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    Rick's response

    As for RS and the oscillator incident. Remember I still have all of the
    emails, including to and from JB. So who are the liars boys? This is the
    whole reason I had to set the record straight because JB lied about this.
    Again, if I had been in the wrong in that then why was he not against me
    from then on? And why would I send him the emails that showed that? The
    fact is that when Stan sent me the email with the oscillator on it he said
    not to tell JB because he would be upset with that. I was watching these
    guys, including you RS, to see what you would do. You all know how loyal I
    was to John. And I did tell him. I sent him the files not once but twice.
    First in 2005 and then again in 2010 because he had lost them, as you see
    in the headers. I have both sets of emails. These were guys on the lists
    who were really active. But then Stan shared that and because of that
    John went ballistic. He was very upset with Stan but not at all with me.
    Why would he be? I told him. You did not tell him RS, I did. You may have
    learned later, but it is my email that went back and forth with him as I
    still have. If I was part of that then John would have put me on his
    certain list as he mentioned at the time. I also have all the list emails
    people. No, I worked as a friend with John for years after, as that was at
    the beginning. You guys are just too old to get your facts right. lol So
    what kind of man goes around telling people that I stole from him with
    other guys 8 years earlier when I gave him the very files about the
    matter? What kind of man mixes up the words so that the public cannot tell
    who was saying what, so that it makes them think I did something wrong in
    that merely because he lumps me in with them 8 years later?

    (continued here)
    Hob Nilre


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      I have recorded words he said about certain people that they
      would not appreciate knowing he said, and would blow away this
      whole group's respect for the man.


      So you wait til after death to stab him in the back with more lies.
      No one can honestly say they trusted you over the years, even John
      said that and now we are all suppose to believe that junk about John
      hating a bunch of his staff.

      Shameless man. A man that will stop at nothing to honor himself.

      How dare you insult our integrity. John told us you lied, that is good
      enough for me and as for the other gentlemen John kept those men
      around after he kicked your butt out.


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        This is the history of the SG Radiant Oscillator and how things get stolen even when you have people you trust to be helping you

        "So the whole time Rick and his friends come to visit they take my information and pass it around like playing cards. It was later found out that they were making my oscillators and selling them without permission, nor would I ever give them permission, You the people be the judge of what was going on with this gang." - John Bedini


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          man oh man

          so I just watched ricks response video, my god all 3+ hours of it. he is the DEFINITION of a sociopath

          noun: sociopath; plural noun: sociopaths

          a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

          his lack of conscience transcends all bounds of normality.

          C.S. Lewis (chronicles of Narnia) also wrote science fiction trilogy. the second book "perelandria" is about the protagonist who's name is Ransom, who goes to perelandria to prevent evil from being spread into that world, but his antagonist professor Weston, who embodies all that is the opposite of that which is good, comes also to deceive the first inhabitants.

          Weston is particularly good at twisting the truth and warping it in such a way as to suit his agenda. I never thought I would see professor Weston in real life....

          to respond to all of his half truths would take years, that is exactly how he operates. that is why John had to stop pursuing his lawsuit against him. thousands of dollars spent with the lawyer just listening to him rattle on and on. can you imagine him in a deposition.?

          John was and is my friend, as was Gary and Ronda is still my friend. I had 5 years after Rick got out of the way to actually become friends with john.

          We spoke weekly, I traveled there frequently, and had many meals with him, and spent a lot of time at the eagles with him and Ronda. He often asked me why I stayed away for so long. I told him Rick said you did not want people bothering you.

          this last year we spent most of our time talking about spiritual things, His faith in Christ, and where he saw himself in relation to that. we were going thru a 1 year devotional together, called the book of mysteries,

          its all about the messiah in the old testament. John Loved God, and cared deeply for his friends and family, and those he trusted.

          He never trusted Rick. never, but he was in a battle with Gary over Rick. Gary trusted Rick, but John never did.

