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Overunity and the Reversal of Time

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  • Overunity and the Reversal of Time

    Overunity is the retention of reactive power at a rate which is faster than its loss and conversion into real power.

    The synthesis of reactive power is the reversal of current per cycle of oscillation spawning negative watts. This is also the reversal of the direction for time of energy's frame of reference when this phenomenon is viewed from our perspective, but not from the point of view of energy's frame of reference. From energy's vantage point, time remains moving in a forward direction and, thus, is not violating the Law of Conservation if (indeed) it is a Law of physics.

    The Relativity of Energy and the Reversal of Time is a Shift in Perspective - YouTube

    But the audio of the original is superior ...

    How to Build an Overunity Device - 30% audio. - YouTube

    These presentations are companion pieces to the paper which I submitted to this conference on the topic of how Relativity explains Free Energy and Overunity by describing it as the accumulation of Reactive Power and the injection of transient surges which, by their very nature, are evidence of Time Going Backwards for Energy when viewed from Our Perspective ...

    The Relativity of Energy and the Reversal of Time is a Shift in Perspective (

    Thus, free energy in particular, and energy in general, expands and contracts as a consequence of a shift in perspective. But, reactance makes this bidirectional transmission and conversion possible, namely: the square root of negative one is the mysterious method whereby energy is ultimately created and destroyed.

    Thank you, Eric, for making it easier to understand electrical energy from a layman's perspective.

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