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Luc Choquette Fraud Dispute

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  • DavidE
    DANGER. This puddle was deeper than it first seemed.
    Review EF Module 23b - Some fights are not worth
    publicly fighting, time reveals all truths.

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  • Jbignes5

    Originally posted by smw1998a
    Hello Aaron,
    There can be no benefit from this argument. I simply agree with Armagdn03's statement. Circuits and methods should be closely guarded until patent rights are secured. As many of us, including yourself, were working on this circuit long before the patent application was submitted, full public disclosure has already taken place, this makes any patent weak, bordering useless. As far as I'm concerned water spark plug is in the public domain. I don't see why attorneys should be made rich trying to argue otherwise.

    Regards Lee...
    I agree with this statement.


    I would suggest that you try to understand that once you "Teach it to someone" It is a gift. Especially on this forum which is supposed to be open source.

    Here is a good statement then question for you Aaron.... You are the moderator of this forum and that forum is "Open Source" based. How can you claim anything you share here as you holding the title to if you shared it in someone else's thread or as a reply in a thread?

    Plain and simple you gave him the idea to make his original circuit work. Weather you call that giving "Teaching" or giving you still volunteered that information by submitting the reply.

    Can't we get back to what this forum is all about! Why scare brilliant people off from collaborating by continuing to bicker like this tit for tat posts.

    Another question for you Aaron? Do we have to leave this forum and start a new one that we don't have to worry about the moderator overstepping his bounds because we didn't put copyrights on the openly released information? I mean we are doing this for what exactly? I thought it was to learn the truth about science in an open collaborative way.

    It seems this is about you, Aaron, really and not about the open source community that you are to be moderating for.

    If you sent them Emails stating the proposal of royalties then this is about money then right? How does that reflect on your position as moderator of this open source community? Does this mean you are against the idea of community based sharing of ideas? Obviously your actions speak louder then words here...

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  • Aaron
    my mistake

    Ok, I know what I did, when moving the first page of posts, I entered
    a new thread name.

    The next 3 pages, I entered it as a new thread with same name so it
    kept replacing the previous one, I think.

    The next 3 pages I should have entered the name already assigned as
    the new thread instead of posting them as a new thread.

    Anyway, doesn't matter, they're in the archives and google cache as

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  • Aaron
    copies of missing posts

    Not sure what happened to the posts I moved pre 23rd.

    They're in the forum archives - haven't seen that before.

    And before KR or company thinks I don't want them to be
    seen, which I do, here are the google cache records:

    I already did copies with screen recordings of proof of date
    and time.

    That is the ENTIRE original Water Sparkplug 2 thread before I moved
    the posts. All there for the record.

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  • smw1998a
    Hello Aaron,
    There can be no benefit from this argument. I simply agree with Armagdn03's statement. Circuits and methods should be closely guarded until patent rights are secured. As many of us, including yourself, were working on this circuit long before the patent application was submitted, full public disclosure has already taken place, this makes any patent weak, bordering useless. As far as I'm concerned water spark plug is in the public domain. I don't see why attorneys should be made rich trying to argue otherwise.

    Regards Lee...

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  • Aaron


    That is easy to say "for what?" when you're not the one it happened to.

    There are things you don't know and you don't know that you don't know

    But from everything that has been posted, if you have to question any
    of my own efforts, then I would have to seriously question your own ethics.

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  • smw1998a
    Originally posted by Armagdn03
    I worried for a long time about patents, rights, legalities, money, etc. In the end its a distraction that takes your love of learning and sours it leaving you without inspiration, and the joy of learning something new.
    Absolutely!!! There has been a great deal of energy expended here and for what?

    Regards Lee...

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  • Armagdn03
    I worried for a long time about patents, rights, legalities, money, etc. In the end its a distraction that takes your love of learning and sours it leaving you without inspiration, and the joy of learning something new.

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  • Aaron
    To eliminate Karthikeyan's confusion about who the inventor is.

    Originally posted by aquapulser
    On a side note: I am still extremely confused about who the exclusive inventor of the Luc water spark plug circuit is? Is it luc or is it not Luc???
    The only thing you want is to act like you have plausible deniability.
    You want to act like you never knew the single cap method was invented
    by me. You want to act confused because you know it is a federal offense
    to lie to the federal government under oath and you want to be able to
    weasel your way out of it so you can claim you never knew that Luc
    was not the inventor when you signed the oath.

    Here are a few excerpts that I prepared for an attorney to explain my
    grievances on Feb 21 and then edited later on Feb 22.

