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Peter, whatever happened with Eric P. Dollard?

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  • Since I am above Maine [opposite end of the country] - can someone in Cal make an effort to get a hold of Eric.

    Seems like as a group - we owe him something more than nothing.

    I certainly do. His writing is prolific and the experiments make complete sense.


    • General Response

      Greetings All,

      I will begin to formulate explanations for you all as time goes on but the violence I have suffered will make it hard;

      First my paper - Symbolic Representation of Alternating Electric Wave.
      Second - Ernst Gillimen, Vol 1 Communication Networks.
      Third - Carl Steinmetz, Impulses, Waves & Discharges.

      Read these books, that is necessary to understand my work.

      Also, force the S.F. Tesla Society to release my work and stop censoring me. Ask them also why they did not inform the public of what happened to me. (Are they a Lawrence Livermore front?)

      I need all of you to complain to San Bernardino County that they let Olin Bales take my stuff and ransom my site. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, or my telluric wave (earthquake) work will be lost forever.

      Thank you all if you do this

      73 DE N6KPH

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      • Post Script

        ps - I have a new friend here in the Mojave desert that is going to help me construct a new website that will include whatever Tesla information I can recover as well as PayPal options for those who wish to help out financially

        73 DE N6KPH

        Purchase Eric Dollard's Books & Videos - 70% of the sale goes to Eric and EPD Laboratories: Eric Dollard Books & Videos
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        • Eric, sorry to hear the great trouble these people are causing you.

          Get that site up, help people understand your work and I am sure people will donate money to you. I myself will be sending you a PayPal donation as soon as you get that account set up.

          Personally, I think you should publish a new book and I believe it will sell very well. You are quite respected and there are a lot of people who would love to hear more from you. I don't think locking yourself away in the desert does anyone any good and is exactly what those oppressing your work want.

          I doubt the SF Tesla Society will do the right thing, those societies are usually placed up and ran by Fed informants to make sure people don't get too close to the truth about Tesla's work as William Lyne pointed out so well.

          Here is the website for those who are courageous enough to send them an email and tell them to do the right thing by Eric and society and release those videos Eric made!

          About Us


          • Suggestion to Help Eric

            Thanks SilverToGold,

            Everyone who has a desire to help Eric should join the Tesla forum--

            Politely, and succinctly, from the inside of the "forum" work to apprise the forum members of the injustice done by the group to Eric--do so by sensible questions and courtious questions--don't flame or subject the forum members to the injustices done to Eric--
            Ask admins for answers.



            • I'm glad to see your still around Eric. Everyone else has basically said all I'd say so I'd just be repeating them. I did finish photocopying Travelling Waves on Transmission Systems if you wanted it let me know. Also Mr T-Rex you have mail

              Scribd account;


              • Sincerely speaking...
                I know Eric knows a big amount of useful information and he would share it with us. Eric is saying that he suffered from other people acts (thing that I believe). And he wants to give us information.

                In the other part he is asking for some funding to build again an installation to continue the research and share the info with us. My question is that I respect Eric as a Guru about Tesla, but you know Eric knows priceless information and he can get big amounts of money from his knowledge.
                Maybe he needs to be guided by a financial specialist and an enterpreneur.

                I will bet that a lot of people would make millions of $ with the 10% of the knowledge that Eric has in that field. So.. imagine about you!
                And sharing... What a better place to share that this forum?

                there is something that I cannot complete understand...


                • I just emailed them then asking for an explanation as to why they've done this and urged them to give the work to you Eric. We shall see how that goes.

                  Scribd account;


                  • Dear Eric.

                    Originally posted by T-rex View Post
                    ps - I have a new friend here in the Mojave desert that is going to help me construct a new website that will include whatever Tesla information I can recover as well as PayPal options for those who wish to help out financially

                    73 DE N6KPH
                    Dear Eric Dollard; 73 DE N6KPH; T-Rex.

                    (An edited version of a personal email I was drafting, I will send personal email and properly introduce myself).

