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  • Rick Friedrich R-Charge Scam

    This just came up in Google when looking for some EnergenX links:

    Read the blog -

    In the early to mid 2000’s, Rick Friedrich proposed a business deal to EnergenX, Inc., a company headed up by a world famous electrical engineer, John Bedini. Rick Friedrich’s desire was to private label battery chargers and rejuvenators built by John Bedini’s company. Rick Friedrich‘s company name was Renaissance Charge or R-Charge for short.

    Rick Friedrich signed a non-disclosure agreement with EnergenX and promised to respect the confidentiality of John Bedini’s proprietary information that went into the chargers. This intellectual property was the sole property of John Bedini and EnergenX.

    A few years ago, around 2011, it was discovered that Rick Friedrich had been involved in some shady business deals with many customers in addition to discovering the disappearance of hardware that was the property of EnergenX. It was also discovered that Rick Friedrich had been accessing John Bedini’s computers by sneaking into the building at night and going through the files.

    There were also some energizer kits based on John Bedini’s “SG” designs that were manufactured and distributed by Rick Friedrich. One of the larger units was sold by him to someone for thousands of dollars. As soon as Rick Friedrich of R-Charge had this money, he immediately commenced to sell this exact same unit to someone else for the same amount of money. This is one of countless incidents that Rick Friedrich had done to a number of customers.

    This quickly became the normal course of operation for Rick Friedrich and John Bedini and his associates and company wanted nothing more to do with him or his way of doing business. Rick Friedrich‘s relationship with EnergenX was immediately terminated and he got the boot. Immediately, Rick Friedrich began to manufacture and sell battery chargers based on EnergenX’s proprietary circuits, albeit older obsolete ones, but nevertheless, this was all in complete violation of the non disclosure agreement that he signed with EnergenX.

    Since then, EnergenX and its distributors have collectively received many dozens of complaints from customers because of purchasing battery chargers and never receiving product. These complaints included the fact that they never received customer service. Many of these complaints also included the fact that many of the chargers did not work, worked a short time or simply did not do as claimed. What surprised everyone is when they learned that Rick Friedrich and R-Charge actually had no further relationship with EnergenX and that he was illegally selling low quality bootlegged versions of John Bedini’s chargers.

    To this day, Rick Friedrich continues to sell his low quality pirated versions of these chargers and he also holds mini-conferences claiming to be an expert in “free energy” technologies. He claims to be a man of God and most of his websites are dedicated to him preaching the Gospel to others. This is all one big hypocritical act because the truth is that he is nothing more than a common thief and we challenge him to prove otherwise.

    If you have been personally ripped off or hoodwinked by Rick Friedrich the charlatan, we invite you to please contact us and submit your story. If you can include your real name, email, mailing address and phone number, we are going to compile all of these complaints and submit them to the Attorney General as long as various federal agencies because the time has come for his dog and pony show to come to and end.

    Please let us know if we can post your complaint publicly on this website. We will remove your personal contact information but would like to list your name and location. If you want to remain anonymous, we will respect that as well. If you do not want us to list your complaint at all, that is fine and we will simply reserve it for the Attorney General.

    Please submit your complaints here:

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    Originally posted by pentarbe View Post
    This just came up in Google when looking for some EnergenX links:
    Hi pentarbe, the following is a response from Rick Friedrich:

    Personal Attacks against me for promoting Free Energy Technology.

    Recently I decided to finally give a response to the slander of John
    Bedini against me and set the record straight considering that he has
    recently passed away and never bothered to clear up a slander he published
    against me. I ignored this for about four years as he was the type to want
    to fight about things and I wasn't going to satisfy him in that way. After
    I recently posted a series of videos of John and I working together and
    details about our relationship in these matters I expected some more
    attacks which have now started. Here are my videos that give a little
    sliver of the real story:

    Why John Bedini and Rick Friedrich Parted Ways.

    Bedini Tesla Switch, What's wrong with it? It KILLS Batteries!

    John C Bedini 14' Ferris Wheel Presentation at the Nov 2010 Renaissance
    Charge Convention.