          John would leave things out, place little objects in front of his keyboard, write down the last time a file was accessed on his computer, place a set of parts or a tool in a conspicuous place to see if it would disappear. watch to see if his software programs were accessed remotely over the network, the kind of thing you would do if you did not trust an employee.

          he did that for years with me every time I was at the shop. he would leave something up on his desktop, and ask me to read it, tell me not to share the circuit or what he was doing. most of the time it was not really earth shattering, but he wanted to see if it would end up in the wild. it took 3 or 4 years before he trusted me. but in the end he would call and talk to me regularly about many things, it was great having a friend like him.

          He was fully aware of where the kernels of his tech came from, Tesla, Benitez, other researchers, he read everything there was to read on a subject. . He always showed me how he got where he was going and why.

          His work with stereo amplifiers, his B.A.S.E. units, crystal cells, rife, the transmutation of elements, his knowledge and depth of understanding was incredible.

          He was a voracious reader, slept very little, (less than 4 hour a day like Edison) was always up before me, and would often call me at midnight to share something.

          Tony Craddock still had a ton of work to do with him. so many more videos to make of technology and experiments.

          The picture Rick paints is so distorted, so unimaginable and not the man who I know, and came to love as a brother.

          rick would be nothing without John, nothing....... sorry its just true. and the man to which Rick owes so much to is dead, and cannot respond, so its up to us those around him to share the truth, and not the lies being spread.

          Tom C


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            the voodoo box

            Rick mentioned a "voodoo" box in his rant. well its a ukaco machine, or a bio harmonics machine. its related to wihelm reich, waslter russell, abrams, rife, priore, heironymous, and others that were into energetic healing.

            Peter lindeman verified to me that it works, and shared with me the principles behind it's operation. Cjeka had a pest control business using these machines.


            it works.... I know how, why and the what of it. someone did die from using the machine incorrectly. Gary corroborated john's story.

            Tom C


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              what a wall of text, mostly saying nothing.......

              At the 2011 conference JB ask me point blank, if I was the one that posted the Sch on line, and I know that I did not post it, or show it to anyone else, so that leaves you and the other person. JB TOLD me in person last year, that because of where he found the SCH posted, he thought you showed it to some one, and they posted it.

              I CALLED him after I talked to Stan on the phone, he did not know anything about Stan dissecting the Tube Oscillator and sharing with you, me and the other person online until then. He did not know about Stan showing it to one of his local buddy's, who then went to PL and tried to go behind JB's Back with it, and then you sent him the emails much later..... This other person Stan showed on line, tried to copy the Tube Osc, and sell it, and JB was very, very upset about that, but did not think he had posted the SCH, because it was not in any of his web pages where it was found........

              I did not get as much face time with JB as some have, but YOU were the Topic of conversation quite a bit during the little time I did get to spend with JB......

              Oh and BTW, he also told me last year that you ask him to throw me out of the 2011 conference when you saw me.......

              You treated me like ****, and only ask me to be a Moderator to just use me to get info from JB, as JB was telling me how to build things on the phone, and I would have it going for 3 to 6 mo. and report back, before he allowed me to teach you, and the rest on the forums...

              You have left Hundreds of pissed off ppl in your wake, they know the truth, and they will NOT Forget...... But you can continue to Believe in your own Lies....................
              Last edited by rs__; 02-21-2017, 05:11 PM.


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                dual pole motor

                Here is Johns dual pole motor...been on the internet for years.

                I have set up this page you may review what has been going on in the past three years

                Tom C


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                  bearden analysis

                  New Page 1

                  Tom C


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                    Richard Max Friedrich Renaissance Charge Scam Video

                    For your information, I copy and pasted what I found online. Someone else posted this at overunity and other places and seems suitable for posting here.

                    This was just posted at

                    Re: Rick Friedrich - R-Charge - Rennaissance Charge Scam
                    « Reply #1 on: Today at 05:10:49 AM »
                    Rick Friedrich denied ever signing a non disclosure with John Bedini's company EnergenX.

