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stirling engine running bedini generator?

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  • stirling engine running bedini generator?

    Ive been making those little pop can stirling engines for awhile. After some refinement using diaphragms instead of pistons and making the displacer double as the regenerator you can get a pretty fast engine 600rpms.I also belong to the (stirling engine forum). The member there and others are trying to see what real work they can get out of such a simple home made motor. They use little electric motors as generators to light up one diode etc. I remembered back a while ago, when I was playing around with earth batteries what great results they were getting.So my question is can I use the bedini motor in reverse and make it a generator? Will I still get the emf back spike? Could a
    joule thief and cap be added? These little engines can turn a pretty heavy flywheel but they lack much torque.I just want to put out some light. Proving the old saying it aint how much ya got but how you use it. If anyone has any ideas or simple diagrams I would much appreciate it. Also what type of light should I use and what can I expect to get as far as brightness?