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Highly Modified School Girl Motor???

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  • Highly Modified School Girl Motor???

    Hi ALL,

    "The chart above is the TUV test of the Highly Modified School Girl Motor dual battery system using standard Radio Shack Batteries off the shelf, never charging the batteries out of their packages. What was the purpose of the Monopole Motor posted on KeelyNet, in answer to that question it was to explain the technology of the Potential Charging of lead acid batteries and how this is done with a Back EMF, or Electrostatic energy. As simple as the School Girl Motor was it opened a gateway into the understanding of how to transform many of these electromagnetic pulses into real useable power for lead acid batteries, and many other type cells. In 1988 John Bedini set out to look at all the designs over the past years only to discover that the motor was the problem, the normal off the shelf motors were just not efficient enough. It was understood that in a system that must go over unity or a COP of 1 the motor being in a closed loop in the front end must be 99% or better. "

    that is a little extract from this link New Page 1

    what would be the "Highly Modified School Girl Motor" ???? what would be the modifications? in that text says that the TUV test was done with off the shelf batteries, so not conditionated batteries....

    Does anyone knows what is the "highly modification" ??

    I am sure that John Bedini have not explained this because probably he would be 6 feet under.