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  • Originally posted by Aaron View Post
    Hi Serg,

    He is encouraged by the positive letters of support he is receiving at this Lone Pine address. Eric has been busy with with paperwork for a local project there.

    I received a 12 or so page letter from him that he wants me to post. I'll just scan it in for everyone - it is Eric's statement about everything going on. I'll scan it in Wednesday if my new printer gets here on time.
    That's great news! Looking forward to reading it.

    Also just a quick show of support to Eric (and Aron). Eric has made things very clear concerning the unfortunate controversy of late regarding EPD labs, Ray Savant etc. Anybody with half a brain can see that Eric is NOT on drugs, completely healthy in mind and very hard working in his projects.

    Aron has been unfairly targeted by certain factions and I would recommend anyone who is thinking of adding to it, to look closely at the facts with an open mind. Aron has tried to help Eric to get his stuff published the proper way, so he can get some more than needed compensation for his hard work from the books that he's written and the knowledge he's shared.

    I think it is time to draw a line under all of this and move on. Let's concentrate our time and energy on the present and future, god knows there's a lot of work to be done if we want to make a change for the better.

    Keep up the good work Aron, and please let me know if I can help in any way? Eric has taught me a lot already and I can't wait to learn more.

    All the best,



    • Scanned letteR?

      Originally posted by Aaron View Post
      Hi Serg,

      He is encouraged by the positive letters of support he is receiving at this Lone Pine address. Eric has been busy with with paperwork for a local project there.

      I received a 12 or so page letter from him that he wants me to post. I'll just scan it in for everyone - it is Eric's statement about everything going on. I'll scan it in Wednesday if my new printer gets here on time.
      Any news on this letter? Cheers!


      • Testament of Eric P. Dollard - Part 1

        Download a copy here:



        Until now, I have remained silent, for the most part, about events existing in my name. This interval of silence allowed for the study of the situation. It has also gave the "NEFARIUM" the ability sing at their natural frequency without distraction.
        Some time ago, I was alerted by an alarmed friend that my name was being used on the Internet without my knowledge or permission. I had no idea that an "" existed, started by someone called Muhamed. It sounded like trouble, the material he presented had no relation to reality. This Muhamed verily has become trouble in my life.
        I made an attempt to correct the outlandish statements and other inaccuracies by posting a statement of facts. This was done on my T-Rex channel on the Energetic Forum. Then I discovered Muhamed caused it to be withdrawn so as to keep active the falsehoods existing in my name. This posting is shown in Appendix (1).
        Contacting this Muhamed I insisted he see me in person to set things right. When he arrived, I was to be engaged in his video session of my Coyote Life in the bushes along with my hostile personality. Little did I know that Muhamed would manipulate and distort my statements into a plethora of falsehoods bearing my name.
        The interval of silence is over. There is a time for silence, a time for singing, for eating, etc., but now is the time to bite.

        What follows is a condemnation of those perpetrate miseries upon my life. I am sick of it. These perpetrators gather under the name of Aether Force. There are four individuals here so it is natural to call them, "The Gang of Four", a metaphor on Chinese History. See Appendix (2). The singular ability of these people to lie and connive is truly remarkable. They have gone thru great effort to steal my identity, defame me in public, defame me in the minds of my business contacts, and hi-jack my work and effort, mis-directing it into their own delusional self-glory.
        The Gang of Four initially came to "Help Eric", Yes, but then it came time to help themselves to Eric and lead me into their quicksand pit. Identifying these people by name is not important now, the heat knows its own wickedness. Look at them on Aether Force.
        In the long run, I am unaffected by their pathological behavior, I do not live in their dimension, nor would I want to. My life has no Internet, Twittering, Facebook, Cillyphones & Maggot Pods. I do not watch CNN. I live in my Corolla deep in the wilderness of God's Creation. Why should I care about what the Babylon that I despise thinks about me, it has as much relevance in my life as the surface temperature of Mars. However, this Muhamed is a create of the Criminal Underworld and it is yet to be seen how far he is willing to go.

