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Rick Friedrich R-Charge Scam

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    Rick Friedrich R-Charge

    Originally posted by meesphht View Post
    I had no idea that this was going on and I can tell you from my experience ordering from Rick that he took the money and never replied to anything I sent, the original order and even the demands for money back. I eventually got it back but only because I used Paypal and even then Rick never responded and took months to do.

    So be forewarned anyone out there who'd like to purchase anything from him. I wish I had gotten warning about him before I ordered.

    As far as the other stuff goes: unfortunately when one practices this pattern of behavior reputation suffers. Honestly, even when I saw he was selling a computer print out of some writings for over a hundred dollars I just have to ask myself is he just in it for the money ... again?
    Sorry to hear about your experience - Rick Friedrich is a sociopath so he cannot and will not do anything reasonable or rational. He has no ability to feel any remorse for the people he has ripped off - it's always one justification after another.

    It will all catch up with him in the end.
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