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Peter, whatever happened with Eric P. Dollard?

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  • Originally posted by madhatter View Post
    Wet clay is great for conductivity. the more radials the better, I've read that copper mesh screen can be just as effective and take less radial distance, copper screen is not cost effective though.
    Having too much trouble with a grounds I just finished building a star radial with 16 leads and 17 rods 20' dia, that's the biggest I can fit. better than nothing. water table runs about 3' below soil here in spots and is mostly clay and very low percentage of loam. It should make for great ground radial conditions.
    Thanks for the link.

    With all that copper it seems like the antenna is underground.

    I'm trying a new design on the former and hopefully it will allow me to wind the extra coil tonight. It was much easier this way so I even cut the pieces for another secondary. Let's see if I can get it right this time.


    • Originally posted by jake View Post
      Thanks for the link.

      With all that copper it seems like the antenna is underground.

      I'm trying a new design on the former and hopefully it will allow me to wind the extra coil tonight. It was much easier this way so I even cut the pieces for another secondary. Let's see if I can get it right this time.
      In a way yes, as antennae are dipoles, one is in the air and the other is usually at ground plane. From what I understand the traditional radio uses the ground as the impedance and the aerial as the reception, whereas in this case it's flipped.


      • Originally posted by wdjensen123 View Post
        Hi there, I am Bill Jensen. Experimentalist, not a math wizard. I have produced a system for sale on Ebay that duplicates the effects seen by Eric Dollard. Its taken me a year to do it. Its going to be on Ebay for only a limited time. This is the only forum where I will post, so feel free to spread the word. I need funds to continue my research. eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices

        Experiments shown in the videos there: Show that a long neon tube is a nearly perfect conductor of this power. Show that incandescent bulbs are lit by a mysterious energy that is not blocked even with RF ferrite choke coils, which would block conventional RF energy. It will light incandescent bulbs with 1 wire and the other a foil antenna. Show that scalar lit incandescent bulbs are sending out a charged species that can be collected by an insulated suspended thin metal foil which becomes charged and attracted to the bulb, and for about 30 seconds after the power has been turned off. If you have purchased my 1 watt receivers, you can light the LEDs up to about 10 feet away and spin the DC pager motor about 3 feet away, more with bigger top electrodes, WITHOUT ANY WIRES ATTACHED !! Also transmit with earth ground between the transmitter and receiver as the only “wire”. I have not had the time to experiment too much more with this system: this product may not be offered for very long, I have heard unusual helicopters over the house recently, and don’t want to push my luck if its at all related.
        I think its safe to say that most of the people in this thread are not into ghosts and goblins (at least I certainly am not), and 10 feet is hardly a legitimate test of 1 wire transmission. Try 3 times the wave length you are operating at and then lets talk. Do those helicopters say FCC on them?


        • Hi there, it's 10 feet wireless transmission of energy to the LEDs, no wires at all to the receiver. It actually goes further if you use your body as an antenna and touch the top sphere. With one wire it went 40 feet without detuning much, didn't test it any further. At 10 feet there is no radio interference, as it falls off. If you use a wire between the transmitter and receiver, the energy still transfers with an RF ferrite choke coil in series. Watch the video to see a choke in line with a neon tube and incandescent light bulb, both burning.


          • Proximity

            Hi Bill:
            Do you think your success has anything to do with the following?
            You have four AM radio transmission towers, transmitting at 50 KW each, KIRO @ 710 Kcps, KJR @ 950 Kcps, KOMO @ 1,000 Kcps and KPTK @ 1,090 Kcps, located within 18 miles of your home. Beside you have KARR @ 1,460 Kcps with 5 KW broadcasting power located within 1.5 miles from your home.
            Have you tried your set-up say in Loomis, WA? It would be interesting to know the result.


            • Hi there,

              About the radio stations, I am drawing 15-25 watts with my machine on, as indicated by the incandescent bulbs lit. But nothing with it off. Don't think its local radio stations. I have decided to move on to other projects,and won't monitor this thread anymore. Thanks for your interest,

              Bill Jensen


              • Originally posted by wdjensen123 View Post
                Hi there,

                About the radio stations, I am drawing 15-25 watts with my machine on, as indicated by the incandescent bulbs lit. But nothing with it off. Don't think its local radio stations. I have decided to move on to other projects,and won't monitor this thread anymore. Thanks for your interest,

                Bill Jensen
                well suit yourself Bill, but until you can show that power transfer at greater than 1 wavelength of the freq you are using you have not shown us a working as tesla intended device. sorry.


