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The ultimate Bedini SG CORE :)

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  • The ultimate Bedini SG CORE :)

    Dear friends and SG engineers,

    I have just started the Bedini SG replication on a Swedish forum.
    Svenska ElektronikForumet -- Läser ämne - Energiomvandling av kollapsande magnetfält till elektricitet

    I'm a complete newbie into electronics but... I'm gathering all components now. A cool thing could be mixing bleeding edge(!) concepts. What I will test, if nobody is doing it before me, is to create a composite core (like a welding rod but way different) made of core similar to an orgonite TB/CB/HHG.

    Surely the concept of "Tower Busting" might be very controversial and I'm not sure if I believe in that myself since I haven't tried it... But CB or "Cloud Busting" is another story, and is maybe easier to "prove for yourself". Not delving into this topic too deeply, I think an orgone accumulator core would be really cool to try as long as you have enough metal in it.

    Here's how to do the orgonite TB/CB/HHG's:
    YouTube - How to make an Orgonite Orgone HHG
    YouTube - How to Make an Orgonite Orgone Towerbuster
    YouTube - How to Make an Orgonite Orgone CloudBuster 1

    Of course, since the core will be small, all components should be very small.

    As for those skeptics out there, still into the already controversial SG, try to build a CB according to the youtube instructions, and see for yourself...

    If this won't work better than welding rods, I'll at least make an orgonite tube where the radiant spikes will be led before it enters the battery...

    Thanks for reading this, have a lovely day!
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