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High Power Bedini Inverted Capacitor Pulser

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  • High Power Bedini Inverted Capacitor Pulser

    Like many people, I have burned out a number of low power SCR's that were rated up to 50 amperes at 600 volts.

    I have a number of used batteries that I want to revive using high voltage rather than the usual 2 to 3 volts over the charge battery voltage.

    I started with a PowerRex KS625540A1 from a elderly Liebert 100KW UPS. I believe the ratings on this transistor is 100 amperes at 600 volts with a power rating of 4000 watts. The base plate is 1/8 inch nickel plated copper 2 1/4 inches wide by 4 inches long. The Emitter and Collector use M6 bolts.

    I power this transistor with an RBBB Arduino clone microprocessor system from via an NEC ps2532 optical coupler.

    What surprised me is that my SSG supply current dropped from 565 ma to 370 ma when I replaced the S6050 SCR circuit with the above mentioned parts. I use 30 ms on and 1720 ms off for timing. The capacitors used are 3 each x 2500 mF at 450 volts. I am currently getting about 60 volts discharged into 24 volt battery bank. The transistor gets slightly warm.

    I have been testing this circuit for about 12 hours of operation with great success.

    It would be nice to hear about other peoples experience on SCRs versus transistors for the Bedini Inverted Cap Pulser.

    Batteries respond differently to this high voltage pulse.

    I will be going back to 2 to 3 volts after I get the batteries conditioned by using a much larger capacitor bank.