                    I am truly saddened by your situation that you have recently described. I am really sorry to hear that your pet Coyote has been taken away. I’m sure that would have really made you mad, perhaps even more so than the car and military gear. The loss of your Mojave research facility at 57474 Linn Rd. CA, along with your cars, tools, notes and everything else; must also be extremely hard to bare. As for other parties trying to entrap you, I am appalled to hear that too. I really don’t understand how or why all of this can happen to you Eric. - Actually I can imagine why, but it should never be the case especially in America and to you.

                    Your situation really makes me sad, angry and rather stunned, more than these words can covey to you.

                    All of your work regarding things of an electrical nature, has been a true inspiration to me. I have studied and admired your personality, knowledge, hard work, delivery and teachings in the books, videos & recordings that are available if sought after. Those together already contain the information that is of the highest order! Your postings here on the Energetic forum were also wonderful. I have the “8 Commandments” you posted, hanging over my desk.

                    I know it is hard to accept praise, especially since you say you are living in it destitute in the desert. It would also be difficult to accept help too, in light of the entrapment problems, violence and the like.

                    However you do have my unconditional support! I can help lobby the San Bernardino County, the San Francisco Tesla Society and I too will offer financial support within my means to do so. - There is only so much one can do from all the way down-under Australia however. Nevertheless you have many concerned fans here too and I know we, and others from around the world will rally together and offer you the unconditional help, support and the assistance you deserve.

                    I myself already wrote the San Francisco Tesla Society email(s) requesting information, on your lectures and I even considered flying over and attending one of them, when I saw the lecture advertised on their website. I wrote to them ask for details and requested them to please record those lectures, as I could not attend. However all of my email(s) and requests and offers have been ignored so far. Not even a courteous reply. I have looked up everything concerning your recent post including the LCS-102 WW-II navy vessel, Lone pine radio, San Bernardino county supervisor's office, all of it.

                    Hope you find some insight in the Spirit world of Inyo and I am glad to hear you have a friend in the Mojave desert helping you. That is a good start. Don’t despair Eric, we are listening..! God speed. Good luck.

                    Love and Light,
                    Michael. (Aus).
                    "Doesn't matter how many times you kick the coyote in the head, it's still gonna eat chickens". - EPD


                    • Complain to the San Bernardino County.

                      For those who wish to help complain to the San Bernardino County, concerning Olin Bales injustice against Eric Dollards research site and belongings etc; I have found this info and links.

                      Landers CA, is located in the Third District, of San Bernardino County. Landers is an unincorporated community. The Third District’s Supervisor is Neil Derry.

                      Third District - Contact Supervisor Derry

                      County of San Bernardino > Board of Supervisors > 3rd District

                      County of San Bernardino, California - Official Web Site

                      Supervisor Neil Derry
                      385 N. Arrowhead Avenue, 5th Floor
                      San Bernardino, CA 92415-0110
                      Telephone: (909) 387-4855
                      Telephone: (909) 866-0140 (Big Bear)
                      Telephone: (760) 228-5400 (Yucca Valley)
                      Fax: (909) 387-3018

                      There maybe better (higher) persons to complain to than Neil Derry, but perhaps a good start. See maps, district lists etc.
                      "Doesn't matter how many times you kick the coyote in the head, it's still gonna eat chickens". - EPD


                      • What means 73 DE N6KPH?


                        • It is a term among Amateur Radio guys. Good day and Good Bye. It is easier to "key" this signature, using International Morse Code, than to spell out the letters, so we learned a shorthand - of Q's and numbers, that instantly were recognized, by others that knew the code.