    John C Bedini 14' Ferris Wheel Construction Typical Day in the Shop Part 1

    John C Bedini 14' Ferris Wheel Construction Typical Day in the Shop Part 2

    John C Bedini 14' Ferris Wheel Construction Pre-Convention Setup Part 3

    John C Bedini Motors Closeup from 2005. Original 1984 Tesla Switch

    [The next video only indirectly pertains to what I am saying here, and
    that is that I had a close relationship with John and we did many videos
    together like this.]
    Howard Johnson's Original Trains Demonstration with John Bedini and Rick

    The following in quotation was posted on a website and reposted on a
    competitors forum by a person who is unwilling to share who they are,
    which should be a sign that their attacks are cowardly and mistaken. See
    if you can connect the dots:

    “In the early to mid 2000’s, Rick Friedrich proposed a business deal to
    EnergenX, Inc., a company headed up by a world famous electrical engineer,
    John Bedini.”

    In the mid 2000's I volunteered to help people in finding free energy
    systems. Renaissance Charge was later started to sell battery chargers
    invented by several people, one of whom was me. The idea of each charger
    and much of its functionality was created by me. I never signed any
    contract with any company pertaining to these chargers. They were a mutual
    effort. I did the testing of them and it was my label that was always on
    these chargers. There is no patent on these chargers. And Energenx patents
    expired two years ago, and I never violated their patents with these
    chargers. I have presented video evidence of these facts.

    (continued here)
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    Hob Nilre


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      non disclosure agreement

      so lets just say JB sent me a copy of Ricks non disclosure... so Rick is a liar, I have seen the non disclosure myself. when John emailed it to rick a copy of it, he accused them of forgery. but you see I was there when he signed it, we did it at the same time in front of Gary. we were all there and saw it first hand. I have never seen anyone who says so much while saying so little, its always a he said -he said with him, and whoever has the hours to write nonsense wins.

      its almost impossible to answer him because he is so verbose, it would take hours and hours to respond to each point. that is his mode of operation, talk so much, lie so consistently that you just wave your hands and walk away.

      There was a time when he worked in concert with JB of course, there was a time when I worked closely with him also. John initiated the termination of the working relationship with him for so many reasons.

      over half of what he posted is just simply a lie, he is a pathalogical liar. I talked with Ronda B and she asked me if there was any way to get his crap off of youtube, the Bedini's were screwed over by him so many times and so many ways. Eventually we will put up some info that will be plain for all to see.

      I asked him to remove my testimonial video from his website and even sent him the case law to show how it was illegal to continue to use it. he refused, and said i could sue him.

      This can quickly become a shouting match, but you only have to know a few things. those of us, all of us that were closest to him, those that helped him at the conferences for free, those that put in 20+ hours for a week, that moderated his forums and handled warranty emails for free, all of us, as a man have repudiated his business and his dealings. He screwed over his investors.

      I know the guy who paid for that 30 coil machine, it was meant to be a research tool. Rick sold it to some chinese investors, and did not tell my friend who paid 13 grand to have it built. oh he sold it for 30K my friend was apoplectic when he heard about it.

      rick did all of this without John and Gary's permission. John actually told the chinese not to buy it, but they did anyway.

      I have pictures of me in china with the investors, I did not know the 30 coil went their until I saw it in their lab. they asked me to come over and do some work with the machines, this was after their relationship with Rick went south.

      rick, who claims to be a man of God, mocked my faith publicly in front of His family, and in front of Ronda and John, when we were at dinner at the first sandpoint conference.

      if he has changed good for him, but he needs to come clean in his dealings.

      the time will come when he will have to pay for his dealings.

      Tom C


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        Rick's response:

        Who is the liar Tom? Now I have you on record as a liar. You were there
        when? You came around a few times, and I believe only to one convention
        (and maybe Sandpoint also). Are you saying I signed some document in front
        of you?? What a joke. What year was that? 2005 when I first visited? You
        were not even around then. If they wanted me to sign something it would
        have been at the beginning when I saw everything and even filmed it. But
        in fact John wanted me and my staff to sign NDS's when we were moving away
        in 2012! We just laughed about that yesterday. You were not there when we
        were leaving or at the beginning. You do not have proof as I do. So do I
        put your name on a paper and tell everyone you have a NDA with me? I'm
        sure everyone will believe that. I'm sure you were also there when they
        signed the Magna Carta which makes you so credible Tom. You can make up
        whatever story you want, but it will not fit with the facts. People sign
        NDAs before they see private information. You were never around, only a
        few times. You were not around at the beginning. So you just proved you
        are a liar. You and Koorn stand to gain as my competition. Everyone can
        see this. You make yourself like some kind of big player in all this, but
        you were just a groupy. I know what that was like as I fell into that
        myself at the beginning. But it is time for children to grow up and stop
        idolizing a man who was not what you make him out to be. You don't even
        know what he said about you and Koorn and others like you. He cared less
        about you. I recorded him at the end saying so much stuff about people
        like you. He had little respect for anyone. You guys never knew what you
        were doing and never understood the technology. People saw that. Marcia
        did a better job of moderating. You guys tried but you never really got
        how this stuff works. But it was clear you just wanted to be part of the
        action and a cool guy in the mix. So you betrayed me in the end and you
        served your master. And no you really didn't know him. I knew these guys
        for years daily. You just came to visit a few times to listen to stories.
        You and Koorn knew nothing of the day to day operations at Energenx.
        People who came around a few times a year had no idea of what happened. I
        showed in video what it was like for everyone to see. This contradicts
        everything you guys say.

        (continued here)
        Hob Nilre


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          What a sly dog this guy Rick is, telling people to do something
          constructive and at the end he sort of threatens like
          watch it you will be sorry poke.

          Rick is the one who is sorry now because John let us all know how
          you went behind his back. The other gentlemen has always been true
          to John B. and now we are suppose to fall down and tremble in Ricks

          Give me a break. Rick you are deranged, you are the fabricator a
          sneak and a back stabber. At least when we deal with others they tell
          us what they think but not you Rick, you go around behind our backs
          and try to come off as some holy man/god=man.

          How insulting to the self existent one. You would be better off having a
          few beers and cuss at people, speaking your true mind but you slink
          around projecting yourself as this super gift of your little god who steals
          stuff and won't feel bad about it.

          When I see your video's I want to puke. You make me sick with your
          suedo-spirituallaity, trying to put fear onto others for coming against
          your lies that will be pointed out.

          No one is afraid of you here, we know the truth. You are a thief and a liar
          who wants to be welcomed back into the group without regard for your
          actions to one of the greatest leaders of the free energy world.

          I do not respect you and no one else will either. A gutless guy.

          Prancing around folding your hands in Jesus name-When Jesus
          told you to drop to your knees when you are wrong and cry out.

          Not you, you want everyone to fall down and pray to you for your
          guidance as some sort of free energy guru who deserves everyone's

          You got to ask forgiveness and I see no sign of that, the average
          guys does that when he is wrong, but not you Rick. You are a basket
          case of freaky spirits from hell as far as I can see.

          Now maybe you can change someday. For now what I see is your
          demand to be honored for what you have selfishly beaten out of an
          generous man.

          Now go and sin no more or I'll dig up your whole story where people
          got ripped off by you every time they turn around. I get ticked when
          people like you threaten others when they correct you.

          I have seen how you delete all of the facts of the real details on
          your YOUTUBE video's thinking you are going to silence those who
          correct you or question your repentance.

          Nope, not you, you just delete the truth and hide your lies, I have watched
          over your video's, this is how you think you can control what gets heard
          and what gets swept under the rug.

          I am sure you are or seem like a nice guy on the surface but that is
          not the point here. Now you have been told the truth. Finally.
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            Well as you can see everyone, it was like I said, he writes so much and says so little. it would take hours and hours to unwind the fable that is ricks response.

            This stuff so easily can turn into a cat fight.

            it is often the case with Rick that he wraps a lie in the truth and then expounds upon it.

            I moderated the yahoo groups until the Day John Bedini had them shut down and moved to energy science forum. they were John's, his name and he was the owner.

            Hundreds of emails from hundreds of disgruntled customers, non responsive from Rick and Dan, all he said was please forward, so we did. still have them from the yahoo groups...

            Brett programmed those chargers, not Rick. Brett would work all night and be found asleep at his desk in the mornings. an amazing man who did amazing work.

            I was at all of the conventions except year 1 of the ferris wheel, which was 2011 I believe, and worked all of them for free. Rick promised us a hotel room for 2012 and we ended up sleeping on the floor of his shop upstairs, and we showered with a water hose attached to a sink.

