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A Youtube Channel Predicament - Eric Dollard's Reply

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  • A Youtube Channel Predicament - Eric Dollard's Reply

    Writing on behalf of Eric Dollard himself, while being a witness to a popular Youtube channel titled "Kathy Loves Physics & History," presents before the audience a display of classical fallacious thought and the re-structuring of history. This channel, as led by Kathy Joseph, provides historical insight as well as electrical reference and understanding to the realm of the early Twentieth Century, as would be ordinarily perceived. Although under close inspection of her electrical teachings, the educated and well referenced mind will find great displeasure in some content which is presented as "factual matter". Personal correspondence with Eric Dollard has initiated a transcribed reply, concocted by him, to which it was placed under an appropriate video to illustrate her falsehood in a respectful way. To our dismay, this reply was overshadowed by a downpour of irrelevant and appraising comments directed to Ms. Joseph's inquisitive and public-proclaimed genius. The latter of which received excellent attention by Ms. Joseph, providing the least of traction to produce any informative discussion relating to her teachings, and the scope of historical fact as a whole. Granted that this slew of non-functional commentary in the modern digital world may pose as a petty scuffle, it must be expressed as a true degradation to the understanding and modern development of Nikola Tesla and his contemporaries. There will be more replies proceeding from Eric Dollard to combat this situation, along with the proposed gain of interest from this forum.

    This is the video in which Eric's reply was posted under:
    (Reply posted under the Youtube name: T - Rex)

    Here is the transcribed reply initiated by Eric Dollard:

    As an electrical engineer having 60 years of experience with R.C.A., A.T.T., U.S.N., P.G.E., and L.A.D.W.P. and having read both of Charles Steinmetz’s major works, A.C. Phenomena and Transient Phenomena I believe I am qualified to comment on the subject at hand.

    I have observed three Youtube presentations in the name of History & Physics, one on Steinmetz, with glowing accolades, and two on Tesla, with sneering contempt.

    Not being a creature of so-called social media, by nature I do not involve myself with it. However, because of what I am watching, I feel that I must comment on behalf of my profession.

    I see here what resembles a “livestock stampede,” an aimless and incongruent flurry of comments scattering the facts of the subject.

    Here are the facts of Polyphase:

    The defining condition for the number of phases in a Polyphase System is defined by the number of conductors required to support the balanced and symmetrical condition of the system, this excluding any so-called natural conductor. A corollary condition is the flow of electric power in this system must be continuous, not pulsating. Accordingly, three or more phases must exist in order to engender the Polyphase condition.

    The currently adopted system has three phases, A, B, and C. Neutrals are optional. The Tesla-Westinghouse System has four phases, A, C, and B, D. The domestic alternating current system, two wire, neutral optional is hence not single phase, but in reality is two phase by definition, and consequently is not Polyphase since its power is pulsating, it is not constant. “Single Phase,” is not possible in the J. Clerk Maxwell viewpoint.

    The advantage of Three Phase is that it uses the least amount of “copper”. The disadvantage of it is that no alternate sequence exists so accordingly any two wire load creates an imbalance hard to compensate. The advantage of Four Phase is that it is two alternating sequences in quadrature, thus lends itself to application of two wire loads. The disadvantage is that because it is made of alternating sequences, pulsation remains as a “residue,” leading to more vibration in machinery.


    “Symmetrical Components,” Wagner & Evans “Versor Algebra - Volume One,” E.P. Dollard

    As in Eric's viewpoint, the more interest which can be generated to combat this out-right disinformation campaign against Nikola Tesla, Charle P. Steinmetz, and other engineers as put forth by Kathy Joseph, the greater the positive impact on truthful knowledge as a whole.

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    I see no one has a viewpoint on this subject Nikola Tesla is dead and others are dead and others will follow the campaign against dead people is somewhat like shooting fish in a barrel
    mostly because that are dead The main thing about 3 phase is it is 1/2 of 6 phase that is 112 percent unity most do not know this. Overunity from the main power plants that have been
    around sense When? over a hundred years, interesting no body seem to talk about this. Why because they are looking for a free energy device from Who? Who started AC?
    no no it's was around before Tesla in fact Ac was around way before Tesla was even and even before that.
    So what is this Campaign about? mostly people that want something to do and shooting fish in a barrel seems to be the thing to do for them. No hard feelings but everyone that has Cried because Tesla's free energy thing don't do much of anything and the same that say it does are Wasting no one time but their Own. and just a little of mine for writing about this
    Stupid subject. Come on People, Get A LIFE You do not really care if Tesla's free energy gunk work or not. it is all just something to do for people that do not have a LIFE

    The End Tom Wlazlak - Corinne Technology Design Engineering - Magnagravity Technology systems - EttCM Energy to torque Conversion Motor - systems

    This is my work - Not for Stupid People - For the People that really are looking for the real devices that Work.

    Did you like my Post -

    If you did not to dam bad. Cry babies