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    Originally posted by Abdullah View Post
    Free Energy Generators

    I tried to do the same thing as in the above link but it didn't work with me I brung the electric board switches with plug of 3 poles, lighter spark generator I turned the wire of the electric switches more than 8 turns with the switch on the ON position and plugged the electric plug in the switch and sparked by the lighter sparker on the earth pole, but it didn't work the electricity will not circulate in the electric switch board.

    does this way of generating electricity needs wires of certain thickness or certain wire length? what shall do I do so that I can generate electricity the same way in the above link?

    Hello Abdullah

    That is a good question, I saw Lasersaber show a video one time

    with these strips and he said there was a little more to it. The

    energy was made to recirculate. But I don't know how much power

    is working in the circuits. Lasersaber said he could not give the

    answer as to how it worked at that time but maybe later he would.

    Since then i have not heard anything about it. It was something

    put inside to oscillate or regulate the circulating energy in pulses.

    Then according to aetheric speculation the HIGH VOLTAGE at the right

    tuned spot draws radiant into it. The energy just shows up at the load.

    Thats right the energy just shows up in the load section of the device.

    I know it is a weak worthless thought I have just tried to relay but

    is the best I can do, I am a lost beginner.

    Most really experienced scientist just see this device and call it a hoax.

    I am here learning because I know that the possibilities for energy

    producing devices are infinite.


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      All one has to do is follow the money trail and we already know who is at the end.
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        To Donald L.

        Originally posted by marathonman View Post
        All one has to do is follow the money trail and we already know who is at the end.
        Donald, if you know so much about it, why don't you elaborate?

        Thomas Joseph Brown made a serious 6 figure income with Stargate to help them produce "legal" forms of crystal meth amphetamines. He didn't pay taxes on it and plead guilty for tax evasion. You came here posting denials about Tom Brown being guilty of that claiming he is being wrongfully charged, but I showed you PROOF that you are personally misinformed.

        Ray Savant (Rayam Azab Youssef / Mohamed Youssef) (a cartoon pornographer) of Aether FARCE claimed he made MILLIONS with his the social network business in the past according to the waybackmachine. He owes the IRS $50k in taxes, which is in the public records of New York state.

        Both of the above pieces of gutter trash conspired together to slander Eric Dollard and myself because we called out their lies, Mohamed was selling Eric's Lone Pine Writings for $50 a copy and pocked the money with David Webster and Eric never saw a dime for his own book.

        You're ignorant of the facts so how can you say anything about any of it?
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