    The applicants appear to be knowingly making false claims under oath that they are the first inventor(s) for this invention pursuant to 602 Original Oath or Declaration [R-7] - 600 Parts, Form, and Content of Application, Section 35 U.S.C. 115 Oath of Applicant, “The applicant shall make oath that he believes himself to be the original and first inventor of the process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or improvement thereof, for which he solicits a patent.”

    I am the inventor and I submit to you evidence that conclusively proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Luc Choquette and his partners not only was fully aware that
    I am the inventor of the circuit and concept that is the premise for this entire patent application, but that Luc Choquette even admitted this fact publicly in an online open source discussion forum that has already had 288,720 views by the public at the time of this writing.

    Here is the online public discussion that documents this fact:

    ATTACHMENT #1 presents the following evidence:
    • Luc Choquette’s publicly disclosed method on June 27, 2008, which is different from my simplified method. It uses an inverter connected directly to the spark plug and is the non-efficient energy generation method, hence his secondary power supply that is connected directly to the spark plug.
    Pub. No.: US 2010/0319644 A1 states:

    A. "...adds a one-way current path between the primary and and secondary windings of the high voltage transformer....

    B. ...with relatively little increase in components...

    C. ...without requiring a secondary power supply circuit to generate the current for producing plasma ionization.

    On point #1, I’m the one that publicly taught Luc Choquette the method of directly adding the “one way current path”, which is the diode, directly between the primary of the ignition coil and the high voltage secondary windings.

    On point #2, I’m the one that publicly taught Luc Choquette the ability to eliminate extra components and to completely eliminate the need for an inverter to be hooked to a spark plug, thereby making it the Energy Efficient Plasma Generation method.

    Point #3, automatically implies my points #1 and #2.

    ATTACHMENT #2 presents the following “beyond smoking gun” evidence:
    • On July 14, 2008 at 07:02 AM, the day after Luc Choquette publicly updates his schematic to match what I taught him, he publicly admits in my discussion forum the following: “I just updated my simple circuit today since as indicated before by Aaron the Capacitor alone is all that is needed to make the circuit work…”.
    This “…capacitor alone is all that is needed to make the circuit work…” mention by Luc Choquette is my personal invention that improves every “plasma jet” ignition circuit that has ever been publicly disclosed or patented in United States patent history. All prior patents have always required two separate power supplies in order to generate the plasma at the spark plug gap. My invention of this is the entire fundamental premise for Pub. No.: US 2010/0319644 A1.
    Luc Choquette’s post of this admission by him is publicly available here:

    ATTACHMENT #3 presents the following evidence:

    1. This is a copy of the full message header and message of my communication to Aquapulser, which is the applicant’s original company before Ecoignition, the assignee of the patent application. They (Arvind Srinivasan and/or Karthikeyan Ramanathan) admit that they knew who I was and what public discussion forum I was associated with in regards to this plasma ignition technology: “Of course we will give you a steep discount on the modules should you choose to purchase them for the 1998 Subaru as you are the forum moderator of energetic forum.

    Being that I placed my invention into the public domain, I had no problem with another company producing the circuits commercially. I was willing to purchase a professionally built unit from them because I did not know that behind my back, they were trying to take credit as the inventors of my invention and with a circuit I gifted to the public domain to intentionally make it “Public Use” on top of that. Their attempt to obtain a patent, if successful, would prohibit me, the inventor, from commercially selling these circuits and reaping rewards for my own work. And this is exactly what I intended to do by putting thousands of hours into this project.


    So, what we have here is part of a letter I made to an attorney. I name
    Luc and his PARTNERS - NOT partner. Plural if you can comprehend that.
    That means that I name YOU and I ALSO named Arvind.

    I honestly believed when I saw the application that you both must have
    known that Luc was not the inventor. And this shows that I also honestly
    didn't realize the application was for three inventions. You can see that
    I posted in the letter that "the entire premise" of the application was my
    circuit. This is what I thought.

    A patent attorney said that it is the claims in the patent that are of
    significance and the diagrams and abstract are irrelevant when
    it comes to infringement.

    I was so completely appalled at this that I posted about this in the forum
    and confronted Luc with it, who justifies claiming my invention as his
    to save the circuit for open source and also justifies it because Aquapulser
    invested money!

    Anyway, Luc publicly tells everyone that I need to talk to you guys
    because he only has 5% and you both own the rest.

    Then I confront you AND Arvind on this because I thought you both were
    trying to claim to be the inventor of my circuit as well.

    It is kind of comical really - Arvind responds and asks me if I actually
    read the whole patent. I said yes, but didn't see anything different.
    He said there were other inventions by other inventors. I never knew this
    because I only searched for Luc Choquette's name in applications
    at and that application is the ONLY one that came up.
    Those others listed (prov apps) never came up.

