woking Bedini can be COP 1.0 at least

          On DVD says that this motor is COP 1.0 at least but can be COP > 1, charging lead acid batteries.

          Last month I've built a prototype, modded, with three coils in special setup, and charging a capacitor 1.5 Farads, seems run COP 1.0 at least.

          On one of my test the cap was charged to 18 volts @ 35.18 seconds then:

          J=0.5x1.5x18x18 = 273 joules / 35.18 seconds = 7.76 watts-seconds

          Motor run: 12.70 volts (battery connected) x 0.50 amperes = 6.35 watts

          COP = 7.76 / 6.35 = 1.22

          Some users suggested me, that capacitor can be 10% bigger o smaller, then I think that my motor was COP 1.0.

          Many begginers peoples think can with this motor power a house by putting a AC 110 volts connector, hahahahah, no way.

          The point here is can produce many many radiant energy and convert this energy in usefull energy, there are many ways for this, by lead acid batteries, this batteries must be with big plates, and very low impendance, this guaranteed a equilibrated amp draw on the motor. Another way is by using big capacitor, and use this energy for another load, or discharged on the battery. It is possible use this energy for ilumination with CFL's bulbs, neon signs, or for LEDS is very very efficient. You can use the mechanical power like a FAN; this energy is usefull too, BUT NEED A PERMANENT MECHANICAL LOAD, LIKE A FAN, NO VARIATIONS, NO HIGH DETENT TORQUE. Many machines needs motor with HIGH DETENT TORQUE, for this is better build a motor like Bob Teal, Rotary Atraction (Lindemann), or Adams Motor, the Adams motor can have some High Detent Torque because use a sensing for the magnet like a reed switch or Hall IC, this guaranteed permanent rotation on low turning speed and can accelerate again. Bedini motor need a minimal RPM invariant to remain on high COP equilibrium (MECHANICAL OSC).

          Another good motor with high torque is the Window Motor, this motor can remain very relatively low amp drawing meanwhile make a mechanical work and can work like a generator too.

          I recommend you buy and view the DVD EFTV PART 2, when John Bedini shows what is the Bedini motor.

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            Hi patmac,
            Your results indeed seem to be COP>1 because as it was discussed in other threads, by charging a capacitor, about half of energy is lost. For example, if you have a certain amount of joules in one cap and zero joules in other, then if you connect them in parallel, they will level out, but the combined energy in them will be half of that you started with. I guess that the same applies if you charge a cap using a power supply. This makes your results even better
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              Yes Jetijs, exactly, I don't know how can be this effect possible, overunity is seen charging a cap, lightning CFL's or leds, charging batteries.

              The CAP was charged with the motor running with 12 volts battery, for charge a CAP running the motor with CAP, I think is not possible, because overunity is lost when cap is very low voltage.

              The measure was taken in worst case (worst results on the test), when the cap is in 0 volts and is connected on the motor, amp drawing is lower, and is getting high, this is because cap is getting high his impendance. For this reason Bedini uses VERY LOW BATTERY IMPENDANCE, if you test your SG, measuring amp drawing and you connect a 47 ohm resistor, and after connect a 10 ohm resistor you can see, that amp drawing on the motor is lower with 10 ohm resitor.

              Jetijs. I think that this effect can be useful to rebuild a Ev Gray motor, the Gray motor, is like a normal motor with HV Coils. Thinking on this I've in my mind use my motor to charge capacitors 200 volts X 200 uf (charge to 100 volts very fast), and built another motor adams style with mosfet and reed to discharge the cap when the magenet is on the core.

              Weeks ago, I've tested this, by using a solenoid coil (120 ohms), charge then cap (200volts x 200 uf), and putting a neo magnet on the core coil, then connect the coil on the cap, and magnets is shoot far. It''s great, my mind told me, maybe you could replace the Ed Gray tube with cap? and get radiant energy from this motor but try to generate high mechanical power with another discharging HV caps?.

              I'm occuppied now with my job, I'm waiting to january to test this concept.
              Last edited by patmac; 12-18-2008, 05:07 PM.
              Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

              Steve Jobs. Apple CEO