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In the early to mid 2000’s, Rick Friedrich proposed a business deal to EnergenX, Inc., a company headed up by a world famous electrical engineer, John Bedini. Rick Friedrich’s desire was to private label battery chargers and rejuvenators built by John Bedini’s company. Rick Friedrich‘s company name was Renaissance Charge or R-Charge for short.

Rick Friedrich signed a non-disclosure agreement with EnergenX and promised to respect the confidentiality of John Bedini’s proprietary information that went into the chargers. This intellectual property was the sole property of John Bedini and EnergenX.

A few years ago, around 2011, it was discovered that Rick Friedrich had been involved in some shady business deals with many customers in addition to discovering the disappearance of hardware that was the property of EnergenX. It was also discovered that Rick Friedrich had been accessing John Bedini’s computers by sneaking into the building at night and going through the files.

There were also some energizer kits based on John Bedini’s “SG” designs that were manufactured and distributed by Rick Friedrich. One of the larger units was sold by him to someone for thousands of dollars. As soon as Rick Friedrich of R-Charge had this money, he immediately commenced to sell this exact same unit to someone else for the same amount of money. This is one of countless incidents that Rick Friedrich had done to a number of customers.

This quickly became the normal course of operation for Rick Friedrich and John Bedini and his associates and company wanted nothing more to do with him or his way of doing business. Rick Friedrich‘s relationship with EnergenX was immediately terminated and he got the boot. Immediately, Rick Friedrich began to manufacture and sell battery chargers based on EnergenX’s proprietary circuits, albeit older obsolete ones, but nevertheless, this was all in complete violation of the non disclosure agreement that he signed with EnergenX.

Since then, EnergenX and its distributors have collectively received many dozens of complaints from customers because of purchasing battery chargers and never receiving product. These complaints included the fact that they never received customer service. Many of these complaints also included the fact that many of the chargers did not work, worked a short time or simply did not do as claimed. What surprised everyone is when they learned that Rick Friedrich and R-Charge actually had no further relationship with EnergenX and that he was illegally selling low quality bootlegged versions of John Bedini’s chargers.

To this day, Rick Friedrich continues to sell his low quality pirated versions of these chargers and he also holds mini-conferences claiming to be an expert in “free energy” technologies. He claims to be a man of God and most of his websites are dedicated to him preaching the Gospel to others. This is all one big hypocritical act because the truth is that he is nothing more than a common thief and we challenge him to prove otherwise.

If you have been personally ripped off or hoodwinked by Rick Friedrich the charlatan, we invite you to please contact us and submit your story. If you can include your real name, email, mailing address and phone number, we are going to compile all of these complaints and submit them to the Attorney General as long as various federal agencies because the time has come for his dog and pony show to come to and end.

Please let us know if we can post your complaint publicly on this website. We will remove your personal contact information but would like to list your name and location. If you want to remain anonymous, we will respect that as well. If you do not want us to list your complaint at all, that is fine and we will simply reserve it for the Attorney General.

Please submit your complaints here: