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    I hope to get the starter generator in the mail today. But I’m still working on the flywheel unit. The pillow block bearings are a pain to find. Apparently 11/16” bearings are not so much in use. I need a larger flywheel so I will try to add more weight. Auto junk yards are no more in this area. Thinking maybe use two auto flywheels . But they’re fairly large in diameter.

    Are you also adding a flywheel to your setup or already have one coupled to your generator? I feel the flywheel is very important to keep the generator spinning as it charges the capacitor.

    That’s what beat my head in before. Was the idea of motoring and generating at the same time. I might be wrong, but either it’s motoring or generating power. I don’t think can do both at same time. Thus the flywheel as a moving force. Sorry for my lack of technology terms.


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      Wantomake. No I dont have a flywheel on mine yet. I have an AC model that I have a flywheel on. It a weight from a set of hand exercise weights. From my experience they do motorise and generate at the same time. The transformer effect from the pulse unit and also the switching effect from the brushes in the commutator.

      The motor side sets up the effect and the load runs the motor. Theres not much for BEMF. It aids in rotation. The bemf is sort of a govenor for a motor. Without it , it will keep going un till it destroys it self. Ive had these motors running at over 10,000 rpms. A little scary. Why the flywheel dont know for sure. Could be for the residual magnetisim. I havent really dived in to that part yet. These are my thoughts, could they change absolutely.


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        Got the Generator in the mail yesterday. Tested it with a marine battery and it is a good one.

        Will mount it on wood first. In fact I’ll use wood for the entire project. If this proves out to be worth it, I’ll use metal.

        The flywheel I still need to add more weight to it somehow. Don’t have any iron dumbbells to use. But do have a piece of 6” inch OD iron pipe. The ID is small which makes it thick and heavy.


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          Hope that works out for you, I was thinking that the pull rope start is due to the flywheel which puts up a lot of resistance to start from a dead stop. When the rope is pulled it will spin this device in a free wheeling motion . With the residual magnetisim should start generating more and more each revolution . As it generates will pick up more rpm due to the position of the generating coils, As the lights come on more speed will be induced. just a thought,


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            Yes, so do I. I'm hoping to use something that will startup the flywheel like a drill or charge up the capacitor to kick off the unit. Not sure yet. I'm trying to build one part at a time, but it's slow going with the holidays and life.

            The ideas in my head and on paper don't always get results. But there must be a starting point. This is only a hobby to me and not a dependence. Is this unit in fact real and not just made up by the guy that gave it to John Bedini in a box? Nobody knows at least that I've seen on here or anywhere.

            If, and a very big if, indeed this device works, I will not post the success here. Endangering myself and family will never happen!!!


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              Starting to work on the capacitor for the storage of energy for the unit. Using some transformer plates of laminate to construct one. Ordered some transparent overhead 11 1/2 x 8 inch to place between each plate as dielectric material. It maybe the variable type because I really don’t know what value the capacitor needs to be.
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                That should be an interesting testing procedure.


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                  I assume you’re referring to testing the capacitor as I build it. Since this is the first of this type, yes it will be a challenge to get the correct thickness for the dielectric and prevent any shorting of the plates. Or getting shocked!!! I’m using a hackaday site to build it. Will see over next couple of days.

                  Not that far along yet. Still working on the flywheel right now. These holidays has limited my shop time.

                  I really need to get a base built to bolt the motor/generator on. Then after finishing the flywheel, it will couple to the motor/genny Then place a few connector blocks near the motor unit.
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                    Hoping all is good this New Year.

                    That bomb cyclone that blew through took shingles off my roof. Also damaged the shop door. Got insurance inspector coming today. Pain in the butt having to wait for all this.

                    So I’ve not worked any on the project. Weather has warmed here and hope to work more on the capacitor today.

                    Take care


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                      Wabtomake- yes every thing looks good for this year. Wishing the best for you also. Those unexpected storms are terrible. We have had 20-30 below during that storm. looks like you will be busy repairing thingsfor a while. Thats all for now.


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                        Not had the drive to build much these days. Middle of winter and all those lame excuses.

                        Did get a chance to test a flywheel I made out of something someone gave me. It did have good centrifugal force but had a bad wobble about it. So disassembled it.

                        There’s no flywheels that I can spot on eBay or online period. Very pricey to have one CNC’d locally.

                        So no progress really. Come on spring!!


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                          Yes come on spring. minus 30 here today. Good day for some shop time.


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                            Dang Hiwater were do you live? Alaska? Lol!

                            Still trying to find flywheel for this unit.


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                              Northern Minnesota. Was minus 34 this am. Never got above 20 below today. We are used to this type of weather in the winter. Gives a person character.