                    Here is a video with the details: Richard Max Friedrich - Renaissance Charge Scam - Video Dailymotion


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                      Rick's response

                      I'll respond here to the comments in order. First, the 10 coiler video
                      reveals a lot of what I am talking about. That is why it was taken down.
                      So you really don't want to go there do you? Your point is just another
                      contradiction of John's. It is his design is it? Then why did it have neo
                      magnets? You guys made such a fuss about not using them and Bedini said
                      not to use them. So was that his design or not? This is the kind of
                      That's a joke to change the storyline from what really happened. Everyone
                      can see the videos to see the actual relationship I had with John. You
                      guys can see right into the heart of John and me and know everything. Your
                      comments are just a joke.
                      As for John Koorn's comments I will say that they are far better than
                      Tom's. John, I will admit where I failed. Some of what you say is true,
                      some mistaken, and a little is flat out lie. You start off good and
                      correct but you forget various things, or were not aware of the history.
                      For example, Marcia was moderating the groups before you guys came around.
                      So the storyline is not accurate. There were also others helping out here
                      and there. I also volunteered for years with no commercial interest in
                      this. I respect both of you guys for doing what you could to help. I
                      appreciated that and shared that at the Convention, which I recorded. I do
                      not take that back. But I do regret a lot of things. I did what I could to
                      make something happen boys. It is easy to complain about everything but
                      then take the benefit from it. The groups format was not good. The mission
                      was not solid. It was kind of just an improvement upon the failing SG
                      group. John had a lot of influence on what happened that you guys have no
                      idea about. I still have all the email correspondence with him from those
                      years and you are really implicating him in much of what you say and what
                      went wrong. But ultimately I have to take responsibility for the failures
                      of others and that is why I have to set the record straight in this. There
                      are so many details I could bring up and only will address your
                      misunderstandings, and own up to what I did wrong. Again, I also want to
                      give credit where it was due even if you guys cannot do that.

                      (continued here)
                      Hob Nilre


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                        Isn't that special little ricky messed his self once again. Now run
                        along ricky and someone will fix you a bottle of warm milk. And we
                        thought little ricky was just a gentle but rather he is mental.

                        Somebody order a straight jacket for this character.

                        So little ricky signed after all now didn't he? What a wuss.



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                          From jim butler

                          I am going thru some Archives from when I was doing my research on why john and Rick parted ways. I ran into this from Jim. this email is from 2013....

                          Rick I thought I would answer you .

                          First I have gone to see John. First let me jog your memory I was asking you questions at John's shop. I was with George Green, can you place me now? I told you at the time I was a solar engineer or maybe you did not here me. Let me come to the point here. You did work with John and you were just as much involved in mystifying people if not more then John as John never sold anything before Renaissance Charge entered the picture. I seem to remember you asking John for things for the last convention. I seem to remember you promoting everything. I had conversations with Steve W who said that you just copied everything from John's lab and were no engineer at all, nice Rick. It seems your the one in the boat and not John. It seems that what you have is what John let you have and no more. You might have copied Ron Coles work too who worked with John. And just to let you know things were placed around the shop to test you by John, should I say more? I think John figured you out early on and did not say anything to you or your friends until the end.

                          John I know well from KABC radio before I moved to Idaho to get away from California. I also know that John would never leave anything important on his computer or in drawings. You have made allot of money from selling John's inventions, yes inventions. You were very fortuitous in your position. and I can see that you think you can make simple changes and everything is going to be ok. This is not so Rick as everybody will soon find out the truth that your just as much involved in what John built for you. Your on YouTube promoting it.

                          The thing here Rick is, your just using all of John's inventions. When I asked John, John said that you did copy off all his computers, especially Brett's, yes I know Brett too, and Brett's work belongs to Energenx Inc and all the programs you took. I did talk to Joan too about what you said in the morning before John showed up for work. John did not say anything about you he just shook his head and said good luck. However he did say he gave no information except limited because he could never trust you ,and others told me the same thing. I can see from the postings you have tried to change things to get around John but as you can see things melt because you really do not know. What does, "we were fed a story mean", so your going to feed another story to this group about how John did it all bad and you did nothing? It seem John made a good choice in making sure you were gone and out of his shop, however he did it. It seems your an "Opportunists" with John's property. You need to settle up what you really owe John as you have nothing but yourself to blame. John has always given circuits away freely on the internet for people to experiment and never believed in anything free. At the last conference with you he said that very plainly that it's a change in energy that people term as free energy and he hates that word.

