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Comparison: Bedini,Lindemann,Newman,RV

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  • Comparison: Bedini,Lindemann,Newman,RV

    Hi there dear fellow energetic people,

    This is my first real post

    I have been around a while reading and studying new energy machines, which is really interesting. It's a real joy to see you all share your thoughts and findings this way; great work!

    My personal experience with electronics has so far been limited but I have recently bought the necessary equipment to get onboard.

    Let me cut to the chase:
    1. Bedini SG / Monopole
    2. Lindemann attraction motor
    3. Newman machine
    4. Rotoverter
    I've been reading a lot and understand it's pretty easy to get energy from many of the machines, where some of these are harder to build than others. Which one do you recommend me to focus on to get as much efficiency as possible? I would love to build a Bedini SG generating 2kW, but on his homepage I think he said it's pretty hard to just jump onto that machine. I have limited time, but I have the energy, so therefore I would appreciate if you could give me a hint which apparatus to pursue that gives me the most "bang for the time invested"!

    For example, if I could easily build a BIIG Newman machine and hook up a small solar panel, that could generate some serious power I guess...

    In short: Which machine is easiest for a newbie to scale up as fast as possible into a big version?

    I know many of you have spent years researching and building through an iterative trial-and-error process 'a la kaizen, but I need to get it quicker done, if you understand me correctly. I want free energy for me, my friends and my family at least one year before 2012. Perhaps this year rings a bell... (Oh, if you want do discuss 2012, do it in another thread. )


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    Bedini SG / Monopole-

    Gives an understanding in DC as it applies towards utilizing the wave form or voltage spike, currently it can be harnessed in lead acid battery chemistry and the water fuel cell.

    Advanced understanding of the principle can be had by connecting a tiny meyers cell with a solid state Bedini circuit and then adding the Batteries in a series, you will get GAS and charge two batteries on 300mA.
    Solid state Bedini used on a water fuel cell
    This [test] is with out the batteries, thats coming soon we had to pull this apart and fix it as two tubes were not firing, its 304 with 1mm gap.

    Lindemann attraction motor

    Any thing by Peter kicks butt , maybe it will teach you about BEMF and you can apply this understanding towards CURRENT technology to solve their problems. SOME ONE SHOULD GIVE PETER AND ALL OPEN SOURCE ENGINEERS GRANTS TO DEVELOP IT FURTHER . I am working on that personally.

    Newman machine

    Same thing , voltage spike , needs clarification like the WFC/Bedini to MARRY the principles and UNDERSTAND it.

    All this is just my 2 cents BTW


    useful to some and useless to others, needs persistence and R and D, plus new ideas are circulating thanks to Peter.

    Now easiest IMO would be get an RV, Freq gen (custom inverter) and a cheap harbour freight Gen it will give you allot of power as is, and you can do OU R and D on it. Plus this all depends on What you need out of it and what your technical capacity is. I would like to hear about your Newman set up and how you intend on achieving it



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      Hi, thank you for your kind reply!

      I hope I don't sound ignorant, I have read about the principles behind each of the three techniques to extract energy. If I understand you correctly, there are no blueprints anywhere out there, for machines that brings bigger amounts of energy? The SSG for example only extracts very very small amounts of energy as far as I have seen. And building an SSG big as a house would be a waste since there are other versions doing it more efficiently...

      Another thing, does all project have in common that builders need to spend years to learn the thorough theoretics and hands-on experience with all intricacies, to bring up a more efficient version?

      I feel a bit stuck here.

      All the best,


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        Okay so your after house power?

        I would recommend a Big multi coiler and or a TESLA switch, or you could try a Big RV with a frequency drive with soar co generation. There is even 240KW GEETS out there.

        I am building all of the above, we just finished the GEET its on the panacea university site.



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          Hi there, you really answered my question well! Many thanks!!!
          However, I couldn't wait so I started building the Bedini SG so I have anything to do. Sometimes it's hard to know what to do during the days. Ok, I was a little ironic there but, with my limited time I want to be working on the most "efficient" solution there is that is at the same time simple to do.

          Have a great day!!!