    And your response did not ask me if I had read it, you said I
    "conveniently" left out the coil on plug part that you claimed to have
    invented. lol - and I immediately conceded that you and Arvind were
    indeed inventors of other inventions in the application. I learn something
    new every day. Anyway, your response implies that you are claiming
    that I was intentionally trying to not recognize those other inventions.
    Arvind was the only one that above board and honest about everything
    and it was you that insisted on things that were not true in addition
    to outright lying to everyone on this forum.

    You can also see in part of my letter to the attorney that I never even
    mentioned the ionization detection circuit or the coil on plug section
    because I didn't even recognize them as being anything of relevance
    to me.

    So, since you are "confused" about who the inventor of the simple
    spark plug circuit - AS I ALREADY EMAILED YOU HAVE YOU HAVE
    not aware of that - here it is again - referencing ATTACHMENT 2
    in the excerpt above.

    I think he has a guilty conscious and will admit it again with some kind
    of justification of course.

    Anyway, Luc ALREADY posted the following:

    Originally posted by gotoluc
    The Aquapulser team are the ones who approached me as their research lead them to believe I was the inventor. They asked if I would sign the Patent. Please contact them as they are still the owners of it.

    If you claim this circuit is your complete invention then let it be so. However, there's a new claimer in the ring. Todd Miller, he sent me the below email claiming he had this circuit back in 2007.
    Here is what is goofy, you say you approached Luc and Luc said he was
    in the inventor.

    Here is Gotoluc in his own post with a very slippery manipulative sentence
    stating: "The Aquapulser team are the ones that approached me as
    their research lead them to believe I was the inventor."

    For one, this is another admittance by Luc that he is not the inventor,
    for anyone that can properly analyze it. Also, he doesn't want to directly
    state he told you he was the inventor. He isn't able to swallow his pride
    that much. He puts that off on Aquapulser
    by stating it was your research that led you guys to believe it - so that
    Luc is trying to slip out of the responsibility by trying to get out of
    admitting he told you he invented it when you asked him.

    Luc KNEW he wasn't the inventor plain and simple.

    It is questionable that you did not know. You have such a
    keen memory of all my old youtube vidoes and followed all my work
    with such devotion and all those videos openly proved the chronology
    of what circuit came from who and looking at both my vids and Luc's
    how can you possibly claim you did not know I was the inventor of the
    simple method? AND you fully knew about this thread and had access
    to all the posts and could *not have known* that I posted it on July 3rd,
    2008 and 10 days later Luc posts a diagram of his replication of my circuit
    and even spells out that fact for you on July 14th (the screen shot
    of this post is above).

    EDIT: *not have not known*

    Karthi, if you are stating that you honestly signed a patent oath fully
    believing that what Luc told you was true, then I may be starting to
    see a glimpse of light for you because all the evidence shows that Luc is
    the one that actually knowingly hid the fact that I was the inventor from

    So, for clarification -

    1. Were you fully aware I was the inventor of the simple method shown
    in the patent? Which you could have committed a felony if you did.


    2. Did Luc make a false claim to you in which case, you actually were
    being honest when you signed the oath?

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  • Aaron
    @Karthikeyan cont...

    I would hope anyone that is reading KR's very long rope will see that I
    mentioned that when I found out there were actually two other inventions
    that I was fine with NOT having it exclusively signed to me. Furthermore,
    I even suggested that Luc could be entitled to a % of royalties from my
    invention despite his backstabbing.


    I emailed you, Arvind and Luc an
    email asking if you all actually want to work out a win-win for everyone
    involved. Arvind is the ONLY one that responded to that and Arvind is
    the ONLY one that received a copy of my entire proposal. In the meantime,
    I find KR is here posting all those points that he expects everyone
    to believe about me. Again, I can 100% indisputably prove I am telling
    the truth and KR is completely whacked out of his flipping mind and
    unfortunately, at this point, inevitably, it looks like he is willing to drag Luc
    down with him as Luc appears to be waiting with baited breath on every
    word that KR manipulates him with.


    @LUC - I honestly feel enormous pity for you and hope you wake up.
    What you have done is dishonest, it is wrong in every way imaginable.
    There is NOTHING you can ever do to justify this. There is however
    only ONE WAY you can prevent yourself from being dragged into something
    that I think you will be unable to cope with and that is to open your
    eyes and see the light and realize that what KR has been feeding you
    is all based on lies and deception. I can PROVE to you that what
    KR is saying is bogus - IF you are willing to be reasonable and you
    can grow up and stop posting people's personal emails on the forum,
    I MAY be willing to show you the proof. So far, when I have asked you
    to keep something in confidence, all you did was slap me in the face.

