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New Memeber Post - Bedini / Newman / Lindemann

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  • New Memeber Post - Bedini / Newman / Lindemann

    I guess I'm a newby here and just starting the process of understanding Overunity. So, hello all and thanks for your contribution to this knowledge, I've been perusing the info on the site for quite some time and gaining important parts of the picture.

    Peter describes the no back EMF ('reverse voltage generated flow') well on youtube with his rotary attraction motor.

    Although I'm just starting on this quest I find the examples out there from the Bedini wheel and the Newman motor (with the Lindemann circuit) quite simple to grasp, and have put them together. When I completed the Bedini Wheel and it worked!! I had a feeling not experienced for decades. I made something, OK it was copied from a patent but it was the Bedini SSG. It certainly gave me faith in Overunity. Also, Joseph Newman is a character to say the least and has important details to share and youtube once again has shown me how to incorporate his work with Peters 'Rotary Attraction Motor' Circuit.

    There really is something wonderful going on. I do not have scientific tools to measure these details and give proof but I know what is happening is beyond conventional magnet motor systems. I simply measure charging batteries and primary battery with cheap digital multimeters.

    So thanks, a big cheers from the UK.

    Interestingly I have used the Lindemann Circuit in a Trifilar coil.

    1st Coil - Input.
    2nd Coil - Charging Battery
    3rd Coil - Bridge Diode out to a Capacitor and Batteries

    Do you guys here think that I could use the 1st Coil for Both the input and the charging battery based on the Rotary Attraction Circuit. Then I have 2 outputs for the bridge diodes or other ideas? etc?


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    Hello from Houston

    I have no idea what to tell you about your motor. A schematic, or picture would help. In order to have anyone reply, you need posts. So I am giving you one. Seems there is some schoolboy stuff going on here. Welcome! and do not be discouraged by the infrequency of responses.


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      wonderful experience

      Hi Open Mind,

      It is wonderful to experience some results, progress and benefits when working with these devices.

      It is profound to contemplate the fact that your are moving literally POTENTIAL around, which by the nature of potential is NOT work in and of itself, yet when you combine different potentials together from various sources, they cause work to be what happens in the battery charged with an SG.

      There are others who many be able to give input on your specific coil question.
      Aaron Murakami

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