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Tesla coil aligns carbon nanotubes into a wires

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  • Tesla coil aligns carbon nanotubes into a wires

    Any hypothesis as to the mechanism of action here?

    CNTs placed within the Teslaphoretic (TEP) field polarize and self-assemble into wires that span from the nanoscale to the macroscale, the longest thus far being 15 cm. We show that the TEP field not only directs the self-assembly of long nanotube wires at remote distances (> 30 cm) but can also wirelessly power nanotube-based LED circuits.
    Reconfigured Tesla coil aligns, electrifies materials from a distance

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    I thought that tesla did this already

    what I remember reading about it is that he drove the tesla coil at 1/4 the resonant wavelength and that the energy created could be reflected by shiny surfaces (painted cardboard, plastic, copper, ...)
    the energy could charge insulators at a distance and depending on the tuning could make it positive or negative

    I looked and can't figure out where I read that to go check, so hopefully I am pretty close to correct

    edit, remembered more
    it was driven with pulsing DC, everything was set up so that no current flowed backward at any point in time
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      Originally posted by indio007 View Post
      Any hypothesis as to the mechanism of action here?

      Reconfigured Tesla coil aligns, electrifies materials from a distance
      Although I sent you a PM on this I will also make a post.

      I am not positive 100% here. I'm speculating based on what I know so far about carbon fiber, graphite, and it's history together with it's potential uses.
      The mechanism here is (I think) magnetism. Carbon/graphite has a crystalline structure which essentially functions as a ferro-metal but without being metal obviously.

      Technically this becomes a complex explanation of induced spin states at the atomic level within the materials themselves, but the basic idea is how it behaves like a magnetic field. The way I understand this is that energy which is projected through graphite compounds creates a magnetic field, and which is normally perpendicular to the charge flow: The material is itself electrically conductive which therefore means it has an induced electromagnetic field.

      In order to create connecting tubes the crystalline structure must lay in the proper orientation, but as long as this happens the resultant energy flow will produce the magnetic field, and thus the tube will self align and connect with each other. As well as then attempting to back-track to the energy source physically as shown in the video.

      Graphite and carbon compounds were first used in attempts to disguise surfaced submarines in World War II. Later aircraft employed graphite composites such as the Lockheed F-117 Night Hawk and the earlier Lockheed SR-71.

      Radar, or microwaves, passing over/through a graphite induces a magnetic field and we know that a HF wave like a microwave follows a spiral path towards the magnetic field. Thus the radar beam is bent away from the aircraft as it is reflected. This suggests that the lay and orientation of a composite plane built with radar absorbing/reflecting materials must be done with precision so as to have all the outlaying materials oriented properly so that they work together. Before super-computers the best way to assure success in this was to use flat panel composites and hence we ended up with the F-117 Stealth.

      While marveling at the potential uses the aware will recognize there that these materials also hold potentials not previous dreamed of in influencing or controlling the human mind. Materials which can penetrate the blood brain barrier hold the potential to physically control the mental activities of life since we know that a magnetic field does itself do this. A population seeded with microscopic fibers which can do this could also become virtual zombies were there to be a broadcasting mechanism that could then exploit this quality.

      This is very life like behavior. Personally I could never consent to working on this project for ethical reasons.
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