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Jerry Volland - Aether Force Debunked!

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  • Jerry Volland - Aether Force Debunked!

    Recently, Jerry Volland (Electrotek) accused me of banning him from this forum because I accused him of plagiarizing my circuits. He gave his testimonial to Techzombie (Ray Savant) of Aether Force (Aether Farce) to help in their false allegations against Eric Dollard and I.

    This video has proof that Jerry Volland is the one that accused me of plagiarizing him. My circuits in the Gray Tube Replication thread were based on my simplified plamsa ignition circuit that I posted an entire year BEFORE Jerry Volland ever posted his circuits in this thread.

    Jerry Volland - Aether Force Debunked! - YouTube

    Here is the simplified method I created for the plasma ignition "water spark plug" circuits - Look at the date of that post. For anyone that followed the plasma ignition threads or the Gray Tube Replication thread work knows that the circuit in that post is my development as I created this to prove to everyone that the plasma ignition method was NOT because of the circuit being hooked up to the AC wall power. That was the claim of those that started to talk about the water spark plug ignition in an attempt to replicate S1R's water power car claims. I was the first to show that the power source for the hv (CDI) can be the cap on the input AND that SAME cap could double as the low voltage power source! This was all presented for the whole world to see right there in the Water Sparkplug Threads.

    I never claimed to have invented the plasma ignition. However, my invention happens to be the most efficient way ever shown to get this plasma effect with one single capacitor on the front - proving indisputably that the AC was NOT necessary. I give the entire breakdown of this here: Ignition Secrets by Aaron Murakami | Plasma Ignition - or you can go learn it for free in the Water Sparkplug threads where I already gave it all away for free to the whole world.

    You've "seen it all" when it comes to ignition enhancements - until now!
    As you can see, the standard Kettering Spark Ignition can be as low as 0.01% efficient in converting power to a spark at the gap, which runs almost every gasoline powered engine in the world.

    Peaking Capacitors are MASSIVELY more efficient at converting the standard spark ignition power to a spark - upwards to 50% efficient! Notice that is 50% and NOT one-hundredths of one percent. That is quite a difference, but is all the hype justified?

    Capacitive Discharge Ignition systems have a separate power supply and are the prime choice for serious results. The dense blue ball at the gap is substantially more powerful than the peaking cap but it is hard to tell from the picture.

    MURAKAMI IGNITION method uses the SAME amount of power as the CDI system but is so much brighter and more powerful that it is beyond words. It isn't even a spark or an enhanced spark - it is in a category all by itself - it is a bright white ball of wonder!

    Plasma Ignition | Plasma Jet Ignition - YouTube

    Here are some of my videos showing my developments and proving indisputably that Jerry Volland is completely fabricating his claims against me just because he is angry because he was banned from this forum. You can go see how respectful I was to him in response to his allegations from him that I am plagiarizing him and setting him straight with proof that my circuits were already in this forum for a long time and in addition to that, his circuits actually never worked the way mine did. He made a few light shows, but that was well after I had already publicly proven it all out with my own tests. And, I actually ran small motors with my method and he never got anything to work. His accusations continued long after it was completely obvious that he had no valid claim and that his circuits were not like mine and he wouldn't let up. It got very disruptive so I had to ban him so the work on this technology could continue. That isn't suppression - it is called banning a trouble maker who is insulting others for absolutely no reason. I was very patient with him but I eventually had to simply set it straight. That is why he was banned and any claims that I banned him to suppress his work is completely delusional. Go look at the Gray Tube Replication thread and you will see how long I put up with his garbage until I had to remove him.

    Look at his quote in his Linked In page: "*Has reverse engineered EV Gray's Power Conversion Tube."

    He reverse engineered it? Is that why he never showed anything running but I did? And I open sourced every single bit of my work in this area contrary to Aether FARCE Ray Savant Techzombie and Jerry Volland's claims that I'm supressing information. I have personally put more information into the public domain than the entire Aether FARCE "organization" combined.

    Please note that some of these videos were posted much earlier on a different YouTube account that was deleted by YouTube with claims that I was spamming people (never happened).