                • Please someone listen, I explained this to Dr. Linderman and he didn't beleive me.

                  I constructed the Bedini SSG machine, and after messing with it for a while, trying different things with it, I found the most unusual results I could not imagine about it. The output of that machine contains two kinds of voltage that does not cancel each other. How do I know this? In foward bias, I placed 75 LED's in parallel to light, next, in reverse bias, I placed 45 LED's and all of them lit. The way I see it, Cold Electricity as defined by Tesla and Bedini is a self voltage transformer. Mind you I'm not talking about a current transformer which we deal with every day, I am talking about an honest to goodness self voltage tranformer (with minimal, or no current) that produces a new kind of voltage that doesn't interfere with the voltage that induces it.
                  Since the Gurus of this knowlege, have paid no attention to what I am saying, I leave it up to the novices, like me, to prove me right or wrong.
                  Thanks for listening, as I have found it is hard to show something unexpected to skeptics. LOUD


                  • Pointless Posts

                    To "LOUD" and "Bill Jensen"


                    I don't think posting about a Bedini device in an Eric Dollard thread is a smart idea for many reasons, although you may have thought the topic you brought up was "teslian" and therefore kosher to post here.

                    In reality it was "Peter Lindemann/John Bedini-ish" which isn't whats being discussed on THIS THREAD. I'm sure your post would be a great contribution to a thread that pertains to what you were discussing, but sadly its not this one.

                    I have read almost all of Tesla's original works and have NEVER HEARD OF COLD ELECTRICITY (from him), he does make reference to the NATURAL MEDIUM the AMBIENT MEDIUM and to a "RADIANT ENERGY" which make sense when you hear it from TESLA. What John Bedini says isn't what Tesla says, John only references a book by Gerry Vassalitos that then talks about Tesla, he then only uses catch phrases that point to Tesla like "Radiant Energy". At the end-of-the-day John's device is an IMPULSE OSCILLATOR. This device's output signal is very interesting but DON'T FOOL YOURSELF into thinking that its output is what Tesla was referring to when he said "Radiant Energy".

                    IMPULSES are what Tesla was INPUTTING into SOME of his various apparatus', all Johns device does is give you what Tesla was using to DRIVE those various apparatus with. So it would follow that impulses alone are not the TRUE "radiant energy". Tesla created a TWO wire to ONE wire TRANSFORMER (that can use IMPULSES on the input) to SEND ENERGY across space as if distance was non-existant, rendering the receiver and transmitter as one. (Lets see that with HERTZIAN WAVES, oh wait, "square of the distance" law doesn't allow for that to be possible!)

                    I don't think experiment alone is good enough, a working theory based upon experiment, having math behind it, with references to the historical evolution of the art is whats needed for use today.

                    John gives nothing but cliche references and brainfog garblygoop, ERIC DOLLARD on the other hand has done more good in EXPLAINING Tesla and the OTHER great contributors such as CP Steinmetz, Heaviside ect, than all the John Bedinis and Tom Beardens of the world combined! I can't say I learned anything about real science from John Bedini, battery bashers yes, but empirical, thoughtful, and logical science, no. I CAN say that I have learned more in reading, watching and listening to Mr. Dollard's various works in 5 minutes than I could ever hope to learn from John Bedini's works in 5 hours.

                    I am not trying to bash John Bedini, but people please realize that IMPULSES ARE STRANGE and DO STRANGE THINGS, that's probably why Tesla utilized them in some of his experiments, but NOT ALL experiments. This is why Steinmetz published two books on the VAST subject of Impulses and related phenomena, he also published many articles in journals and other publications on the same subject.

                    Furthermore your theory of a "self voltage transformer" couldn't be closer to "Ron Burgundy Poop-mouth talk" to me. IMPULSES from a MAGNETIC STORAGE ELEMENT PRODUCE LARGE VOLTAGES WHEN THE CURRENT PATH IS INTERRUPTED. This is well explained in CP Steinmetz's books. These type of discharges have some odd characteristics, such as A CURRENT WILL FLOW INTO THE EARTH FROM ONE TERMINAL. THIS IS WHY EVERY AUDIO AMPLIFIER IN THE HOUSE MAKES A "POPPING" NOISE WHEN A MAGNETIC ELEMENT TURNS OFF, the energy travels down the NEUTRAL wire back to the circuit breaker box to then pass to ground. Examples of common household appliances that do this are ceiling fans, refrigerators ect. Semiconductors are sensitive detectors to this type of discharge.

