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Sabotaging the Electric Utility Grid may be the fulfillment of the HAARP experiments.

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  • Sabotaging the Electric Utility Grid may be the fulfillment of the HAARP experiments.

    Whenever a component experiences a shift of phase relation between the current and its voltage by ninety degrees, this is not out of the ordinary. In fact, this is ordinary for capacitive and inductive reactance to behave in this manner. What is extra-ordinary is whenever current and voltage acquire a phase relation of either zero or 180 degrees of separation between them. The former condition is often called a "source" while the latter condition is a "load".

    It is my contention that neither of these two conditions are by any means “natural”. In other words, it is more natural that current and voltage remain out of phase by a mere ninety degrees than either of these other two extremes of relation suggest and that this condition of ninety degrees of separation occur spontaneously in nature preeminent as freely available reactive power, aka “free energy”.

    For instance....It is the phase relation of zero degrees of separation which constitutes the slow but sure death and aging process of all living organisms. And the condition of 180 degrees of separation may be the electrical instigation for the oxidative chemistry behind the "spontaneous combustion" of living organisms.

    The former condition (of 180 degrees of separation) is also known by the term of "negative unity power factor" to imply the generation of power either by an A/C voltage source, or even by a battery modeled in Berkeley SPICE in which their depiction of polarity of a battery's output on their virtual oscilloscope tracings labels the voltage coming from a battery as being positive in orientation while its current is depicted as being negative. This is equivalent to an A/C voltage source also being depicted as having its current labeled as negative polarity while its voltage is labeled as being of a positive polarity. But due to the presumption that an A/C voltage source is most often an electric generator, its current is not one half cycle out of phase with its voltage polarity, but a mere ninety degrees out of phase and in an orientation not unlike that of an inductor to suggest that this voltage source is using coils to generate its outpouring of voltage.

    But if I should happen to simulate (in Micro-Cap flavor of Berkeley SPICE) a theoretical model of a so-called free energy device (as I've managed to do here) in which its current and voltage waves are one half cycle out of phase with each other, than this constitutes a negative unity power factor which electrical engineers consider to be a source of power rather than its consumption.

    Conversely, our electrical appliances -- especially, resistors --- are considered to be positive unity power factored in which they are also labeled as "loads" giving nothing back to the electrical utility grid except a deficit of power (in the case of resistive loads to keep this discussion simplistic).

    Capacitors and inductors, on the other hand, are labeled a zero power factor since they are useless.....they neither produce power nor do they consume it. Yet, they manage to skew current out of phase with voltage by ninety degrees and are useful for electrical engineers "balancing the load" of the power grid to maintain it in its state of continuation.

    This brings me to my topic.....Why was the HAARP experiment in Alaska abandoned? Why was it considered to be successful so much so that it was no longer necessary to engage in it any further? What was learned from that experiment? And where might we see its knowledge being put into practice somewhere in society?

    To answer that last question....I suspect that nodes and anti-nodes are a prerequisite to a successful implementation of the HAARP experiment transposed onto our electric utility grid. This is why (one of the reasons why) our grid is being sabotaged as reported to us by Eric Dollard in which a jumper cable is connected uniting the grid side of their neutral with a client's side of their neutral across the pole transformer sitting innocently outside everyone's homes.

    My presumption lies on a few speculations...

    1. That positive and negative unity power factor is an unnatural condition, manmade, to engineer an electrical convenience of having a source of electrical energy counter-poised by the consumption of this same form of energy. To do this, two significant nodes are setup across the planet's surface....

    1a. One type of node are comprised by the producers of electrical energy, such as: hydro-electric power plants, etc.
    1b. The other type of node serves as an anti-node to the first type by constituting the points of consumption of electrical power, such as: our homes which had been protected by their electrical isolation via the pole transformer (when properly orchestrated without and any hint of sabotage prior to recent memory).

    Since banks of capacitors and rows of inductors merely separate current from voltage by a mere ninety degrees, they are inconspicuous since they don't produce power nor do they consume it. They just skew it out of whack by a mere quarter cycle of the A/C cycle and for this reason are not nodes, nor are they anti-nodes, but are the slopes of nodes and the slopes of anti-nodes.

    So here's my suspicion...