    IF I can be convinced that you simply were acting on good faith that
    you believed what KR was feeding you was the truth and you didn't
    intend to do anything wrong and perhaps just made some poor decisions,
    I may choose to let the issue rest with YOU, but not KR. I'll tell you
    this, between any correspondence that I have had with KR and Arvind,
    Arvind is the ONLY ONE that has stuck up for you proclaiming that you
    didn't know any better and should be left alone. You really need to think
    about that one - especially after what you and KR have chosen to do
    jointly against him.

    @All, if there is anyone here that knows Luc, now is the time to talk some
    sense into him because I honestly don't think he has a clue as to what
    he has gotten himself into by associating himself with KR. I can forgive
    Luc for what he personally did to me, as wrong as it is, but I cannot
    guarantee at this point, with his current stance, that WHEN the issue
    with KR is pursued that Luc will be free of any liability. That will be out
    of my hands. This is MUCH bigger than just Luc claiming to be the
    inventor - to my amazement.


    "Arvind will sell the patent to overseas companies for say $1 million,
    he pockets $950,000 for an idea that he never invented or came up with,
    Aaron pockets $50,000 and Luc and I are the supposed bad guys and of course
    the open source community and all those who worked on this Luc circuit are
    left holding the bag."

    Again, I maintain you are a pathological liar and that I can PROVE it.

    I have it in writing from you telling me that Arvind is the inventor of
    the ion detection circuit. And you claim to be the inventor of the coil
    on plug deal. So Arvind and supposedly you actually do have ideas in
    the patent that you both came up with.

    First of all, even if it was true that Arvind was trying to sell the patent,
    please tell everyone here how he would accomplish this seeing that you
    and Luc are assignees? Even as Ecoignition being an assignee, you and
    Luc were owners of that company. Tell us all and explain to Luc, here,
    publicly, how Arvind would ever be able to sell the patent? The way I see
    it - the ONLY way that could ever be accomplished is IF YOU AND LUC
    agreed to sell it as well!

    @All, I hope everyone can see what KR convinced Luc of in order to get
    Luc to gang up against Arvind. KR convinced Luc that Arvind could sell
    the patent out from under them without their consent or knowledge! lol
    I know that is naive of Luc to believe this dog and pony show that KR
    has painted for him but more importantly - I hope all can see bit by bit
    the lengths that KR is willing to go to. And this is the tip of the iceberg.

    "Its always the same, in politics, in religion and in business those who are
    the loudest and keep bringing up the bible, god, law at every chance are
    those that have the most to hide."

    I haven't been bringing up the bible or God. I brought up the law to counter
    all your claims by actually posting references from IP attorneys - the only
    thing you posted in regards to the law is your personal understanding.
    My posts include my personal understanding but I also posted links so
    people can go get their own understanding of what I quoted.

    "I cannot believe you disparaged Luc in this forum. Arvind offered Luc the
    same deal before he came running to you after I assigned the patents to Luc.
    Luc did the right thing and felt that the patent should remain open for all
    and in fact should not be patented at ALL."

    Arvind came running to me after you assigned the patents to Luc?
    You expect that everyone here is a moron and has the memory of Forgetful
    Jones from Sesame Street. It was I who approached all three of you after
    learning of the patent application. You are pathological liar and I can
    prove EVERY correspondence between myself with ALL THREE OF YOU,
    in what sequence things happened and when they happened as well as
    the actual context of how everything happened.

    "Also please clarify to this forum your long associations with Arvind
    and why you have kept that hidden from the members of this forum.
    both of you are also close by in Seattle."

    Done, and by the way, you actually aren't that far from RH in Tennessee
    who you claim to only be doing good deeds for in lieu of payment.

    And I suppose that when Aquapulser was formed, it was all strategically
    done so that Arvind, whom I have never known that name until recently
    when I discovered the patent application, was all done because I live
    in the same state. Oh my

    When I found out about Aquapulser, it was my understanding that it was
    around Michigan or something. I wanted a system from Aquapulser for
    my own car and I also wanted to be a dealer. I didn't find that the
    responses were too timely but I was told that since I was the moderator
    here that I would be given a discount. Aquapulser knew who I was but
    I still never had a clue as to who was behind the scenes. As you can see,
    it is only in the google cache that anyone's names attached to any
    domain names were all moved to proxy registrations in order to keep

    I was talking to someone involved in some plug research and was
    told by them that the company was going to be moving to the Seattle
    area. This person that I had this discussion with is a member of this
    forum and knows this to be true - this person also was in some kind of
    negotiations with Aquapulser that I was not involved in. This person
    also probably knows that I had no relationship with ANYONE at
    Aquapulser. This person can come forward with this if they're reading,
    I'm not going to post my correspondence with this person.