                    The "self-regulating output voltage" of the device is caused by the simple formulae L/r=tau, here tau is a unit of time. Time is a very very very very important thing with a periodic or APERIODIC waveform. With impulses we are confronted with an aperiodic wave or a wave that persists only for a short time and can not naturally repetitively reoccur, this is why you built your John Bedini motor, to over come this issue. THUS THE MAGNITUDE OF THE MANIFEST VOLTAGE is directly related to THREE quantities, ONE the time constant of the system, TWO the storage capacity of the element and THREE the parasitic inductance and capacity of the systems discharge path. THE BATTERY'S CHANGING IMPEDANCE CAUSES A CHANGE IN THE TIME CONSTANT OF THE SYSTEM thus causing a change in the discharge V & I characteristics, while everything else is assumed to remain constant. So this is why it "fixes" batteries that are "dead", the apparatus can overcome ANY impedance present in the discharge path to continue the current flow of the inductor, inadvertently this charges the battery. What it does that's not so simple, is to change its frequency of discharge (from rate of rotation) to mach the impedance of the battery for maximum power transfer. It follows from the maximum power transfer theorem that source impedance and load impedance must be matched for MAXIMUM power transfer. On a side note, I will admit that impulse chargers NOT PULSE CHARGERS manifest some strange effects, I have been able to charge batteries that were un-recoverable via conventional DC charge methods and the discharge of the battery was much more prolonged than when charged otherwise.

                    I wish you luck in your experiments, and hopefully someone will find your information useful. But remember that experiment without critical thinking is like playing around with legos, yeah its fun but without purpose there is no real meaning to it all. SO I IMPLORE YOU to use CRITICAL THINKING to examine what you say and think. DO SOME RESEARCH OUTSIDE THE "John Bedini/Tom Bearden" SPHERE, look up and read the references by Mr. Dollard and you will see a whole new world that might just explain what you have been experimenting with the whole time. If You choose to do that, you will escape the quantum particle physics BRAINFOG that clouds the understanding of the real science of electricity. Good Luck.

                    Bill Jensen,

                    It would be great to have you contribute to the discussion with what you have seen in your experiments, BUT I DON"T THINK PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO BUY FROM YOU.

                    The reason I am here is to COLLABORATE with like minded people and to BUILD THINGS FOR MY SELF, what you have demonstrated with your three posts is that you do not wish to do that, which is fine (isn't free agency a great thing to have).

                    On a side note, the words "Tesla", "Dollard" and "Scalar" (as used in the title of your first post) go together like peanut-butter and lettuce, a terrible combination (where peanut-butter=Tesla-Dollard and lettuce=scalar). "Scalar waves" don't make sense (some would say its an oxymoron), Longitudinal waves makes a lot more sense and historically was in use first (I've never heard Tesla say "scalar", not even once, I've heard him say longitudinal many many times though), why Tom Bearden decided he needed to coin up a new term for an existing concept I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA. Definitely a terrible word choice on his part, if you ask me. If for some reason I am horribly mistaken and "scalar wave" is a better fit, then please fill free to explain why. I'm not as close minded as I may seem, if there is a REASONABLE explanation I'm all ears.

                    To Everyone,

                    I'm not trying to bash-on or beat-down anyone or their thoughts, but reasonably speaking this is a place for talking about Mr. Dollard's work and for the moment at least, the "Crystal Set Initiative" using telluric reception rather than Hertizan reception, to prove Tesla was right after all and maybe for a little fun as well. So in closing, I don't think we are here to bring up John Bedini or market what ever it is we would like to sell.

                    Garrett M
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                    • And in The Beginning, Versors (1 of 3)

                      (I) What of this thing called versors, and why is it that we should be interested in them? In the most basic conception a versor operator is a means to “move about” in a given dimension or dimensional relation. In an extended conception a versor operator is a means of moving from one dimension into another dimension. In the most general conception versor algebra is the algebra of position.

                      In nature there exists the four polar positions of our moon. This gives four unit versor positions,

                      , new, conjunction

                      , leading, quadrature

                      , full, opposition

                      , lagging, quadrature

                      Hence the Lunar Versor operator,


                      These unit versor positions occur when at a given geographic location the following exact relations exist;

                      Full, moonrise at sunset

                      Lead, moonrise at noon

                      New, moonrise at sunrise

                      Lag, moonrise at midnight

                      This leads to a versor algebraic expression. Hence a natural set of versor relations in quadrapolar form. It should be noted that Nikola Tesla’s original archetypal vision of alternate electric waves was his poetic versor rotation of the Sun-Earth relation. Needless to say versor algebra finds extensive application in alternating current theory. Read first part “Symmetrical Components” by Wagner and “Power and Double Frequency Quantities” by Steinmetz, (from his A.C. book), for advanced concepts.