                          I still may get involved and I can guarantee I would go after you on the patents and circuits. I have advised John to do the same as your using John's inventions and making money from it. The truth is you can not get around any patents he has as you will find out. Attaching a reed switch to drive the motor is still in violation of his patents, Pulse charging at high voltage is in violation to, remember John has that covered real good including PWM. John has four patents that cover everything real good very broad claims. This also includes solar charging with low light, in fact it says "moon light". If you want to get technical he shows a bridge in the monopole, Those skilled in the art would know that you only need one diode without the capacitor. so it is covered along with pulse timing and any trigger he would want to use. Just to let you know I'm also a stock holder in Energenx Inc. I have looked at the books and it seems you have made a great deal of money off what John has done.Your continuing to make money off his circuits as you know it works no other way with the inventions. You have no contract with John and yet your selling his inventions, bad move Rick.

                          Multi oscillating coil system is also covered in his patents and MonoPole Patent (LOW LIGHT SOLAR). As a matter of fact everything you have seen in his lab you have signed a paper saying such, it proves you were in his shop looking. In my book it's time to screw your head on straight and work something out so you can continue to earn a living with this technology. If you look at the pulse charger technology you will find the same thing it's covered including solar and generators, transformers and so on. I will be back up to see John next week I'm going to push the point with him about you. In my book you have had a free ride on John's inventions. I have been through all the e-mails you have sent and all the postings you have admitted in public it's John's technology that got you started. The final thing is that the "dual pole" you have is just a double monopole motor as can be see from your circuits and drawings. If memory serves me correct John has a wooden model of that and some plastic ones, so you have not invented anything here except you think you have changed it. Rick the motor generator patent describes optical switching and reed switching too, along with other ways. But in the meantime I'm going to talk to more people as I have not made up my mind yet, but I'm going to push the point with John. You are very deceitful and feckless in the way you have conducted yourself blaming John as if you were not involved, I don't think so Rick. Your giving people advise in how to alter things and you do not know what your talking about when it comes to solar. I have looked at John's circuits with the solar and it is not like just connecting the solar panel to the battery. John's circuit senses the sun then filters a narrow band gap out to charge the battery then oscillates itself off with a reverse comparator, dummy.

                          Now you go tell people to turn the adjustment pot so they will burn the unit out. I have seen enough from you. Your are "Feckless Rick". Why don't you grow up and stop your slander about thing you know nothing about. Your talking like you never had anything to do with the solar chargers you really do need help with your mind.

                          And further Rick,
                          MonoPole Patent,
                          And to show how your in violation on the dual pole I will add this Claim 6: said means a primary input battery and a means for switching the battery, said means for switching either a solid-state switching circuitry, a magnetic Reed switch, a commutator, an optical switch, or a Hall switch; You have built a dual monopole which is covered in other claims. Also in the claims it is clamed a generator coil. And in claim 9: The method of claim 8, wherein the back EMF energy is rectified by using a bridge transferring said energy to a capacitor for storage; and Claim 18 A method, comprising; magnetizing a stator; applying a force to a pole of a rotor with the magnetized stator; demagnetizing the stator; and recapturing energy released during the demagnetizing

                          Have a great day And I'm going to make sure this gets posted so all can read.

                          Jim Butler.

                          This is the first in a long list of emails from Him to me, he posted this on the dual pole forum I think. I have lost contact with him, as I only saw him when I was in Hayden and he happened to be at the shop, hopefully he is following this thread, he had a really low opinion of Rick.

                          Tom C


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                            Just the facts... part 1

                            Rick, I'd like to add and in some places correct some of your response - specifically as it relates to US. Once again, I am focussing on US.