    I suspect that the grid must be sabotaged in the manner described to us by Eric (by all of the pole transformers being electrically shorted) because the implementation of HAARP must have both nodes as well as anti-nodes to create its dielectric fields of waves imposed upon our environment whose purpose I can only imagine and probably not for the best of intentions. If this act of sabotage also puts the electric grid at risk of damage by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event, or by a natural event (a fire ball emanating from our Sun and far more devastating than a solar flare), then all the more reason to suspect the worst from this engineering fiasco!

    These dielectric waves (of post-HAARP experimentation) ripple across the grid, or across the prior array of rows and columns of HAARP antennas, in which each antenna (in that experiment) served as a scaled down representation modeling each point of the utility grid which is grounded to either a source or a load and giving each of those antennas a distinct identifying characteristic distinguishing it (from moment to moment in time) apart from all of the other antennas in that array by virtue of what node or anti-node of its complex pattern of waves rippling across that entire array imparted to each and every antenna.

    This is idea of using the grid for ulterior purposes is not new and has already been in force for at least half a century....

    John Cunningham Lilly, of dolphin research fame, concluded with a friend of his in discovering a frequency imposed upon the sixty cycle base/carrier wave of our electric supply. This frequency rides piggy-back upon the sixty cycle base frequency (of the North American power grid) and manages to induce a semi-hypnotic susceptibility to suggestive programming making it that much easier to sabotage critical thinking and is probably why I hate watching broadcast television with a passionate revulsion!

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    if I remember correct, the USA navy liked HARRP so much they built one on a ship I think they gave up on the HARRP is because it is only in one location.


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      I read all you wrote and I listened to the entire video and here are my thoughts beginning with the condition we (whom are the aware people) do find ourselves in during this epoch of time.

      I don't need to tell you that the Universe is in control. Whatever happens is a choice made by Universe and is allowed to happen because Universe see's a profit in it. We as individuals are just tiny little scheming critters, by and in large, and so it takes a lot of us to make a difference in the consciousness of which are part of, which is all galactic consciousness combined from all animal, plant, and human life, and which is part of a boundless and apparently endless streaming reality, and whose depth we cannot comprehend. We cannot become too entrapped with the minor accounts of fools and idiots messing with nature. Surprising that there is apparently no end to human idiocy but evidently Universe finds humor in this is all I can think.

      Now then, whatever these idiot's (fools really) are doing is always in view of the consciousness of nature and nature is alive and it is aware, and so too is Universe, and it is aware and knows and watches and it cares what happens, and you are a part of this consciousness which is why it cares. What you do is important, so burden or not, really you should think of your own contributions as being something akin to a synaptic impulse send out which then reverberates and causes other synaptic reflex's among the lesser aware and so on down the line, as it were, so it's better to be aware and to find peace in contributing to awareness than to be something else. Maybe a bit like old age, it sucks mostly, but it's also a blessing many, many, many others never get.

      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________________

      Now as to what you've concluded about project Harp I think you're on to an important part of a whole vast broad scheme, the true depths of which I can only speculate on, but from what I can understand you are making sense. However, I don't believe this is the whole of the story because everything is calculated for max effect and I think, pretty sure, that this system you're talking about is more expansive than what you've so far deciphered. Meaning that I can see that it greater, or my detectives nose smells it, but you can probably actually understand it, and so the intent is to say that: Yes, your are right and I think it goes even further and you probably could understand that better than I can and possibly explain it as well once you get a sense that more may be involved.

      So I feel that you nailed the bit about Harp being a sort of HO Scale Model Train version of the power system. I'd like you consider how this part of system that you have deciphered could fit in to a now wireless power sub-system masked under the guise of cell phone/Tv microwave towers, and whom seem suspiciously arranged location wise.

      It's really interesting what you say but I feel/sense that this is like the whole ARV/UFO narrative and that this part that you have now deciphered is just the door being opened. I think there's more and that these so~called "brown out's" probable come from orders on high, and so there is a reason for these which probably exceeds the ability to control or otherwise alter the subsequent effects that result in brown outs, and that reason probably has to do with power probably being diverted to alternate priorities. Priorities whose needs are greater and who power is probably not bound by cables to this planet if you follow my drift.

      I will delete the comment at request.
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