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Luc Choquette Fraud Dispute 2

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    golden rule

    Originally posted by powerme
    withou having to be greedy or steal from others.
    Well, that is the EXACT point I am making by documenting that others are
    attempting to steal the method that I freely gave to everyone. But the
    nonsense as you call it is not in what I'm doing - it is by those that are
    perpetrating this fraud against the entire open source community.

    I invented the simplified method, which was common sense to me because
    I already understood the reverse diode effect such as what John Bedini
    showed in his lab notes on the Gray circuit diagrams. I have 100% rights
    to make a commercially available ignition system based on this method
    without having to pay royalties to anyone - it was my idea. If that patent
    would get granted, which is now unlikely to happen, it would block even me
    from being able to commercially make and sell the ignition system.

    ANYONE is able to commercially make them and sell them without
    having to pay royalties to anyone including me, the inventor. However,
    if someone does it, I would appreciate anyone having the courtesy to
    voluntarily pay me a percentage of the sales since it is my idea to begin

    I almost started manufacturing a PLL circuit and stopped the project
    because it became obsolete instantly by some other methods that my
    team is working on. However, we were trying to track down the inventor
    of one particular circuit that first placed it into the public domain because
    we wanted to voluntarily pay him x% of the sales just out of principle
    even though we didn't have to nor did we require his permission.

    I live by the golden rule and unfortunately I am naive sometimes to believe
    that others that proclaim they have such an altruistic life also live by the
    golden rule.
    Aaron Murakami

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      Guys, please be nice, I went down the same pathway of thinking that you two are now expressing (powerme and crackahcrackah)

      That is what I was referencing when I said I doubted Aaron's motivation in the past.

      I know that there are indeed other ways of achieving the effect, but what Aaron shows works, and is easily replicable. We should all be appreciative of what he's done, and give him credit where it's deserved.

      I am one who desires to know the core effect and build based on simplicity. I still KNOW that there are other ways of doing this, and we ALL need to work as a team to get to the root cause of the effect, and realize the diodes are just a method that works.

      If anyone has knowledge that will do this, it is your responsibility to come forth with it... and YOU WILL GET YOUR RECOGNITION. It may turn out that the diodes really ARE the simplest and cheapest way to achieve this based on the availability of components and the skill required to build devices, but I don't think that's necessarily the case.

      A nice phase conjugate mirror Tesla coil will do the same thing, I really think so. Perhaps the type with an extra coil that is pumped from the center-tap of the mirror coils. I know I talk about this subject a lot, and some have decided not to listen, and I regret having given the community the image of myself that I did in the beginning, leading many to ignore me. I need to start a thread dedicated to the subject of the Phase Conjugate Mirror system, because that is used extensively in Non-Linear Optics, (for the creation of holograms) and we just have to take all the knowledge from that area and apply it to this one. If you look in the Chemtrail thread that was recently started, I mention it, and if you do your reading, you'll realize it's the same technology that's about to be used against this entire planet for the purpose of evil.

      If, and I PRAY not, the situation in this world changes drastically in a way that will prevent us or others from obtaining the diodes and such, we need to find an even simpler way of doing things, a way that can be constructed from nothing but salvaged wire. The way Tesla would do it.


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        Funny, looks just like the capacitor70 circuit from the s1r9a9m9 thread at OU? Coincidence? I think not.


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          Well, hum 01-30-2009, 12:12 AM - 07-02-2009, 10:24 PM
          Dunno, if i should think about that now. Coincidence?

          May its the way how few Peoples are thinking (act), maybe the Effect is the Way where we should look at. But its not nice to see, when someone thinks they can highlight herself with a Patent from the Work from other Peoples, and is actually only a fallback into our sick system.
          Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.


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            Luc Choquette fraud

            This thread was started by Ash after I closed the original dispute thread. I'll make this public since it trails the original thread and is relevant. I'll close this since there is no need for anything to be posted here or I might merge it with the original later. In any case, it is for the record. TOO MANY WITNESSES TO RUN AWAY AND COVER UP WITH YOUR LIES, LUC CHOQUETTE!
            Aaron Murakami

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