                            Since it appears you cannot post on this forum, I will quote from the page that nilrehob has linked to.

                            "For example, Marcia was moderating the groups before you guys came around. So the storyline is not accurate."

                            I never said Marcia wasn't moderating the groups before I came along. I was simply stating that you had made Tom and I moderators. There is nothing inaccurate about the "storyline".

                            “John had a lot of influence on what happened that you guys have no
                            idea about. I still have all the email correspondence with him from those
                            years and you are really implicating him in much of what you say and what
                            went wrong.”

                            Please post copies of these emails. I would be very interested in seeing how I am implicating John

                            “As for the alarm chargers there was a lot of details. I did not leave them
                            on some shop floor and not do them. Steve was just starting to learn is
                            new machines to make them and did a very good job making them. I would
                            have to go back over the details to see what all happened. But I waited on
                            them to be made and also for Energenx to do the connectors you complain
                            here about. So it was John's work that you find so disagreeable. Not that
                            I am not responsible for that.”

                            Rick, I have a witness who told me that he saw the box of alarm chargers on your shop floor without connectors on the end of the leads and that they had been sitting there for some time after they had been shipped from Steve. This person told me because he was very surprised that they were still sitting there unfinished after all of that time.
                            You are fully responsible for the connectors. I placed the order with Renaissance Charge, not EnergenX. It was the Renaissance Charge label that was on them, not the EnergenX label. YOUR company is fully responsible for the condition of the product that YOUR company eventually shipped to me. Do not try and implicate your supplier for sending out bad products that you took money for.

                            “As for your visiting. John did not like people to visit him who he did not
                            know. He had very little respect for people on the groups but he did latch
                            on to a few here and there. But you don't know what he said behind your
                            backs. Like I said, he liked the attention but had little respect for
                            anyone at all, even his friends whom I will not mention their names. I
                            recorded him saying such things. Regarding all these things I have all the
                            emails as well.”

                            In all of my time on the groups (and any other forum for that matter) I never got the impression that John had little respect for the people on the groups. Can you please provide evidence of this? If you have recordings or emails of this, please post them.

                            “As for being a dealer, really no one was ever a dealer. People sold one or
                            two chargers here and there but that is not a dealer. You did order the
                            alarm chargers and did I not buy them back from you, like half of them? No
                            big deal there. A lot of people wanted to sell these but really had no way
                            of doing that, no customers or experience in sales. If a real dealership
                            had existed then there would have been a steady order of product.”

                            Really Rick? Would you like me to publicly post details of every order I placed with you? I did not sell “one or two chargers here and there”. I sold many chargers and many of your kits and parts. It didn’t help that there were delays in shipping a lot of orders and that you would not return calls or emails in a timely matter. Many of my customers lost faith in the ability to ship orders. I took the responsibility for that from my customers, as I should’ve because it was my business and you were just the supplier. That’s why I stopped doing business with you Rick, it was just too difficult.
                            No, you did not buy half of the alarm chargers back. You offered to, however when I asked you to write me a check for them you refused. There was no way I was going to leave you with half of my alarm chargers without being paid for them. Don’t deny this Rick, my wife was standing right next to me in the front of your shop when this occurred.

                            “There was no one by the name of Brent. Brett worked close with me but was
                            actually working for Energenx. Maybe you were talking about Tom.”

                            I apologise if I got the name “Brent” incorrect. I was talking about the guy with the glasses who worked with you and Dan in the shop. I will go back and check my emails and get the name right.

                            “As for the price of the chargers this was controlled by Bedini. He always
                            wanted to sell high and make little. When I left these guys they raised
                            the prices, even doubled them. They upped the cost of a model by $100 from
                            the one lower just for adding 1 fet! They charged me for manufacturing a
                            high price. If you only bought a few chargers here and there then why
                            would you expect to get a big discount? We both did what we could. But you
                            did not understand what was happening on our end at all and no doubt this
                            has caused much misunderstanding.”