    "I have all the emails and chats between you and Arvind to prove it!!!"

    You lose in both ways...

    1. If those are recent emails, the only this proves is that you are admitting
    to having committed a felony.

    2. If those are old emails and chats between me and Aquapulser or
    Arvind's username on skype - is that they will only prove I had no idea
    who any of you people were and that I never knew the name Arvind
    until the last week and never had knowledge in the past that this
    username on sykpe ever had a connection to Aquapulser. None of this
    has ever been disclosed to me until recently.

    In both cases, it proves you are an imbecile.

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  • Aaron


    It must be very sad to be you and anyone with common sense will see this
    in due time. Again, I have NOT commented on your other points and hope
    that others will reserve their judgments until they see BOTH sides of the
    story, which I am the only one that can prove that I am the one telling
    the truth between you and I.

    First of all "personal use" is NOT experimental. It is for gaining the
    benefit of what the invention is meant for. Making practical use of
    a self built device, whether it is for sale or not, is still infringement.
    So, you could be right and all these attorney's and legal organization
    could be wrong. But I'm willing to wager a bet that they have more
    experience with IP law than you.

    You can poke fun at Canadian law - I posted that because there are
    many Canadians here and many patents people research are Canadian.

    You can poke fun a Wiki - I do all the time, but I post it for a common
    reference to show the definitions of infringement - and if you have any
    common sense whatsoever, which I haven't seen evidence of, that wiki
    reference wasn't used to quote an attorney about person use infringement,
    the google books reference was.

    Second, I posted a google link with countless references so that anyone
    that actually has the sense to not take my word for it but to go do their
    own due diligence will see that all the references continue to exclaim what
    a myth it is that anyone can build someone's patent for personal use. It
    is practically poking fun at people for believing that they can simply build
    something for personal use.

    I can PROVE in court that everything you are claiming against me is slander
    and that you are knowingly concocting these things - again, everyone
    I would hope would reserve judgment regardless of what they think they

    For anyone paying attention, I have never claimed that Aquapulser,
    Ecoignition or Blue Phoenix are using my single cap method. My issue
    has been with the patent claiming to have invented my invention. Please
    stop the pathetic attempts at misdirection.

    Arvind and I are good friends and have known each other for a long time?
    I have never met Arvind and have never "spoken" to him in my entire life.
    I had many people on my skype list from the h2earth skype chat. I never
    knew the name Arvind until I saw it on the patent application just like I
    never knew your name until I saw it on the patent app. I skyped with
    Arvind several years back under his username a couple times and the last
    time was around 2008.

    Since 2008, the first time I talked to Arvind was the SAME DAY that I got
    a reply from you because I had to email both of you asking what the deal
    is with claiming my invention. Both Arvind and You were always secretive
    to me about who you booth were every time I contacted Aquapulser
    on the 4-5 times that I emailed. And I only just learned of this Ecoignition
    company recently. You, are a pathological liar and I can PROVE it. You're
    also dragging down Luc with you because you don't care about anyone
    but yourself.

    And how are you to know my old youtube account was my "bread and
    butter"? You know how incredibly pathetic that is? I was really ticked off
    that they cancelled the account and hear that they did so claiming I was
    "spamming". The only thing I can deduce from that experience from what
    I am currently witnessing is that you are the primary suspect for any
    complaints against me to have it shut down because it may have been
    the only evidence of my inventions that you could possibly try to make
    disappear and the less evidence the better. I'm just thankful this forum
    and the archives still record the truth and I have left almost every old
    youtube link in case it ever needs to be called into question, youtube
    probably has video archives that can be subpoenaed that show that
    the links I have left for historical purposes actually did go to videos that
    match the content of the posts.

    You were also pretty proud in your email about claiming the SCR in the
    patent diagram was some monumental invention because it was an
    improvement that I never showed. But I did in the videos. All the 50hz
    tests on the bench were with SCR's and so were ALL the lawnmower
    videos that Peter and I did at his shop. It is a known fact to everyone
    that has been in this thread a long time that I did post these. I
    reposted a few of these vids again later on in the energeticforum
    youtube account such as this:
    YouTube - Water Sparkplug Test on Lawnmower

    But of course when I bring up the SCR issue, you emailed me back with
    some nonsensical thing that didn't address the subject because I PROVED
    that your claims have no basis in reality - they're totally made up.
    Whenever a fact about your nonsense is brought up, you resort to
    misdirection. That is common for pathological liars to do because because
    instead of being able to be honest, you are compelled to keep pointing
    to something else, making a story about it, pointing to something else,
    making a story about it, etc... into perpetuity so that one story is intended
    to justify the last lie by creating a new lie, etc... Again, by stating you
    are a liar is neither slander or libel because I can actually PROVE it is true
    and I will. You are building a house of cards plain and simple.