    Peter's replication of my particular plasma ignition method: Plasma Ignition - Water Sparkplug Circuit by Peter Lindemann - YouTube

    Plasma CDI (capacitive discharge ignition) 50hz - YouTube

    Water Sparkplug | Plasma Ignition | With current restriction - YouTube

    Water Sparkplug | Plasma Ignition| Booster Caps - YouTube

    Plasma Spark Implosion - YouTube

    Gray Tube Replication | Radiant Energy | Cold Electricity - YouTube

    Gray Tube Demonstration Proof of Concept - YouTube

    Gray Tube Test - YouTube

    Water Sparkplug Circuit Verification - YouTube

    Water Sparkplug Isolated Capacitor - YouTube

    Water Sparkplug Test on Lawnmower - YouTube

    Gray Tube | Pendulum Setup - YouTube

    Here's how the Gray Tube works - YouTube

    Gray Circuit Coil Popping Demo - YouTube

    Aaron's Green Plasma Motor in the Dark - YouTube

    Murakami-Gray 2 Point Motor - YouTube

    Positive Jumps to Positive with Common Ground - YouTube

    Murakami-Gray 3 Point - YouTube

    Plasma with AND without Inductor - YouTube

    Murakami-Gray 3 Point Plasma outside of tube - YouTube

    Murakami-Gray 1 Wire Battery Charging effect - YouTube

    Murakami-Gray Recovery in 4 places - YouTube

    Murakami-Gray Motor Replication - YouTube

    In summary, Jerry Volland has nothing and never reverse engineered the Gray Tube. You can see in his circuits that I show you, his circuits are not even proper analogies to any of Gray's circuit, but mine are. Actually, several of mine are mirror images of the common Gray patent with the tube.

    I cannot claim that I have figured out what Gray actually did and make no efficiency or over 1.0 COP claims, but what I did do was develop the most efficient plasma ignition method ever and that circuit was the basis of all my Gray motor experiments, which I have proven. I have also proven that my ignition circuits that just happened to be identical to the Gray circuits in concept (HV jumping to LV with opposing diode, then the discharge has to go elsewhere when the diode shuts off - to the grid or ground point where the inductor is).

    And, you can see I actually have a test motor running with this exact concept and Jerry Volland doesn't. My circuits give these results and Jerry Volland has claimed to make "black sparks" .

    Anyway, by now, it should be more than obvious that I never accused Jerry of plagiarizing him, he accused me and my circuits are not like his because mine actually work.

    Aether FARCE is only able to align themselves with others liars and Ray Savant thinks he's bringing free energy out to the world! lol He doesn't even know what free energy is or how it works.

    More people will be revealed bit by bit as time permits, but what you are seeing are who the real disinformation agents are and it sure as hell isn't me.
    Last edited by Aaron; 08-18-2013, 05:46 PM.
    Aaron Murakami

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    Jerry Volland Fraud

    Here is one of Jerry Volland's posts at another forum after he was banned:

    Jerry Volland

    07-19-2010, 01:59 PM

    "As some of you probably know I was banned from Energetic Forum for trying to point out that Aaron took my dual polarity circuit with a HV capacitor having a series inductor connected acoss the short end of the three point electrodes I presented as my "Ed Gray Test Circuit" and claims that it represents his single polarity much higher voltage ignition coil circuit having a LV capacitor.

    There hasn't been much discussion on the Gray Tube Replication thread since then, and NONE concerning the issue of plagiarism. However, a new member on that forum asked an intelligent question around a week ago which deserves an answer:

    Comparison of capaitive discharge circuit approaches

    Hello All,

    I have been reading through this thread for the past couple of weeks in attempts to catch up with all of the work that is being done here. Some of you may know me from as I was very active on the TPU research threads some time ago. But lately, I have been very interested in studying the "electro-radiant event" that Tesla discovered since it is clear that this is the key to most of the COP>1 devices out there.

    At this point, I have setup a basic water spark plug circuit using an ignition coil driven with a 80uF, 450V cap and a mechanical switch (for simplicity sake) to dump the charge through the coil. My spark gap is a simple set of threaded rods with brass cap knuts on the ends that I can adjust the distance of. For the diode string, I have a set of two microwave diodes which allows the circuit to make nice plasma sparks.

    What I am wondering is if anyone has tried to compare the plasma spark produced from the water spark plug circuit to the same circuit with a HV cap that is charged (of the same equivalent joules as the low voltage cap in the water spark plug circuit) and then discharged through the gap. If the effect is essentially equivalent, then this is very convenient since it is much cheaper to get low votlage, high capacitance capacitors as opposed to the large, expensive, HV caps.