                            EnergenX did not control the price of the chargers. They controlled the wholesale price of their products that they sold to other companies, as you would expect from a supplier. When I stopped dealing with Renaissance Charge I contacted Gary and he said he was more than happy to sell chargers to me directly. At that time, he sent me the EnergenX price list. The date on the document was almost a year before he sent it to me and it had not been modified since that date. I still have that file, so what you have said above is incorrect.

                            “You act like you had to come and had to sell your car. You did not need to come John. So I fail to see these points. Josh did a good job putting the coils on the 30 coiler. It takes a little work to do the trigger resistance. You guys added the hot triggering to the 12 coiler because we wanted to hook it up to a generator. That was a very junky harbor freight gen. But the motors worked fine. You guys helped a lot. Remember, John told me to not bother with any of these demonstrations. Just talk. The shop was a mess because everyone had been working on all the stuff for several weeks before you came. Whatever man. It is not true that there would have been nothing to show without you John. You guys helped, but not that much. Remember, I recorded all of it.”

                            I’m not acting like anything. I was merely pointing out some of the things that we did to help out. I wasn’t trying to attack you. I know I didn’t need to come, I wanted to come because at the time we were friends and I wanted to help out. I just stated it as it was.
                            Slight correction on the 12 coiler. The trigger circuit was the 555 and opto emitter/receiver circuit that I believe was your idea. I have photos of that circuit, but have never shared them publicly. We did add the Darlington driven trigger circuit to the 30 coiler as Josh was having difficulty triggering properly with the traditional trigger winding.
                            I didn’t say that there would be nothing do show without “me”, I said “if WE had not been there, there would’ve been nothing to show.” WE helped out immensely. Saying “not that much” is a gross understatement and unfair to those who put in all of those hours. I took video too Rick, more than happy to post it publicly. I don’t remember that you “recorded all of it”. How could you? You weren’t there most of the time I was there, so there must’ve been hidden cameras somewhere.

                            “John, as far as I understood, you were selling this stuff over there. So
                            you are not working together. Well that is good then. But I mentioned you
                            because you also posted nonsense on my youtube channel at the same time as
                            Tom. And you are also part of this attack against me, as you show here

                            Well Rick, you misunderstand the relationship I have with TeslagenX. We are working together on some things and have a lot of mutual respect for each other. What you consider to be “nonsense” that I posted on your YouTube channel is your opinion, just as what I posted is my opinion. I did sit through the entire videos Rick.

                            (to be continued)


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                              Just the facts... part 2

                              “But while you were active you did not do the careful research I did and
                              gather all the details. So you fail to see all the contradictions in these
                              matters. You are still under a spell and just assume everything Bedini
                              said was true and gospel truth. People need a messiah and they latch onto
                              others in that way. So what happens when I show you guys the actual facts?
                              You close your eyes and just repeat what you were told.”

                              This could not be further from the truth Rick. You have no idea how much time I have spent in my research over the years. You have not seen every single project I have done or the very detailed test results I have kept. I am far from a religious person and do not need a “messiah” or believe in spells and witchcraft. I believe in science Rick and have proved out everything Bedini has stated in his patents and found that scientifically they are true. You have written some pre-conceived opinion of me that is based on your own view of the world, not undeniable facts.

                              “I never had any bad dealings with the Chinese. I spent way too much time
                              entertaining them for John and Gary. I told them they had to have a
                              battery charging at all times on the motors. They decided to try and
                              rejuvenate some completely dead batteries and blew out the circuits. They
                              didn't have fuses on them. I didn't treat them bad at all. They wanted me
                              to come over there right away, and I was waiting on my passport renewal.
                              Why is that so difficult to accept? I also didn't really care to do any
                              China deal. I wasn't getting anything for that. I just helped John and
                              Gary. They bought a few prototypes from me. They never felt ripped off
                              from me.”