                      A most important application of versor algebra is the study of complex electric waves in space. There has been no progress beyond the cumbersome and under-developed quaternions of J.C. Maxwell, nor the transverse electromagnetic vector algebra of Oliver Heaviside. This is an important task. Such an electrical condition is found in the propagation of electric waves within transformer windings. The networks of Nikola Tesla and Ernst Alexanderson follow from an analysis of complex electric waves in the common transformer. However this knowledge evades us. It is that the present state of versor algebra has not developed out of its infant form, the square root of negative one. It’s engineering application was founded by C.P. Steinmetz (1898 A.D.) and he also suggested higher order versors as given in his A.C. book, “Roots of The Unit”, and etc. Steinmetz however never applied these to engineering even though their possible application was evident. He later on became rather “stuck up” on his own established work, this a side effect of G.E. using Steinmetz to promote their own image. A more generalized conception of versor algebra was attempted by Alexanderson McFarlane but this also never developed into any engineering applications. This is where versor algebra sits today.

                      (II) The concept of a versor algebra is not new, nor is it limited to electro-dynamics. One of the oldest versor systems is the symbolic representations of the Aboriginals (Indians) of the American Continent. These systems found advanced development in the cultures of Central America. Noteworthy here is the “Mayan Calendar”. In versor symbols this calendar states,

                      For unit,

                      And it is nearing the time


                      Where m is an unknown unit division in a grand cosmic cycle of


                      This in common language, equation one states “Happy Grand New Year”. A versor axis, here given as , raised to a zero power, is like midnight, or the new moon, it is the start of a “new day”.

                      In mechanics there exists the condition called “top dead center”. In electrics there exists the condition called “unity power factor”. In both cases it is a vertical reference, zero degrees, pointing upward. This is expressed by “high noon” on the face of the clock. This hereby establishes the position of a reference versor,

                      (2) unit

                      (III) Another versor system of antiquity is that developed by Pythagoras of Ancient Greece (570 - 495 B.C.) This system is called “Music”. It is based upon the HARMONIC SUBDIVSIONS of an oscillating string, two to one, two to three, four to five, and etc. Each subdivision represents a versor position. This developed into a base seven versor,


                      It is however than n is a fractional and sometimes complex quantity. Therefore music represents a most complex versor system. This versor algebra, or music, found slow development until the era leading to Martin Luther, 1400 A.D. – 1500 A.D. The foremost development of this era is what are known as the “Church Modes

                      It is of interest to note that one Church Mode in particular has a hysteresis loop. The rising scale takes a different path of notes than that path of notes for a descending scale. Here exists a musical analog of a hysteresis cycle. M. Luther (1500 A.D.) published his archetypal musical series using the Church Modes. Of these, his “Ein Fest Burg”, is well known in church music today, it is the “standard”.

                      After 1600 A.D. music found considerable advancement in Italy, mostly thru the efforts of the Italian Priest, Antonio Vivaldi. (1678 – 1741 A.D.) From here forward the use of the church modes was confined to only two out of the complete group. Today these are known as the MAJOR scale, and as the MINOR scale. Transformation between frames of reference known as “keys” (the frequency bands) was not possible until the system of “Equal Temperament” by J.S. Bach (1700 A.D.). Bach’s versor system was based upon the expression


                      This gave one unified versor system of divisions called the chromatic scale. This twelfth root relation is the basis for the diatonic scale of today. It is however that Equal Temperament is at odds with the original percentages, or ratios, of the Pythagorean System. This remains as an unsolved condition in the versor algebra called music.
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                      • And in The Beginning, Versors (2 of 3)

                        During the era following the church modes, the versor expressions of time became increasingly developed. This led to the “Age of Clocks”. Time versor operators became important parts of the music structure. The CANON is the most basic versor relation and it led to the more developed FUGE. Time versor algebra reached its greatest heights in the works of J.S. Bach, 1685 – 1750. In many ways Bach’s work is analogous to that of Steinmetz, and moreover J.S. Bach can verily be regarded the Tesla of the music world. Here is where to begin the understanding of versor algebra. A simple music keyboard, and a set of church modes is all that is required. Listening to the music of J.S. Bach replaces the reading of the equations of C.P. Steinmetz. In many ways the two are the same. As a musical reference is “Switched on Bach” performed by Carlos, in particular Bach’s “Brandenburg Concerto Number Three”.

                        (IV) As for the “Age of Clocks”, the versor positions of the clock face provide a most fundamental and intrinsically basic system for the study of the use of versor operators. The versor operators of music on the other hand provide a most complex but intrinsically heuristic system for the study of the theory of versor operators. For the engineer the clock represents a most important primordial advancement in the conception of versor algebra. It should be noted that the clock, the music keyboard, and the calendar, all serve as analog computers for the expression of versor position in time and/or space. The Grand Pipe Organs of Europe, some with more than 10,000 pipes, stand as the greatest analog computing systems ever to be created. Here engineering rose to heights incapable of being reached today.

                        The clock as an analog computer is a link to the cycles of the Earth, Moon, and Sun, in a manner of resembling that of the American Aboriginals. In the era of the clock, these analog versor systems developed into advanced analogs of the entire solar system, superclocks. These superclocks came to be known as “Planetariums”. In its fundamental expression the common clock involves the most basic cyclic functions. In its simplicity the divisions are equidistant and the hands remain unit length during progress thru the cycle. And importantly, it is divisible into four quadrants. Hence our rudimentary examination of versor operators begins with the ordinary clock face.

                        The basic versor operator for the clock, in hours, is given by the expression


                        And thereby,

                        (4) unit

                        Is the versor operator. This is to say there are 12 hours, or unit divisions, of one complete rotation on the face of the clock. All other degrees of rotation are fractional. Hence the unit division of one hour is represented by the symbol, k. This is the fundamental versor operator of the clock. The expression,

                        (5) unit

                        Is called “Noon”, fig (1). Hence for this versor operator, k, it is




                        (V) Let the versor operator

                        (6) unit

                        Be called Standard Time, fig (2).

                        Let the versor operator

                        (7) unit

                        Be called Daylight Time, Fig (3)

                        Hereby there exists two distinct time frames, let us say Pacific Standard Time, P.S.T. and Pacific Daylight Time, P.D.T. These two time frames now co-exist in the same space. In symbolic form let Standard Time be real, or h time, and let Daylight Time be imaginary, or j time. This is now in accord with A.C. theory, but with a twelfth root rather than a square root. The two versor operators, h and j, are called co-axial versors. This is to say, the h hand, and the j hand are on the same axis, fig (4). Here Daylight Time is a unit DISPLACEMENT on the face of the clock. Depending upon the time frame chosen there now exists the complication of two noons, fig 4a & 4b, but only one noon can be real. Noon by definition is that position in time when the Sun is at its highest position in the sky. This position is evidenced by the condition of a shadow being in its shortest length upon the Earth. This is the reference versor, or top dead center. In the imaginary time frame (P.D.T.) noon in that frame is one unit versor leading, or conversely real noon is one unit versor lagging. This can be expressed as,

                        (8) unit

                        Or simply

                        (9) unit


                        a, real noon
                        b, imaginary noon

                        This is entirely analogous to A.C. theory. Hereby versor theory is now extended beyond its application by Steinmetz, and the versor operator j remains a transform between the real and imaginary co-ordinate systems. The time in the imaginary (P.D.T.) system must be multiplied by the versor operator j in order to transform to the real positions of noon and midnight. This in a way vindicates Steinmetz’s assertion that the most general algebraic number can always be expressed by

                        (11) unit,

                        But this can only be true for the dimension of time.

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                        • And in The Beginning, Versors (3 of 3)

                          In common language, those existing in the imaginary time frame of “Daylight Savings Time” are one over jOUT OF STEP with nature. This represents a 30 degree unit displacement on the face of the 12 hour clock. On a 24 hour cycle imaginary time is 15 degrees OUT OF STEP with the rotation of the Earth. In other words for those in imaginary time, this time is a place on Earth 15 degrees distant from the location of its natural occurrence. Your time is now in a place you are not. In A.C. Terms

