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Multiple Trigger Coils

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  • Multiple Trigger Coils


    Anyone out there who has built systems with multiple trigger coils (without halls/optos) I am curious as to your experiences.

    Was it finicky to get the timing on point as compared to a single trigger coil...? Did it take moving the coil to different geometric angles for all the triggers to fire in unison?

    Did the RPM's increase with more trigger coils?

    Did the system fire more/output more based on a better tuned system with multiple triggers firing more often?

    Has anyone ever had so many energizer coils that one trigger coil wasn't enough to feed voltage into the base of the NPN transistor to trigger? (I doubt this based on .7V or 1.4V for darlington pairs, just asking)

    I am about to build a large unit with many energizer and many pickup/generator coils and am going to experiment with multiple trigger coils... just thought I'd try to get ahead of the curve if anyone had some experiences to share.


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