            I worked on all the machines including the 30 coil machine, the 12 coil with the slant rotor, along with Erik and Josh. they were not designed by Rick, but by another person. That person was never paid for molds, design, work or cad work. he was just able to sell parts. talked with him today as a matter of fact....

            I got the 4 pole junior and senior running, there was not enough power from the trigger so I had to scavenge a few wires to get more to the base circuits, you don't remember that Rick because you were not there, but John B was.

            I worked on the trailer for the 20 foot ferris wheel that Rick never built, I helped wind tiny window motor coils, and assembled kits with Rick's dad, I worked on the lawnmower till midnight several nights, along with Samuel shoham from Israel.

            After Rick departed, I talked with many people that surrounded him in Idaho. Melissa, who was Johns shop tech, neighbors, former employees like vitalie, and mostly Gary and John Himself.

            as far as my sales. I told you the cost that people would be able to bear in the market I was selling to. I told you how much cash I had. and what the owners were willing to pay. I would have bought 24 of them, if you could have got the cost down, but glad I did not, they only lasted a few years. I asked John why they broke, he showed me where Rick had swapped out components to save money. once he actually told Melissa to use the wrong resistor in a circuit, that whole batch of potted control boards went bad in the field. John had a fit. I heard this from John myself.

            I have personally seen 12 to 1 on the bench and have looped and self run... but you see I honor The NDA that I did sign, so I don't show or talk about things that I was asked not to. so lets just say that you telling me I don't know what I am talking about is a crock.

            you did not go to china rick, because you are Canadian, and could not get a passport to travel, that is what you told me.

            you see what I mean everyone, its a lie wrapped in a nugget of truth, He did not go to china, but his reason for why is wrong...

            I am sorry I do not have time to answer all of the things Rick has said. but lets just say they are almost all lies.

            Rick is a pathological liar, it gets lost in his verbosity. so much to say so many stories, so much untrue.

            so many people burned and a path of destruction in his wake.

            People have met me and know me...... they know how I conduct business, they know how Teslagenx handles phone calls, emails, texts and warranty. I paid John up front for every unit sold, paid in advance for every charger or tracker ordered, we handle all of the warranty our self, including all repairs, including shipping damage.

            When the acrylic kits were selling and sold out, we gave people money back that did not get theirs.

            There are still people out there that have not received, DVD's, kits. kit parts, chargers, and components from Rick. TO THIS DAY.

            enough said, I am thru with this.

            Bottom line is, Rick knew nothing when he met John, still knows nothing, all his circuits are John's or Peters,

            I have drawings form the early 80's that show rick's supposed loving paths circuits.

            his dual pole motors, are from a machine John made in '96

            the machine with the north south magnets, with the S1 switch, is something he worked on with John.

            nothing of Ricks is original. he Designed nothing. Johns circuits, Johns chargers, Johns solar trackers.

            Rick would be nothing without John Bedini.

            Rick burned his bridge with John and hundreds of people over the last decade.

            I am done here.

            Tom C


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              Ricks response:

              Now we all can see that you worship John (see countless examples).
              As everyone can see, Tom focuses on what he wants to and fails to respond
              to what is important. He runs away because he is only here to try and
              create suspicion and slander to profit his own business. I am not here to
              prove myself innocent but simply to bring attention to the truth. I have
              admitted that I have let people down. Tom cannot admit any mistakes and
              also claims that Bedini and camp never made a mistake. So who seems
              realistic to everyone? Someone who actually wasn't there but acts like he
              was? Someone who only stands to gain by attacking me? Someone who gives no
              credit where it is due? I give Bedini credit and will show that in a video
              this weekend. But I will not say he invented sliced bread as Tom and his
              groupies want you to believe. It is hard to say really what John actually
              invented. Almost everything I have seen of his work I see others did
              before him. So why is Tom attacking me? Not just because he wants to build
              up his business, but because the Mystique of Bedini is being threatened by
              me showing the history and what Bedini didn't give to the world. Look
              people, I would not do any of this for any other reason than I get
              countless people in the FE community all over the world contacting me and
              revealing their confusion about these things and wasting their time and
              money with fairy tales. It is time to point people in the right direction
              and not point them to some 'Legend' that kept us all in a mystery and
              never used the technology he claimed he had, and how he never sold you
              anything practical along those lines. Yes, John did not give you kits, I
              did. He said not to do it. He said people didn't deserve it. All who read
              his countless emails know this attitude. Even the generator he did put out
              in the 80s didn't do anything practical at all. I had one for a long time
              and it didn't do anything. I also had access to his museum which had the
              originals for years. So the public has a right to know and they have asked
              me these questions countless times for 13 years now: Why didn't John use
              free energy himself? Why did he not sell it? Why did he not make things
              clear? The only suggestion is a conspiracy theory that he gave us that
              cannot be verified: He was threatened by two agency thugs to buy gas the
              rest of his life. Many people will then justify all his actions, and even
              actions against me and so many other people, because of this one
              unverifiable tale. The skeptics think it is because he really didn't have
              anything. The followers believe everything he said. But the truth is that
              he did have a lot of things figured out, but that he got that from others
              and just didn't let you know that. Why is Tom so upset with me sharing
              this and getting to the real truth of the matter?