    I was "quaking" in fear from the MIB? That quite honestly made me
    really laugh. Actually, because I neither spammed youtube or violated
    any copyrights, I felt that all my videos actually were being suppressed.
    It is only speculation but again, you remain the most likely suspect for
    having the creative motive and the most to gain by having my videos
    removed by generating complaints against them. And it doesn't make me
    afraid when I thought it was "MIB", I became angry and simply started
    to post more in the forum than I did before. And then I started the
    the Energetic Forum account. Bread and Butter - how long did it take
    you to come up with that one? The thing that bothered me the
    most was that I had to dig out some of those videos from my archive,
    reprocess them in windows movie maker to make them small enough and
    then manually upload them all one by one - in those days, it took forever
    to setup each video in youtube.

    "into assigning everything to him so he can get 5% royalties from Ecoignition and his partner Arvind. "

    The more you post, the less sense you make. So, according to you,
    Arvind and I are behind "all of this". And you claim I'm in business with
    Arvind and that you claim him and I have been very good friends for a
    "long time" that I want the entire patent so that I can also collect
    royalties from someone that I am supposed to be in cahoots with?
    Anyone that would believe this should have their head examined.


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  • asisin1

    Hello All

    I'm the much maligned other partner in the recent proceedings.

    I didn't really want to get involved in this as this is exactly the environment in which Karthik thrives, and I believe it is a waste of time. But it will serve as a showcase of his character for all to see.

    EcoIgnition and Aquapulser are currently in dissolved state in spite of the unlawful way in which the dissolution was brought about - Karthik filed papers with the Seceretary of State in two states claiming a majority he never had at the time of filing (Luc and documents I have can attest to this). This is because I have a certain amount of respect for Luc and the fact that hes in SA doing good for the world, and that I've wasted too much time with Karthik. I invented the ionization detection portion of the patent application in question which is indisputable, and yet Karthik has left me out as an assignee. I have two granted patents and 14 other applications pending.

    My primary aim with the Aquapulser and EcoIgnition ventures was to make the technology more widespread, and any business man will realize that without patents as an instrument to protect the market, no manufacturer capable of making this technology widespread will risk investing money to bring the technology to the masses. To address the open source license issue, a simple end user license agreement would allow experimenters to use this to their heart's content, and Aquapulser would even supply its proprietary circuit designs upon registration to such individuals (this has been discussed with Luc).

    Selling of patents and plasma modules have been discussed here like we're selling potatoes and oranges. I cannot simply put up a patent for sale on craigslist and walk away with $990,000 and change. Just as with anything worth anything there will be a due diligence process, full disclosure and a panel of IP lawyers scrutinizing it from every angle. Any business man would know this.

    I don't believe that Karthik simply built the website 'in lieu of payment' for Richard Hann who wasn't 'web savvy'. That would have been believable if R.H was selling apples online which he plucked from his back yard. Karthik has leveraged all collateral from the Aquapulser and EcoIgnition ventures including images, videos, circuit designs, supply chains, suppliers, parts etc. R.H, Karthik's friend of a few years at the time, right after the SEMA show realized the potential of this technology and by any means wanted a piece of the action. He initially threatened to sue Karthik, but I guess they settled to plot mutiny and kick me out and start a new venture.

    Poor Luc was taken in by all the convincing lies:
    1. That I was going to sell the (U.S) patent (application) to a Chinese Billionaire or whomever overseas - convenient, because it can't be substantiated

    2. That R.H was going to sue EcoIgnition, in spite of the fact that EcoIgnition had paid for the units, materials, the flight trip, the hotel, the meals. Any claim of ownership of the company because he stood around at the booth for 5 days is laughable, if true we'd all be major stock holders in every listed company (for someone, even a business man, who waxes poetic straight from google in just about anything he says, shdn't be hard to look up). As far as I was concerned R.H was brought to SEMA (where I met him for the first time) as a prospective sales executive, and he failed the interview due to his behaviour after the show.

    3. That our supplier owns a trademark on the units and that they had threatened to sue. Yet bluephoenix ignition has no such worry in spite of selling the exact same units with the same trademarks.