                          Cheers - VE1BGY


                          • Energy Defined

                            I will conclude my complaint about the horrid events terminating my research here and now. I will hence leave it to others to investigate. Hereby; find Olin Bales by contacting Roy Stolti, the person who was site security guard (email me for his phone number he will provide the necessary information as to what are the terms of the ransom set by Olin Bales to recover what might be left of the site. This is the starting point for an investigation. Further investigations can be derived by the key words that follow;
                            1 Bolinas / Commonweal
                            2 Canning / Integratron
                            3 Greenpeace / Point Reyes National Seashore
                            4 S. F. Tesla Society / Livermore Labs
                            5 See S. F. Tesla Society website, “The Bolinas Incident.”
                            You must pick up from here I can have no further negativity in my life without damaging my mind.

                            Now, why are we all gathered here? The focus is on “Energy”, but what is energy, and why is it so important to everyone anyway? It seems somewhat obsessive. The definition of it is the ability to do work, but vernacular has broadened this so now energy can mean almost anything. This must stop.

                            Energy in its most arch-typical form is embodied in the phenomenon of Electricity, but what is Electricity? Now our wheels even more stuck in the mud! But we have important clues, namely that of polarity, not plus or minus so much but more like male or female. This thought follows from Goethe to Tesla and Steinmetz. Thus Electricity, in order to manifest, a UNION must develop. This is the union of the “male”, or projective, and “multiplied by” the “female”, or receptive. Hereby, the male is the dielectric field in counterspace (of per centimeters), and the magnetic field or female in space (of centimeters squared). Space in c.m. squared is what you pay for in “real estate”, counterspace in per c.m. is the space between the lines on a ruler, or between molecules in a crystal.

                            For the Electricity extant between a pair of wires in your lamp cord, the closer the wires, the more capacitance, and thus the more Dielectricity. Conversely, for the same cord, the farther apart the wires, the more inductance and thus the more Magnetism. Therefore it is seen that the smaller the space (the more counterspace) the more Dielectricity that can be stored, and conversely the larger the space between the wires (the more real estate) the more Magnetism that can be stored. Very simple, do not let your mind make it any more complicated than that!

                            Now let us reach out for a few quantative relations: The product (line, cross, or dot – unrestricted) of the total amount of Dielectricity multiplied by the total amount of Magnetism (when both are in union) gives the total quantity of Electricity. We will call this quantity of Electricity the letter “Q” and name this “The Planck” after Max Planck. For the Einsteinischen dimensions of the Planck are Energy – Time, but let us not think backwards – ass. Saying this in engineers lingo, the quantity of Electricity Q is given as Watt – Seconds – Seconds or Watt Seconds squared.

                            Now, in one foot of lamp cord, bounded between the wires, I have say, one million Plancks of electric induction. The frequency is 60 cycles (377 radians) per second. Thusly the quantity of Plancks Q is being produced or consumed at a time rate of 377 radians per second, or in other words, Plancks per second, Q divided by t, the ratio of Q to t, etc. Hence the time rate of variation of the quantity of electric induction hereby gives; Watt seconds squared per second or dividing out, gives Watt seconds. But Watt seconds is the dimensions of energy. Well golly-gee Mr. Wizard, we have defined energy! And hereby energy is defined as the time rate of the production or consumption of the electric induction, or Q divided by t gives W.

                            It is that simple. So push the “Erase Button” on your head for two notions: Energy is the product of mass times the velocity of light squared, erased? Next, Electricity is the flow of electrons in wire, erased? Good!

                            Now I must go find if I can fix my car and if I can get on welfare. We possibly can continue at some future interval in time.

                            73 DE K6KPH

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                            • Eric,

                              Get that Paypal account set up. I have a feeling you won't need welfare with the kind folks on this forum backing you up. I am willing to sacrifice my little bit of spending money to help you get back on your feet.

                              I think the people of this forum would rather see you have time to share what you know rather than spending time fighting for a little sum of money. I certainly would anyway.

                              I pledge $100 to you right now if you can provide me with a Paypal account to submit the money to. I will give more when I cash my next paycheck in a few days.

                              Good Luck,



                              • Do you still have control over the AMERICAN MARCONI FOUNDATION website?

                                If you do, you can easily set up a donation button on there and link it to your personal Paypal account.

                                How to Set Up a Donation PayPal Account |