              (continued here)
              Hob Nilre


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                Rick you're dealing with specific details based on your warped
                view of the world. Your long essay tells us that YOU are the reason
                John's kits got built because John was a bad man by keeping them
                from the public. But you saved us, didn't you?

                This is mental. Here you put yourself above John telling the world
                John is wrong, had nothing of his own so you were sent by God to
                right these wrongs. Your so called "LOVING CIRCUITS" video's are
                nothing more than a further assessment that you are freely giving away secrets that you had to take from John because John was wrong to
                with withhold them. All of this out of love?

                Love does not steal and lie.

                Your she said he said they said of specific events pale in comparison
                to your self proclaimed righteous bullying thinking how smooth you
                must have thought you were sitting in John's offices premeditating
                your strategy.

                Plus you justify everything you did as Holy and good. You want people
                to think John had nothing without you. This a joke of course.

                You have called John a hypocrite and unrighteous in his deeds, for this
                you have strengthened yourself in your resolve to formulate your plan
                to violate your agreements to keep secrets.

                At the same time mocking behind John's back in your emails sent to
                others who were possible candidate in your fundraiser. Your words now
                and your words in the secret emails reveal the same RICK.

                John has been sharing his findings for many decades before you came
                along and had always given freely. The SSG for beginners is still an
                important contribution to the world today. You were not born yet.

                You have not surprised or fooled anyone but yourself. It is unthinkable
                to steal and justify yourself as a hero to the people putting John down
                for not doing what he did not want to do.

                John is a great man and always stated that people should build his
                circuits first then they could make it better later. Each person can
                do more or something new in the next 40 years and this is John's

                John's dream came true. John started great things. Rick is a freak
                show who thinks people will side with his methods that he thinks
                that the end justifies the means. Like some sort of war hero Rick
                wants us to pat him on the back for his evil venom biting the hand
                that fed him. The great man that took him under his wing.

                This is unthinkable. Rick thinks that people will thank him for revealing
                that John was a fraud and a liar. How nice.

                What a great guy Rick is. Thanks so much Rick for your evaluation.

                It is these types of spirits that with be held in chains of everlasting
                contempt, tormented in the presences of Christ and HIS Holy angels.

                You see to these manifestations Ricks torment is and will always be that
                he can never out do one of the greatest inventors of all time. Try tho he may.

                No unclean thing will be permitted. Rick is the manifestation of many
                unclean spirits. Legion.

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                  Re: Rick

                  Religion + $$$ = a "Draco" tool....

                  To barrow a phrase.. " You will know them by their works"

                  A man who speaks ill of the dead is "A" coward....'nuff said


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                    well there you have it!! Mr verbosity strikes again. such a tool.... never heard of a comma or a page break...

                    now you understand why over here on the west coast we have kept our mouths shut about him it was easier to ignore him than to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on attorneys and time.

                    I would have kept my mouth shut if you would have kept yours shut rick, you have brought this on yourself.

                    every word you type proves my point, .... you were planning on taking everything from the Bedini's it was obviously in your heart from the beginning.

                    I am and will continue to Be John' and Gary's friend in death as in life. I will defend him, his family and his contribution to the introduced me to them rick for that I m thankful, but that is where it ends.

                    you say I am a fan boy. guilty a charged....saw so many amazing things in his shop. so many things he was not able to share as it would have gotten him killed.