    Luc, I hope you see how you have been conveniently manipulated by Karthik who has used 'open source', character assassination, scare tactics with threats of lawsuits, and unsubstantiated lies to lure you

    As for my involvement with Aaron - I received the same email that Karthik did from Aaron asking for an explanation, except that I gave him a sane explanation of the sequence of events. I admire people like Lindemann and Luc and the same goes for Aaron. I can see how people can be ticked off when someone else claims credit for their work - that's human nature. Aaron, realizing that the patent application has 3 separate topics and that I was the inventor of one of them, initially said he'd propose a mutually amicable agreement which I said I would welcome.

    I trademarked EcoIgnition as it was the only thing that remained after everything was taken away from me by Karthik and Luc after I have dedicated 3 years of my life to Aquapulser / Ecoignition. Details do matter though - I did it on Feb 3, long before any of this started, so it doesn't prove anything.

    I know Luc is a reasonable man because we have had conversations for the past 3 months on these events, and while he doesn't attempt to understand everything that's going on, and recent events aside, he does want to move the technology forward and do whats best for all. Karthik promised to assign the patent solely to Luc in return for his all important signature in the dissolution documents. I know Luc was still waiting on the transfer to happen when I last check with him.

    Luc, perhaps it may be time for you to say a few words. I will not waste any more time on this as I have presented the facts.

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  • SilverToGold
    Originally posted by Aaron
    What this appears to be about such as the same as Canadian Law is that
    the patent acts or laws specifically prohibit certain infringements. They
    do not however specifically allow people to make things from patents
    for personal use - and that means that just because it doesn't specifically
    prohibit it but also doesn't specifically allow for it doesn't make it ok to
    do so and can be punishable by law. This isn't just a stretch to assume
    this - you can see in the above links that it is very specifically spelled
    out by ip attorneys and organization that it absolutely is illegal to make
    something for personal use if it is based on a patent - even if it is for
    non commercial use in the privacy of your own home.

    They make no bones about the fact that it is difficult to enforce or
    pursue because of the nature of the privacy involved with peoples
    personal activities but nevertheless, it is illegal.

    AND, anyone such as KR that insists that everyone can and should just
    go make this stuff for personal use is an inducer of infringement and those
    that participate are contributory or direct infringers.
    I'm no attorney and that goes against my understanding but you may be right. In the end, when it comes to the "law", it not a matter of right or wrong but who has the deepest pockets that gets the most "justice".

    A publicly disclosed idea on an open forum can't be patented by outside parties "legally" but if they have the money, they could possibly get away with it. They could contrive all sorts of false "data" that backs up their story of prior knowledge and steal it from under you.

    There's right and wrong and then there's human nature.

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  • SilverToGold
    Originally posted by Aaron
    It can be done for $1500 if someone does it themselves but from my understanding, it is in the actual making of claims that someone shoulddefinitely get help from an IP attorney, which will be $1500 plus that.
    The claims are basically your entire patent. When an examiner reviews your patent, for the most part - they only really read the claims and don't really read your specifications.

    It's a game where the patent filer tries to write the claims as general as they can and the patent examiner tries to get it as narrow as they can. It's a back and forth tossing of the ball that racks up money for the attorney (and government) every time it goes another round. That's why it averages $10,000 per patent.

    If you immediately get a patent granted without a first reject, you bascially screwed up and narrowed the scope of your patent too far. In other words, you did a poor job writing your claims and opened yourself for others to infringe upon your patent.

    And the start date of patent protection (if aquapulser's patent does infringe upon the water sparkplug patentable concept) would start from the date that the idea was made public and not when the patent was technically filed. The date you first sell or publically disclose of your idea is the date that the patent protection starts.

    I'm not sure of the exact reason to pursue this patent further if the purpose is to keep it in the public domain for all to use (and even profit from).... except maybe as a hedge of protection against someone else claiming it's theirs and trying to make it un-useable to the general public (or even the originator of the idea) to profit off of. A patent granted to someone else doesn't mean you can't use it personally as you wish, as long as you don't make any money from it.

    I haven't read aquapulser's patent claims so I don't really know what if any infringements they have made, though I find it strange that they made Luc a co-inventor but then claim the patent is not of the water sparkplug concept? Would have to dig into their patent to see what they really were shooting to patent.

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  • aquapulser
    Oh I am quaking in fear with all your wiki references on canadian patent law..... I will sign whatever documents you want as you are so well read with a Harvard PhD in patent law....

    There is something called experimental use doctrine and each case varies. There is no blanket restriction on individuals from experimenting with patented technologies. This is how new drugs and technologies are developed, this is how the US university system and corporations develop new and improved technologies...But I am sure Dr Aaron PhD will find more wiki links from his vast internet library to quote to the contrary

    Either case his intentions are revealed, once Aaron starts patenting ideas posted on this forum and he decides he doesnt like someone or picks a fight, he plans to sue that individual for infringement. I am sure the open source researchers feel cozy and comfortable with the idea of one individual patenting and then dictating who should do research and who should not!