        It is known that I have undergone situations like this again and again, a continuing dismal cycle. The outcome is always the same, everything is looted or destroyed and I am left somewhere destitute. Some convincing story follows on how I brought it on myself and deserved what happened to me. And then out of destitution, I get snapped up by another batch of reptiles and the process starts all over again. This is normal social behavior in America, to rape anyone who has no recourse or defense against predation, especially if you have something they covet.
        However, in this cycle some things are different. Now I am at an age in which a pension is provided, it is no longer possible to put me into a state of destitution or helplessness. Now I can migrate even deeper into the wilderness with no need to come back out.
        Something else is different now, something particularly disturbing to the The Gang of Four, it is that a few people have decided to come to my defense, and are fighting against the nefarious ones. In reaction, the Gang retaliates with defamation and even death threats against those who would defend me, such as would be expected from the criminal minded.

        It is clear that from the start, The Gang of Four never intended to assist me in regaining the ability to continue my work, but had covertly planned to discard me once I had served as a stepping stone in their self-induced narcosis of fame & glory.
        A certain process is at work here, it has presented itself time and time again. It can be explained by analogy as follows:
        (1) Track down the goose that lays the Golden Egg, it is elusive and very hard to find.
        (2) To capture the goose, lure it out of the bushes with irresistible food tidbits until it gets close enough to share in a trap.
        (3) While it is captive, feed it lavishly in order to gain the largest possible Golden Egg.
        (4) Become anxious and kill the goose, cutting it open to extract possible Golden Egg.
        (5) Now fling the useless carcass of the goose over the side to be eaten by the crabs and worms.
        (6) Revel over the egg but discover that since it was not allowed to develop, it is not made of gold, it is made of lead. Scrap the lead egg for any kind of redemption value.
        (7) Curse and denounce the goose for not keeping its part of the "deal" and not showing gratitude for the food it received while in captivity.
        (8) The goose that lays the Golden Egg brought this on itself and deserves its fate, on the ocean floor. The crab's delight.

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        • Testament of Eric P. Dollard - Part 2

          The Gang of Four, and the kindred that have preceded them in times past, represent a distinct sub-species of the Human Race. This particular sub-species here will be denoted by the term "Haole." The standard definition of this term is given in Appendix (3). Its meaning is extended here beyond race, creed, or nationality.
          Since the Haole exists as an organism, it can be analyzed from a biological standpoint. The primordial forces, which drive the Haole are derived from a condition of hormonal imbalance, this caused by glandular dysfunction. Toxic environmental conditions and synthetic or degenerate foods act to create this dysfunction. It finds expression quite often in sex enhancement drugs in tandem with a six wheel pickup truck. Numerous other expressions are possible, as varied as the sub-species itself.
          What is most notable is the singular ability of this sub-species to lie. The Haole is a most effective liar because the Haole can make its own mind actually believe the lie. Moreover, everything in the life of the Haole is also a lie, in fact, biologically, the Haole itself is a lie. How this sub-species can thrive is one of the greatest paradoxes in science.
          When this sub-species groups together in numbers it turns the lie into a social disorder. The projected normalcy of the social lie, and the individual Haole's hysterical defense of it, creates a particularly dangerous situation. This behavioral trait gives this sub-species a hatred for anything not part of its social lie. This is what becomes dangerous, each individual Haole becomes its own self-appointed or automatic fascist. With an almost religious fervor, the Haole seeks to destroy that which contradicts a specific social life. This is a fascinating subject, important to study in today's world. For further analysis, one is directed to the writings of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, particularly, "The Mass Psychology of Fascism."
          As a Feral Human, for me to engage in any relation with this pathological sub-species always brings the same destructive outcome. In accord Haoles are known to main and torture coyotes, if not kill them outright. This goes with the pickup truck. The analogy is striking since I live with the Coyotes.
          The Haole is fraught with disorders in both mind and body and exists as a pathogen, destructive of life around it. This creature is best avoided.

