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Luc Choquette Fraud Dispute 2

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  • gotoluc
    For your information

    Hi Aaron and all,

    I'm sorry you did not PM me to ask me about the Patent before you made all the posts in the older topic and lock it.

    Aquapulser / EcoIgnition approached me a year ago and asked me if they could Patent the circuit since they had invested much in making the first marketed version of the circuit and wanted the prevent a large corporation to do so. I agreed to sign the patent as basic inventor of the circuit.

    Aquapulser / EcoIgnition held 95% of shares of the patent which were divided by 2 partners and I was happy with 5% since I did not contribute a cent towards all costs.
    The understanding between us (three) was to allow all private researcher to use and develop the circuit as they wish. The patent was only to prevent large industry to capitalize on open source efforts.

    Recently the two partners had a disagreement and one of them was worried that the other partner may sell the Patent. After much dealing with all this I agreed to teamed up with one to create a majority. I signed a document to dissolve EcoIgnition and a document to re-direct the patent back to me for safe keeping.

    These documents have just been filed, so it will take some time to get the Patent back.

    I have been out of country since November 3rd and had to deal with all these problems (over 3 months) from a remote 3rd world country village that I'm been giving and still giving my free services to help the people and mission.

    I have never received one cent from the above and I don't care to receive anything as this is not my goal or way of life. This was done to protect the circuit and open source free users and to also allow these guys to make a little money on their investments from people who want to buy a plug and play version of the circuit.

    I see nothing wrong with my actions and those of Aquapulser / EcoIgnition who have made such a large investment and the first ones to professionally market a version of the circuit.

    I have very limited access to internet so I cannot be more involve during my overseas mission. I will be back in Canada after April 28th.



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  • ashtweth
    Aaron thats thrown me man, of all people, what does Luc have to say about this? We must put time and dates on every thing in the open source community. Its the only way, we have records of your info with the dates you mention, its in the document and in the server log.

    Man excuse me but this is BS. I think kits are okay, but the open source community has the right to produce these , not the patent route, and we will protect things and they will remain as such. Where the hell is Luc. How can he explain this?

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  • Aaron
    was Aquapulser

    Yes, they used to be Aquapulser - Aquapulser learned how to make
    the plasma ignition from the Water Sparkplug thread.

    I never had a problem with them turning it into a business as it was
    public domain info but trying to claim to "invent" something they didn't
    is despicable - and to prevent anyone else from commercially making
    an ignition based on the simple method that I showed Luc how to do
    is reprehensible. Especially when Luc had always acted like he had
    everyone's best interest at heart and turns around and tries to take
    credit for something I showed him how to do. I only found this today.

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  • ashtweth
    Eco ignition

    Is this the same company that has a name on the patent with public domain info? See under applicants "ECO IGNITION"

    EcoIgnition - Earth friendly performance
    YouTube - SparkAmp X40 from Eco Ignition ID9329

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  • ashtweth
    started a topic Luc Choquette Fraud Dispute 2

    Luc Choquette Fraud Dispute 2

    There are dates in the Panacea university document too in the public domain these are all over the place. Luc what's the goal of this?