                          (12) , percent
                          The Power Factor

                          (13) , percent
                          The Induction Factor


                          (14) unit percent

                          (VI) A common man conception of the versor concept is not complete without a related N.F.G. Historically, the works of J.S. Bach suffered the same fate as the works of Nikola Tesla. Shortly after the death of J.S. Bach (1750) all his important work was thrown into the garbage, this regarded as obsolete junk. If it was not for Herr Forkel, who recovered Bach’s work from the garbage and wrote the first book about Bach, all memory of Bach, and his work, would have been lost forever. Today, it is seen by some, that as with N. Tesla, the works of J.S. Bach is inimitable and profound. But it is of no value to modern society. The music of today has degenerated into the gutter sounds of “Hump N’ Slap,” and “Eubonic Barking Savages”, then the Boom….Boom Boom…….. Accordingly it is seen that the so called Science has followed a parallel path. This is known as “Quantum Mechanics”, the science of delusions. This “Science” in reality is no more than one big “Khazarian Circle Jerk”. And finally? Art! What an absolute joke. To criticize it is like slaying the slain. Today one can obtain a grant from the “Sheisenburg Foundation” to express one’s “artistic talent” by smearing human fecal matter onto a large canvas. Upon calling it “God” it will be worth millions. This is society today, COMPLETELY DEGENERATE.

                          So verily we are lost souls, hence the importance of reconstructing what has been lost to us. And it is to be noted that even Bach and Tesla themselves are only steps on a path, or as said by Heaviside “There is no finality.” But who is going to support this effort, or who is even interested at all? Rest assured that no support will be provided by our Babylonian society. This endeavor is more like becoming a Christian in Ancient Rome, a dangerous undertaking. See the movie “Fahrenheit 451” for an excellent portrayal of what awaits.

                          73 DE N6KPH


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                          • How to adjust M, L, K, C

                            Originally posted by garrettm4 View Post
                            I believe the secondary is made up of maximal inter-turn MUTUAL-capacity K not self-capacity C, hence why you get two resonant frequencies, LC and MK, when doing a frequency sweep of the coil. With special reference to Borderland Science - Transverse & Longitudinal Electric Waves [1988] (Specifically, about 7 minuets into the video)

                            I might be wrong but, you could look at the secondary coil's individual loops as isolated metallic rings in which there is a mutual capacity K between all of them where the lines of dielectric induction are cut buy the individual "rings"(essentially a giant "elastor") frequency is in "per radians" as opposed to radians, next all the winding can be looked at as a single wire and their lines of dielectric induction interacting with the "ground" as a capacitance C, frequency in radians.

                            Its EASY to CONFUSE the two because you can look at an elastor as a capacitor when viewed from coil end-to-end. The understanding of self-induction and mutual-induction is the guiding light that clears this up.

                            Now there is the self-inductance L which is distributed along the coil's length, seen as a single long wire, next there is a mutual-inductance M between the individual windings, seen as a group of separate shorter windings. The magnetic induction of the self-inductance, L, is 90 degrees spatially out of phase of the magnetic induction of mutual-inductance, M. The LOOPS of magnetic induction for L are only along the wire's surface the LINES of magnetic induction M cut, or terminate on, each separate loop, the frequency of L is in radians whereas M is in "per radians". That takes winding a "coil" to the "next level", quite interesting if you ask me.

                            M & K are aligned in the same axis of propagation, both cut, or terminate on, separate "repetitive metallic structures" of the coil (other loops), L & C are 90 degrees spatially out of phase with M & K, and being in the form of self-induction as opposed to mutual induction the whole length of the wire is considered in their calculation as opposed to the individual structures of the coil. Quite complex if you ask me.

                            A helpful reference to the above description is:
                            E. P. Dollard - Condensed Intro to Tesla Transformers [1986] (With specific reference to "Analysis", Figures 6, 7 & 9 and pages 16-31)

                            Now we come to the quadra-polar view of "Voltage and Current" e & I and E & i. Note that Voltage is not the dielectric and current is not the magnetic. EACH TAKE BOTH FORM. The geometry of the space surrounding the ENERGY of DIELECTRIC or MAGNETIC determines whether they are seen as Volts or Amps. Confusing I know, possibly enlightening when fully digested.

                            Some more "food for thought" is looking at things as SERIES or PARALLEL (shunt) ENTITIES. Example; resistance, r, series element, inductance, L, series element, elastance, K, series element, conductance, g, parallel element, capacity, C, parallel element, enductance, M, parallel element. While you can "convert" a parallel element into a series element, such as an elastance into a capacitance, (by using its reciprocal) it doesn't change how the lines of induction are propagated in the element so the conversions are "mental gymnastics" that confuse the mind into thinking they are equivalent. Numerically they are equivalent, Spatially, in terms of axis of propagation, they are not equivalent.

