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Tesla Switch - Bedini solid state SSG Hybrid

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  • Tesla Switch - Bedini solid state SSG Hybrid

    Hi, guys,

    For some time now, not long, I've been reading threads on this forum and I found it enlightening and inspiring. I've also started tinkering with the SSG, the solid state SSG and some really poor versions of the Tesla Switch.
    I've followed instructions and I've built the Imhotep fan based SSG and also solid state versions. They all work fine and all except for the fact that they take in more energy than they put out. You may see my predicament.
    So.. I came up with a design that's self oscillating as well (I do prefer solid state devices). My design is sure to remind you of the Tesla switch and the SSG. It does work, but the batteries slowly go down.

    I'd like to know what I am doing wrong. It may be the coil/s, but it's probably better if I wait for your input. Thanks.

    Greetings from Romania, Andrei
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