                              Rick, I’m not sure how long it takes a Canadian native living in the USA to renew a passport but in Australia it takes around a week. How do I know? Because I had to renew my own passport to go to China. I’m sure they would’ve understood that if you had taken the time to explain that to them.
                              Your comments prove that you did not care for the customers you sold prototypes to after you took their money. It’s was not about any “deal”, it was simply after sales service they were looking for and some guidance.

                              “As for my recent videos, there are multiple reason for them as explained
                              in the videos themselves, which you probably didn't even watch.

                              I watched them, want me to post the YouTube screen shot of my viewing history? Please don’t make false assumptions that make you look foolish.

                              “While I have a right to set the record straight when a man lies to the
                              public and completely changes the facts, like saying I was involved in
                              what Stan did when I in fact showed John what he did, I also am compelled
                              to warn people against an influence that leads them to kill their
                              batteries, or waste their time, or just believe someone who is not to be
                              trusted as an authority. It is because my name is tied to him that I have
                              to do this John. Your's is not. The internet will always show me with John
                              and there are thousands of references like that. So I have to distance
                              myself from him as I should have at the beginning. But I too was under the
                              spell you guys are under right now. You may pat yourselves on the back
                              together but people can see the truth about these things, because the
                              videos alone show it. You guys can't answer the things I bring up. You
                              just talk about passports and silly things, and blame me for John's

                              Yes, but if you felt so strongly about that why wait years until John and Gary have passed? You could have done what you did while they were still alive and given them the right to defend themselves, but now it just looks like sour grapes. And what did it achieve? Now you have more people disliking you than ever before and it’s not getting any better for you, is it? Why wait years after John posted the oscillator stuff about you and Stan to bring it up? Again, if you believed it not to be true why wait until the major players cannot reply? It makes no sense.

                              “I'm sorry where I have let you down John. I know I did let you down here
                              and there. I tried to help you in many ways. I gave you what you asked for
                              in many things. I did you good. You wanted to see John and I made it
                              happen. You wanted to sell product and I made that happen. You wanted to
                              moderate and get involved so I let you. I also connected you with the
                              Chinese and that could have set you up for life if you knew what you were
                              doing. I opened the door for you into this cult John. That was actually
                              the worst thing I did. The problem is that you guys want to blame everyone
                              else but JB. And yet if you would have been in the shop with Gary and John
                              from day to day you would have seen them blame each other for everything,
                              and rightly so. But that doesn't accord with this perfect legend that knew
                              everything about everything.”

                              Look Rick, I agree with some of that. Yes, we did work well together at the start but please don’t put yourself in the illusion that you did everything for me. I wanted to meet John, so I did what you asked at arranged for you to introduce me to him and Gary. Later I told John and Gary about this and Gary simply said that all I had to do was call him and say that I was a Renaissance Charge dealer interested in John’s work and he would’ve happily let me visit.
                              I wanted to sell product, so I made that happen. I started my own company and entered into a commercial agreement with yours. I don’t recall you asking me if I wanted to sell your products.
                              Yes, you gave me KP’s number – that was all you did. I volunteered my time to go to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan on numerous occasions. I helped them on the ground, over the phone and on Skype. Unfortunately, KP passed from a long term illness and his family decided to end the project – nothing to do whether I knew what I was doing or not. A simple fact that you chose to leave out.

                              Rick, I was more than happy for you to go along and continue your own endeavours in your own eternal bliss. I judge people by my own experiences with them, not what others may say or whatever their opinions are. In my own experiences with the Bedinis I have always found them to be honest and they have always treated me with respect. I have never thought they any of them have lied to me, or made promises they could not keep. I also heard them talk a lot about you, some I agreed with, some I didn’t – based on my experience with you. I chose not to go public with any of this as it was no one else’s business.
                              However, once someone publicly states things about me that I don’t believe are true or incorrect I will defend myself publicly and correct them with facts – not wild inaccuracies and talk of spells and cults.
                              I will continue to do this until the day I die, because everyone knows that once you die you have no control over what people say about you and no way to defend their lies.

                              John Koorn


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                                Renaissance Charge Fraud

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