                            In conclusion, an MK wave is different from an LC wave and theoretically you can have MC & LK waves as well. This probably predicts why you can have Transverse-Magnetic TM waves (with Longitudinal-Dielectric LD wave byproduct), Transverse-Electric TE waves (with Longitudinal-Magneto LM wave byproduct) and pure Transverse-Electro-Magnetic TEM waves. As for pure Longitudinal-Magneto-Dielectric LMD propagation, pure MK, little is known and even less is openly available on this subject, aside from Mr. Dollards work.

                            Hope this wasn't off the mark (I'm just a High School dropout so don't take my word for it), hopefully Mr. Dollard will point out any errors in my understanding (or misunderstanding).

                            Garrett M
                            Now that people are starting to complete and play with their TRTs I'm looking for opinions on how to tune or how to know where to tune.

                            Here are a few of my ???

                            On a 20 secondary with spaced windings does approaching the coil with your hand increase its mutual capacity K, or its self capacity C??? but before you answer think what would happen if you had a long straight wire and could measure it's C. What would happen to the meter if you approached the wire?

                            I also have the same ?? Bouncing around in my head about L, and M.

                            Now also seems like a good time to talk about the function of each part?
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                            • Originally posted by garrettm4 View Post
                              To "LOUD" and "Bill Jensen"

                              Bill Jensen,

                              It would be great to have you contribute to the discussion with what you have seen in your experiments, BUT I DON"T THINK PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO BUY FROM YOU.

                              The reason I am here is to COLLABORATE with like minded people and to BUILD THINGS FOR MY SELF, what you have demonstrated with your three posts is that you do not wish to do that, which is fine (isn't free agency a great thing to have).

                              I'm not trying to bash-on or beat-down anyone or their thoughts but, reasonably speaking this is a place for talking about Mr. Dollard's work and for the moment at least, the "Crystal Set Initiative" using telluric reception rather than Hertizan reception, to prove Tesla was right after all and maybe for a little fun as well. So in closing, I don't think we are here to bring up John Bedini or market what ever it is we would like to sell.

                              Garrett M
                              Hi Garrett, thank you for your post, and it is always helpful to get put back on point and track with threads here as it is just way too easy to "wander" I wanted to add that I also think we are here to support each other AND our experience, thoughts and research on such subjects with like minded people and there are some folks here that are also interested in reproducing alot of the experiments and results that are contemplated herein but which can sometimes lack the resources or subject matter expertise, experience, or know how & knowledge to build, deploy or engineer such setups so I personally find Bill's work to be invaluable in this regard, and Bill Jensen's 1 Watt kit, and new 500 watt kit are great ways to jump in if you don't have the ability to do so or the $$$ to afford a "Meylesque" setup of coils, and function generator, etc. Bill's 1 watt kit at a price point of $250-$300 will most definetely get this out to the larger community, schools, researchers and relevenat folks that will be able to reproduce the results of related Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter experiments at a fraction of the price of the Konstantin Meyl kit currently sold for thousands of dollars. For those that are unaware, the Meyl hardware/kit setup attempts to reproduce the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter setup and associated experiments by replacing Tesla's High Tension, hugely prohibitive power requirements with a low tension power system at 1 - 10 Watts and replacing the Tesla steered spark gaps with a simple function generator. Bill Jensen's system further lowers the price of admission while also providing GREAT follow on support while keeping everyone in the loop on his progress, updates and further experiments or additions of knowledge and experience.

                              As well, Bill is very humble from my personal experience in working with him and he has not so far mentioned in the few posts that have been listed here to date, about any of his pioneering work in faithfully and uniquely having reproduced the late Hieronymus Radionic, & Anapathic machines working directly with the Hieronymus estate and having personally preserved a large archive of very valuable and lost or generally unavailable information on same for posterity nor any of his current ground breaking work on Hieronymus termed "Eloptic Energy" and Bill's further experiments and confirmation of same which Bill is currently tying into related Scalar and Longitudinal Wave theory with amazing and sometimes surprising results so I think Bill has alot that he can potentially offer here and as such I'd hate to see him get discouraged so I wanted to present an alternative view for those who do not know him as our personal support is crucial sometimes to good researchers continuing to persevere on doing really good and beneficial work in the midst of financial frustrations and facing the reality of paying your bills. Lastly on my point about helping each other, as you know, it's hard enough to ask for help sometimes (especially individuals who have difficulty with it ) but conversely (and unfortunately in this particular case, ironically) Bill has spent so much time being good natured and generous in not worrying about the commercial implications of his generous support and investment of time with other researchers and big time supports that he gives away freely to further such research to his personal detriment so in his asking for support and assistance while mentioning (ok, even pitching) his machines that are for sale which may also be a great way for folks to jump in and reproduce experiments and results that are contemplated here for those who lack the ability to do so, I personally find to be extremely valuable so it's easy to nudge and remind folks to stay on topic and we can probably overlook a pitch here and there especially if those same folks actually deserve support or have great potential to contribute amazing info and experience as is the case with Bill Jensen.