    I have confirmed that Aaron and Arvind my former partners are behind this.

    Luc and I dissolved the company in Dec 2010

    Aravind registered a new trade mark Feb 2011
    ECOIGNITION - Trademark by Srinivasan, Aravind Seattle, WA - Serial Number: 85233810

    In the front page of the website copyright 2011 you will see the following:
    EcoIgnition - Earth friendly performance

    "High energy plasma as a viable, low cost option to reduce the fuel to air ratio (lean burn) producing fewer harmful emissions and drastically improving fuel economy has been heavily touted in scientific literature, and EcoIgnition is the first to bring this concept to market. Its unique UniPulse circuit, which uses a single power source to create a high energy plasma, makes it possible to miniaturize the ignition circuitry and enables its economical and reliable manufacture all of which are essential in making high energy plasma viable for use in coil-on-plug ignition technology which is now the industry standard."

    Please note no such claim of plasma using a single capacitor or any such device is posted on blue phoenix a company that neither I nor Luc are associated with.

    Contrary to what Aaron has posted, Aaron and Arvind are good friends and they have known each other for a long time.

    For the members who have been on this forum for a while, you will all recollect a couple of years ago at the height of water fuel research, Aaron's youtube account was suspended. He had a youtube account under the name qiman and all his videos were summarily deleted by youtube.

    This was a big blow to Aaron as this was his bread and butter, he needed the videos to drive traffic to his website and all his work and postings and comments were all linked to the qiman youtube account. He was quaking in fear and accused that MIB were behind it and shutting him down.

    Aaron was extremely afraid of posting anymore videos on youtube and in general paranoid of MIB coming after him.

    At that time my former partner and I decided to investigate to find out if it was really MIB and Arvind had a friend working at youtube. In violation of youtube policy Arvind's friend found that the qiman account was suspended because Aaron had complaints lodged against him by other users and after the third complaint, they suspended the account deleting all videos as per Youtube's 3 strike rule.

    The youtube employee assured Arvind that all Aaron had to do was open a new youtube account and upload all his videos. He was extremely grateful to Arvind and I have gmail chats dating back to the period where Arvind states that Aaron owes us (aquapulser) big time, and that he was extremely relieved that it was not MIB.

    However a great majority of the members on this forum and elsewhere thought that the MIB had got to Aaron and there was great sympathy for him. I wonder if Aaron or qiman actually corrected this view and informed the public that the reason he got kicked out of youtube was for being a jackass 3 times according to youtube's 3 strike policy. This MIB story of course greatly worked in his favor as many I suspect clamored for his videos and postings to make sure they werent missing out on any breakthrough technology.

    I have chat transcripts between Aaron and Arvind dating back to 2008.

    Yet on this forum posts Aaron completely feigns that he has no knowledge of Arvind or the favor Arvind did for Aaron.

    Aaron is simply returning the favor for Arvind. By threatening and maligning me as well as Luc for doing the right thing and posting false connections and associations he is assuming that his empty threats will scare us into assigning everything to him so he can get 5% royalties from Ecoignition and his partner Arvind.

    Arvind will sell the patent to overseas companies for say $1 million, he pockets $950,000 for an idea that he never invented or came up with, Aaron pockets $50,000 and Luc and I are the supposed bad guys and of course the open source community and all those who worked on this Luc circuit are left holding the bag.

    Its always the same, in politics, in religion and in business those who are the loudest and keep bringing up the bible, god, law at every chance are those that have the most to hide.

    I cannot believe you disparaged Luc in this forum. Arvind offered Luc the same deal before he came running to you after I assigned the patents to Luc. Luc did the right thing and felt that the patent should remain open for all and in fact should not be patented at ALL.

    Aaron I am a business man and I have seen many clowns like you. You are not the first and you probably will not be the last to cross my path. If your claims are true that you are the only inventor go prove at the USPTO first before sending me threatening emails.

    Also please clarify to this forum your long associations with Arvind and why you have kept that hidden from the members of this forum. both of you are also close by in Seattle.

    I have all the emails and chats between you and Arvind to prove it!!!

    In case you dont believe me you had a skype id i believe called ___________.

    To all those in this forum, this patent application will die no matter what and remain in the public Domain.

    Aaron if you have a case prove it at the USPTO first and then the courts before running your mouth. I have enough resources to fight clowns like you!

    Thank you all and have a good day!

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