                    Feel free to belittle my contributions to the conferences, and to the forums, and to friends that's ok.... I don't mind you can treat me like crap all you want. I have not told a single lie, I will sit for a polygraph, and I will pay for you to sit for one too. there is a few questions I would like to ask you under oath.

                    I will film it unedited and let the world see it. you can do the same.

                    here is some in your area:

                    Michigan Polygraph Services in , Michigan with Reviews -

                    have them email me at after you consult with them, I will send them a credit card and a list of questions they can ask you. I will spend up to 500 dollars on this. I am sure there are a few more people who might like to kick in a few dollars and some questions...

                    the ball is in your court Rick, lets settle this liar thing once and for all.



                    Tom C
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                      Ricks response

                      Wow Tom, the funny thing is that all that could have been said in a few
                      words. LOL! Who is the one multiplying words? I thought you said you were
                      done anyway? Yeah you all understand that you are not on the side of the
                      truth and have nothing to back up anything. You cannot admit any of you
                      have done anything wrong, and hardly can admit anything I have done was
                      good. This everyone can see now. You have overstated your position both
                      for John, in making him a god, and in attacking me as if I am altogether
                      wrong. You see Tom, I am not altogether right and know I have a lot to
                      learn and grow in. I can admit that. "But you are the men and wisdom will
                      die with you!" You cannot address what everyone can see in video and the
                      real facts. Your attitude is manifest to all. Your evasions. I am not
                      taking anything from Bedini. What did Bedini actually invent anyway? You
                      don't even know anything of prior art as I have shown. I suppose you think
                      Benitez learned from John 100 years ago. Or that John showed Andrews the
                      SG? Novelty electric motor. US3783550 Jan 8, 1974
             Just exactly what did John invent
                      or own? You don't even know what I have given him over the years with no
                      contract or obligation. More than anyone. I did more to support him than
                      you ever did. But I was deceived about this legend idea you are trying to
                      promote. I mislead you and others in supporting that idea and now I
                      retract that. One day you may open your eyes to see your idolatry Tom. You
                      have put yourself in a box and have no clue about prior art or much of any
                      of this history. You have agreed to defend people against the truth
                      instead of being objective and realizing they had both truth and error.
                      You cannot bring yourself to do that as then he wouldn't be your god. You
                      are so clueless that you cannot see all of John's contradictory statements
                      and actions. I had to deal with that for years. Yes he contributed some
                      good, I do not deny that. But acting like he never made a mistake and
                      didn't even say the things shown on video or audio shows the world that
                      you are deep in confirmation bias and now a priest of this cult and you
                      stand to gain to attack those who demystify the fake legend. You have
                      nothing to offer the public so you divert to mere attack or diversion. And
                      I'm sure you would beat the polygraph testing as lying is your second
                      nature. Just look at your last statement also. I never said John was a
                      dummy, or that I had all the answers. I don't have all the answers. But I
                      speak and show the truth. What have you ever shown Tom? John wasn't a
                      dummy. Go back and actually read what I said for once. No, all you did was
                      listen to gossip that a bunch of drunk guys shared behind people's backs.


                      (it can also be found here)
                      Hob Nilre


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                        You have everything to gain and I have everything to lose...

                        I would not suggest something like this if I did not think it would help this whole situation.

                        that is my request and nothing more. your verbosity is killing us... take the test.

                        you have nothing to lose, I will even pay you 100 dollars for your time.

                        I will open an escrow account in our names and deposit it before you go. the polygraph service will have already been paid.

                        This forum is watching you..

                        Tom C


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                          Hi Rick,

                          I am also one who knows the truth about how you treated various PPL, and your Lies.....
                          I also know all about the Tube Oscillator incident, and I am the one that Called JB within 30 min of finding out about some of the bad details to inform him that something was going on...... He almost did not get the SSG patent because of that SCH getting posted...... and their were only 3 ppl that i know of that Stan shared that info with.......
                          Your BS is catching up with you...........
                          go take a Poly, and i might have a few Questions for you
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                            [SIZE="4"].......your position both
                            for John, in making him a god, ........... What did Bedini actually invent anyway?

                            SG? Novelty electric motor.

                            Just exactly what did John inventor own?

                            ........... open your eyes to see your idolatry Tom.

                            You have agreed to defend people against the truth

                            ........... then he wouldn't be your god. You

                            you cannot see all of John's contradictory statements and actions.