    Has anyone ever tried this comparison? Aaron, I believe you did a few things along these lines, what were your conclusions?

    Jason O

    For some reason Aaron has declined to answer. I do remember when he said he was going to try a 2uF HV capacitor in the circuit, but he never reported the result. It may be that the effect turned out to be different and he wouldn't admit it. But the answer to the above question is simple. To get the same Joules at a much lower voltage requires a much higher capacitance. WHEN DISCHARGED THROUGH AN INDUCTOR the time constant needs to be as small as possible, which means that the higher value capacitance will not produce the same kick in the motor coil as will the HV cap.

    If anyone want's to answer Jason's question, it would seem the righteous thing to do. Just leave my name out of it. Also, what happened on EF has really been stressing me out. Aaron blocked me out so that I couldn't respond to any of his accusations. Then he said that "Any circuit which doesn't match what Gray showed is Off Topic". The fact of the matter is, my circuit DOES match what Gray shows in the patent. I don't know how much interest there'll be, but I intend to use this thread to show the circuits are the same."


    I underlined 2 things in Jerry Volland's post that show he doesn't know what he is taking about.

    1. With my circuit arrangement, almost all the resistance or impedance that the cap sees when discharging disappear. It creates a negative resistance effect because the HV is on the same path as the LV so the HV literally pulls the high current from the LV cap over the gap accelerating its discharge. It DOES have a kick in the coil that Jerry Volland doesn't understand because he has never done it, but you can see in my videos that I have.

    2. Look at Jerry Volland's circuit that he claims matches the Gray Tube circuit - he puts the HV rod in series with the LV rod bypassing the gap! It is a complete mockery of what is in the Gray circuit. My circuit there is just one variation that actually works but you can see with Jerry Volland bypassing the gap with that wire and cap in series to the LV rod, he is trying to copy my older 2 point circuit. LOL And look at his cap that he has in series with the load - he has the negative going towards the load when it is supposed to be positive! LOL

    Anyway, this just goes to show that Jerry Volland is as delusional as Edward Mitchell and Ray Savant. Jerry Volland is supposed to be an electrical engineer, but he doesn't know the difference between negative and positive on a cap.

    Look at Jerry Volland's plagiarism claims: June 25, 2009.

    Look at the date on the diagrams that has been in this forum and on Peswiki since 2008:

    Directory:EV Gray - PESWiki

    Look at my different 3 point circuits that are analogies of Gray's circuits - January 2009.

    Later Jerry Volland posts this on another forum - he corrected some of his circuits to match mine LOL:

    Those are all posted MONTHS before Jerry Volland posted his circuits.

    I just caught this in one of Jerry Volland's posts:

    Originally posted by Electrotek View Post
    When a capacitor is discharged through a HV spark, the spark puffs way up to more than the 1/4" radius needed to jump to the grid. This is plainly shown by the Water Sparkplug pictures.


    There you go, admitted by Jerry Volland himself that what he is trying to do has been shown by me with my water sparkplug circuits. He is trying to replicate what I already showed over a year before he claimed anything.
    Last edited by Aaron; 08-18-2013, 07:55 PM.
    Aaron Murakami

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      Jerry Volland debunked

      Here is a quote from Jerry Volland:

      "So this last circuit is an "obvious variation" of my "Ed Gray Test Circuit", considering Gray's patent circuit. The fact that when I make obvious additions to my circuit causes it to look like Aaron's proves that "his" January 09 circuit is a variation of the circuit I showed him in December 08."

      The circuit he showed in December 08 is in this post:

      My post right after his:

      Shows videos - does that mean because I make a post after he posted his picture that I'm copying him? LOL

      No, look at the dates of the videos in my post - a month before he ever posted his circuit and his circuit is still wrong. These were a month before because these were long past the water sparkplug circuits I posted, but this goes to show that Jerry Volland is making fraudulent claims.

      My videos posted in November 2008 before Jerry Volland ever posted anything were based on this:

      Look at that - the LV rod, HV rod and the grids, which is the 3rd point - predating anything that Electrotek showed. That images is what the videos are based on that I showed a month before Electrotek posted his "3 point circuit".

      Now, after I show my vids that predate any circuit he shared and show the setup in this pic, does Electrotek think I plagiarized him this early on? I already showed my schematics... NO! He keeps referencing what I have been showing all along and even has good things to say! Look at this:

      Originally posted by Electrotek View Post
      This look great Aaron! Do you still have this set up?

