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Ideal Battery type for Bedini type Chargers

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  • Ideal Battery type for Bedini type Chargers

    This weekend I was given a bunch of batteries of various designs from a friend in the recycle industry. Some of these batteries are the sealed no maintenance batteries. At least one is a Deep Cycle battery and one battery is sealed but weighs much less than other batteries of its size. The rest are flooded lead acid. I took a sampling of what he had and was wondering if certain type performed better than others? The batteries are used so I cant really do a test and expect accurate results. The majority of what he had are flooded lead acid automotive type batteries.
    For pulse charging what is the best battery?

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    I'm havent done much testing myself, but I keep hearing that the propper flooded lead acid batts are the best.


    You can view my vids here


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      Thanks Steve.


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        Testing batteries on the fly.

        Take a 12V light bulb with you and put on each battery... This will tell you a fair idea of the state of each battery.

        Voltage meter... Best to target batteries with the highest voltage...

        Interstate and crown are better batteries.... Most of the Exide brand are not made with the same quality of lead.

        Get a coat hanger cut in to small lengths... Open up each cell and measure the voltage with the coat hanger for each cell.

        Check for low levels of electrolite.... in each cell.

        Just some basic things to look for...
        See my experiments here...

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