                            I never said John was a dummy,

                            No, all you did was listen to gossip that a bunch of drunk guys
                            shared behind people's backs.


                            So now we are all a bunch of drunks who kicked you out of the
                            inter-circle? Like I said Rick you need to go have a cold one and
                            think this thru. Didn't Jesus go into the pub once in a while to
                            have a sit down and rejoice with the young men thru new wine?

                            Where is your Jesus ethic Ricky. Little Ricky from not on.

                            All one need do is go back to the ORIGINAL OFFICIAL BEDINI 10 POLE KIT
                            video to minute 3:10 JOHN makes the statement that it is his
                            design and Rick tries to make it sound like he has changed and modified
                            it in some sort of evolutionary process with 100's of builds.

                            This forces John to repeat his statement at the beginning.

                            Watch John tilt his head and gets that squirly look in his eye as Rick
                            talks. John is a genius here in the video and knew Ricks heart yet
                            still forgave him and over looked what Rick was doing.

                            John is such a precious soul. But no one can deny what was going
                            on as shown by this video. As Rick talks at min 3:25 John starts
                            scratching his ear and turns his head-does anyone see this?

                            I caught that spirit that day, I see things faster than some.

                            Come on guys am I nuts look at minute 3:36 now what do you see and
                            freeze it. You see John rolling his eyes.

                            Talk to me people.

                            Lastly look at min 3:54 John is finished listening to Rick make it sound
                            like what John built and what the machine is now is more advanced
                            thanks to Rick so John steps on the tail of that cat right away.

                            John refreshes his statement as at the beginning where John let Rick
                            take over for less that a minute. And in that short of a period Rick was
                            trying to work his magic on the crowd.

                            Shame on Rick for all of the bad things he is saying about my friend John.

                            Here is the link go watch


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                              "Koorn" responds

                              Well Rick, since you dragged me into this slanging match, let me share some of the facts here. I'm not going to buy into the argument with you and Tom, however I will state what happened between US. As I expect a long winded response from you, please respect me and keep the subject to US.

                              I was a member on the Bedini Yahoo groups when Rick made Tom and I moderators, because we were seen by him as being experimenters that understood the Bedini SSG and would be good to help out the other members. I spent hundreds of hours moderating posts, booting trolls, approving new members as well as answering many questions by others who were keen on researching John Bedini's SSG. I never asked for anything in return and was happy to do this to help out John and Rick.

                              Sometime later Rick was considering offering kits of John's SSG. He stated that John was not interested in doing it and asked us for our opinion. I endorsed this because I thought it would be good to promote the Bedini technology and would make it a lot easier for people to get good results if they had the right equipment.

                              I understand it was around this time that Rick was also working with Energenx to commercialise some battery chargers. Well, all of this made Rick pretty busy which meant he had less time to moderate the Yahoo groups. Tom, Josh and I happily picked up the slack - to the point where Rick was almost non-existent on the groups anymore.

                              This went on for some time and soon enough the RC-2A12 was released, followed by the RC-1AU and then the RC-30A12. As I was keen to try out these great new products I bought them all from Rick. So far, so good.

                              So not long after that I was sent to the USA on a business trip. I called up Rick and asked if it was possible, since I was coming to the USA all the way from Australia, to arrange a meeting with John Bedini - as it was a goal of mine to meet the inventor of this technology. I wouldn't call myself a "groupie" as such, just someone who was interested in this technology.

                              Rick explained to me that in order to get to John I had to go through him - John would not let just anyone visit the shop. So if I wanted to meet John I would have pay the airfare for Rick to travel from Michigan and back, which I did. After I wired him the money he also invited Tom up to visit at the same time, because "you guys have been helping out so much with the groups". So Tom and I (with Rick) got to meet John, Gary and Brett for a few days and John said I could then call him at any time I wanted to.

                              It was also during this period that I agreed to be one of Rick's dealers, the only one in Australia. This involved me taking orders from my customers and then ordering them from Rick R-Charge website at a discounted rate.
                              This went well for a while, but soon problems and complaints started to roll in. There were shipping delays, complaints on the Yahoo groups that people had ordered products and heard nothing about their orders. R-Charge wasn't picking up the phone, phone calls never returned and emails unanswered.