      One thing I'm curious about: if the inductor (coil) is turned sideways, what effect will it have on a wooden dowel placed through the hole? With my spark set up, the dowel jumps into alignment with the coil's axis when the cap fires.
      What else can I say?

      Jerry Volland is a liar and the proof is all over this forum and he lied to Techzombie (Ray Savant). You can see over the months after he was banned from Energetic Forum, Jerry little by little changed his circuits to match mine, since mine actually worked and were analogous to Ed Gray's patents.

      I'm just adding more info here to show even deeper that Jerry Volland is trying to take credit for my developments and is the one who changed his circuits to match mine. He even gives me kudos for my work and then later accuses me of plagiarizing him! It can't get any more ridiculous than that.

      I think I have proved my point here about Jerry Volland's fraudulent accusations against me. Just about every testimonial Ray Savant had in his video are either debunked as fraud or the people quoted have since retracted their statements and say that they do not support Techzombie.

      The truth is coming out more and more and Ray Savant has nowhere to hide.
      Aaron Murakami

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        Why not just showing your setup producing any substantial power like 1kW with self-running from the output power ? That would be the ultimate proof you wanted.


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          Jerry Volland debunked

          Originally posted by boguslaw View Post

          Why not just showing your setup producing any substantial power like 1kW with self-running from the output power ? That would be the ultimate proof you wanted.
          Hi Boguslaw,

          I have stated that I'm not making COP claims - just proof of concept. That motor wasn't even tuned well - I just wanted it to run just to see if it could based on my circuits, which are analogies to the famous Gray Tube patent.

          The main point to this thread is to give a response to Jerry Volland's false accusations about me that are posted in Ray Savant's (Techzombie) Aether Force video. With all the documentation I have shown, it should be self-evident to everyone that Jerry Volland lied just like Edward Mitchell.
          Aaron Murakami

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            I am not trying to be antagonistic Aaron, but felt compelled to say this.

            You are trying damn hard to defend yourself. Why? Why pander to this useless waste of time. If your goal is learning, then learn and be happy. If your goal is protection of intellectual property rights for monetary gain then full steam ahead. 99.9 percent of all of us here have learned standing on the shoulders of those who knew more than us. Think of a person you very much respect. A person who walks through life with grace. Would this individual wage a counter assault on someone who has "wronged" them? If you spent the time wasted on this fruitless pursuit on self improvement, learning etc... you would be one step ahead of where you are now.


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              Jerry Volland Fraud

              Originally posted by Armagdn03 View Post
              I am not trying to be antagonistic Aaron, but felt compelled to say this.

              You are trying damn hard to defend yourself. Why? Why pander to this useless waste of time. If your goal is learning, then learn and be happy. If your goal is protection of intellectual property rights for monetary gain then full steam ahead. 99.9 percent of all of us here have learned standing on the shoulders of those who knew more than us. Think of a person you very much respect. A person who walks through life with grace. Would this individual wage a counter assault on someone who has "wronged" them? If you spent the time wasted on this fruitless pursuit on self improvement, learning etc... you would be one step ahead of where you are now.

              Those making these stupid allegations are certainly wastes of time.

              However, I do get quite a few personal emails (from people who I have a lot of respect for) asking me about what these people are saying and I respond to each and every single one. So by having this video for example, I can just give a link and the rest is self-explanatory. It saves a huge amount of my time while revealing the truth and I don't have to repeat myself over and over.

              I'm actually extremely productive with productive projects while I spend my time with this other stuff, so it does not impede my ability to get things done. While certain people are spending their time getting wrapped up in their slanderous pursuits based on ignorance, I'm releasing a lot of incredible information from a lot of incredible people, interviewing a lot of people who actually are builders with technologies to show, etc... so despite your logic, which I actually agree with, I'm able to be quite productive at the same time. More coming soon...
              Aaron Murakami

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                The Scent Of a Dollar

                So much of what has happened here recently seems Driven By money and
                Not by "Grace".

                Grace will always prevail!

                If you want to Change the world
                BE that change !!


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                  Ray Savant Aether Force crimes

                  Posts that were here discussing Ray Savant's fraudulent video claims are moved here:

                  That is the open thread for posting things relating to his crimes.

                  This is the closed thread for preservation, which has a good archive or Ray Savant's criminal activities and more:
                  Aaron Murakami

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