                              I would like to encourage everyone to take a look at Bill Jensen's 1 watt system if you are too shy to speak up about being unable to reproduce the necessary hardware setups or technology know how here as this is a good and inexpensive entry level setup which provides great value for the price and comes with great follow on support and further sharing of experience and new results from someone who can also provide some very good info and resources in the Radionic Machine and Eloptic Energy areas.

                              For tranparency to everyone, I'm a customer who has purchased the Hieronymus Radionic machine from Mr. Jensen which IMHO is one of the most faithful reproductions available on the market today and which is also extremely powerful which has personally generated some amazing results for me which would prob. also generate alot of skeptics here given the very unique nature of experiments I have been able to perform with this Radionic machine. I am also, full disclosure, currently contemplating a purchase of the Pancake Coils and 1 Watt aforementioned system from Mr. Jensen as I was considering the Meyl setup and kit but it's way out of my price range currently so I'm also the use case I previosuly described above.

                              OK, I'll shutup now



                              • Initial S.F.T.S. video comments:

                                The information contained within the S.F.T.S lecture is mind-blowing! It is also a wonderful compliment to the T-Rex Internet Transmissions posted thus far. The extrapolated ramifications are akin to the old “ant heap being stirred up with a stick”.

                                Sound quality of the video is ok, however there is a distinct echo with the recording, if anyone has any fancy audio editing software, could the audio be cleaned up at all? Neutralize the echo?

                                From initial viewing and listening from the you-tube segments, I found the following parts and quotes rather interesting (although there are many more):

                                Part 2:

                                4.49: The Arc changing in resistance, with respect to time.
                                (Reminds me of a "story" told about a Jacobs ladder arc being pulsed with a laser to open some sort of dimensional gateway - I have no details though).

                                9.00: Synchronous Parameter variation.

                                29:52: “This is what causes objects in space to move towards each other, actually pushed externally, it really is the most sensible view of how gravity operates. But it lead us to conclusions that are very unpopular, because by this type of theory all the planets and the sun have to be hollow, and people don’t like to talk about that”.

                                I found particularly helpful with the understanding, the “Conic Sections”:

                                Part 5:

                                13.20 “The Archetypes of all our equations is all based on this form called the “Conic Sections”.

                                “If we move our plane of reference through this cone we have circles, we have ellipses and we have parabolas, which are all based on the same form. They just represent a different angular displacement”. The angle of the plane. Steinmentz called it ????? (I can’t discern the word).

                                (On the conic sections): “The equations of the circle, which is the sine wave, the equations of the ellipse, which is like a dissipating sine wave or the parabola, which is kind of like a sluggish capacitor discharge into a coil. These are all direct physical producible situations for the geometry, these are all called Archetypes that we build our engineering math on, these very simple relationships”.

                                “If it was taught to you like this in school, you’d be a mathematical genius”

                                Then Eric gets into the Hyperbola, which is like a circle turned inside out, continuing on through to conjugate hyperbola and here begins the Steinmetz symbolic method. Part 5 onwards.

                                Part 8:

                                20:39 “Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get into the last part of this, it shows how I use this to receive waves out of another dimension, so to speak”

                                23.07: “That capacitance in series with the power line sets the time angle back, every time the wave is going through the capacitor station”. - What this does is then, it takes no time for the wave to go from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and the two generators can stay in synchronism but the what power company has done, is made the propagation velocity, through the Alexanderson and Tesla principals; infinite”.
                                “So there is no time delay in energy propagation, now this is a practical example utilized by the utility companies to bring the two spatially separated items into one unit dimension, in the dimension of time, by neutralizing space”.

                                “This is one way, this is how Tesla would transmit. He wouldn’t transmit by transmitting the energy (forcing), he worked on the principal that energy is brought into one, by a mutual relationship, where there is no velocity. In Counterspace it’s a counter-velocity, the further apart you are in Counterspace, the closer you are together”.

                                Further viewing required for better comment.
                                It seems the end of Part 8 ties in well with the most recent "And in the Beginning" transmission. I love it.

                                Thank you Mr Dollard.
                                (and support volunteers)!
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