                              For a while us moderators tried to cover for R-Charge saying that they were just busy or waiting on suppliers, etc. but after a while you kind of get sick of that so we just referred them to the R-Charge email or phone numbers, as instructed by Rick.

                              R-Charge had then released the RC-ALM1, a small alarm backup battery charger that had claims of "allowing the battery to last way longer than normal, possibly 15 years or more". Since I was also working for a major security company in Australia who replaced hundreds of these batteries every year I had negotiated a deal with them for an order. Rick would not take an order under 500 units (to try and keep the costs down) but we did settle on an initial order of 250. I had to borrow the money for this as it was well beyond my means.
                              Anyway, months went by without anything being shipped (apart from 1 sample unit). I was constantly emailing R-Charge and calling Rick to find out what was going on. I was told that they were waiting for the supplier to ship to him so he could then ship them to me. This went on for months when finally some units were shipped because I begged Rick to send me something I could show my client otherwise I was going to lose the deal. To my surprise, after waiting so long, the units all had the wrong sized spade connectors on them – they would not physically fit the spade sockets. I was not happy to say the least.
                              Rick had promised to fix the main shipment by replacing all of spade connectors, but when they finally arrived all they had done was taken a pair of side cutters to the existing connectors and trimmed them. This was very shoddy work by anyone’s standards. In the end, due to all of the delays, my client had changed their mind so I was stuck with 250 units that I had to try and sell at cost just to pay back the loan. I did also find out later on that my order was sitting on Rick’s shop floor for months, waiting for Rick to “get around” to fixing it and shipping it. This infuriated me.
                              I remember the day I decided to stop working with Rick and R-Charge. I was calling (mind you, I always had to call from Australia – Rick NEVER called me) to chase up orders, as usual. Brent (who worked for Rick) told me that Rick had decided to reduce the discount I was getting as “I was not selling enough”, even though I was not allowed to sell his products cheaper than he was advertising them on the R-Charge website. So I said thanks but no thanks. That was the end of that “partnership”.

                              So while all of this was going on Rick was organising the conference at the CDA resort. According to Rick, it was going to be huge – Bedini tech boats, planes, cars, etc. I wanted to go and my wife also wanted to meet the guys I was spending a good chunk of my time with. But to raise the money to pay for the airfares, accommodation and meals (and to pay off the loan I still had for the alarm chargers) I had to sell my car. My wife and I arrived at Rick’s shop 3 days before the conference and almost nothing was working. Josh was struggling to get the 30 coiler working, the 12 coiler kept blowing transistors and the other models all had issues as well. Added to this the shop was a mess, you couldn’t find anything and Rick was off trying to organise the conference. Yes, we had fun trying to fix everything and get it ready but we all worked very long hours and if we had not been there, there would’ve been nothing to show. I remember one night Brent and I slept for only about 1 hour on portable beds at the resort just to try and get things ready. Yes, we were thanked for it, but the point being that I think Rick was in way over his head and just did not have the organisational skill to pull it off properly.
                              Rick, I’m not sure why you discredited me in your response to Tom. I have no commercial interest in TeslagenX (mainly due to LLC laws in the USA) so I don’t know how I can be seen as a competitor to you. I assist Tom and Erik purely because of my interest in this technology, and because they are good friends of mine.
                              In the Yahoo groups I helped you out as much as I could. I went above and beyond what a moderator would do. I passed on the knowledge John passed onto you and you passed onto us. In hindsight, some things were lost in translation which we found out later by John were not correct passed down the line.
                              I did try and help the Chinese with getting the machines you sold them to work properly and also had to deal with their complaints of the way they were being treated by you. Clearly they were not “skilled in the art” and I admit the communications issues were partly their fault but they were your customer and they did feel ripped off by you. You did also tell me you couldn’t go because of passport issues. You even laughed that off over the phone.

                              Lastly, I am not going to try and dis-prove anything you have said either on the Internet or your videos. I have my own opinions on your integrity, however I don’t understand why you waited until John and Gary died to try and explain the “reason why you parted” and why YOU think his technology is flawed. As I stated in the video comments, it comes across as sour grapes and in my opinion does nothing to prove your honesty or integrity.
                              I will no longer be a part of this conversation and have chosen not to have any further dealings with you – just as I would not deal with any other company or individual that consistently delivers poor service to me.

                              John Koorn