          Now we come to the situation of the so called "Lab". The laboratory is the lead egg of The Gang of Four, AND I am the carcass of the goose. This so-called laboratory was only a vision of glory brought about by a hormonal imbalance. Now it is soon to be another expense and problem in my life, the very thing I did not want.
          There is another new difference in my life this time around. The destruction of my Mojave Research facility in Landers has wiped out my physical resources and left me quite disabled. Everything is gone, even my pet coyote. It cannot be replaced there is not more going to R.C.A. for tubes or antenna hardware, or to Bell Telephone for repeater parts. Gone are the surplus stores as well as the industries that supplied them. Gone are all the renewal Toyota parts as well as the RA and TE cars themselves. Even the 8 foot C.B. antennae have vanished. After the Mohave disaster, gone is my massive inventory of these items. And remember, this was brought on by all those to came to "HELP ERIC!" Everything has been destroyed in the American tradition. How is it going to be possible to replace these items and who is going to pay for it? And then to just lose it all again.
          So now what I am supposed to do in a "New Lab" that I cannot afford or equip? There were some remarkable equipment donations in progress to provide much important equipment but the action of The Gang of Four scared off the donors, now there is nothing. Moreover, the defamatory efforts of The Gang will make the fundraising difficult. It may be best if the Golden Goose just stay in the bushes, don't you think?
          However, it would be unfortunate to abandon the situation since a considerable effort has gone into getting a building and some important equipment. But this is all quite incomplete and very much more is required before something usable develops. How do I pay for this out of my limited income, which only supports my feral life and projects?
          A statement of some of the costs will give the magnitude of the expense. 80 kilodollars has already been consumed to get this far, and I must pay for this back to divorce The Gang of Four. This is a good start to finish making the building habitable in its environment of noise and pollution is about 15 kilodollars. The materials for the electrical system cost about 15 kilodollars. And another 5 kilodollars for labor. Auxiliary equipment and transformers made for the transmitters is another 10 kilodollars. Tools, parts and test gear is another 5 kilodollars. And whatever else, like the operating costs. The grand total of 130 kilodollars. Now where is that kind of money to be found, while The Gang disrupts fundraising?

          Regarding E.P.D. Laboratories, no public fanfare was to be created, it was to be kept somewhat secret. E.P.D. Laboratories is intended to be a renewal of certain aspects of Bell Telephone Laboratories. As some may know, "The Phone Company" did a little more than just provide telephone service. Bell Telephone Engineering is a very important part of my telluric electric wave work. Certain interests are attempting an effort to create an "Area 52" out in the dead desert for a telluric system. By its nature, the work of E.P.D. Laboratories is confidential, for the most part. The Cosmic Induction Generator is the exception to this.
          The directors of E.P.D. Laboratories requires some form of Bell System background, and are subject to certain security issues. Then it came to pass that Muhamed was to be put on the Board of Directors of E.P.D. Laboratories. At this point, The Gang of Four had gone too far and I slammed on the brakes. In retaliation, this Muhamed is dragging the name of my efforts thru the gutters of Istanbul and God only knows where else. A vision came to my mind upon learning of Muhamed's take-over, and I found its manifestation on the Internet. It is his own iconic edification he proudly displays, shown in Appendix (4).

          So this is the "State of the Union" and it is N.F.G. As usual, there is nothing I can do about it, and of course, "I brought it on myself." Now I am 61, not 19, and the glory days of the U.S. Navy are long distant memories. R.C.A. and the Bell System are long dead and statistically, I will also be dead in the not so distant future. I am the sole survivor of another world that exists no more, and today's world cares not and knows not of that world. Consequently, the engineering infrastructure is also dying. Soon the X-Box Phantasia will become a physical manifestation, for the penultimate destructive glory. Tragic, but well deserved.
          One salvation in my own cycle of events is the increasing public interest and support of my efforts, no matter what they might be. This supportive effort has resulted in a considerable amount of new writing, the first book will be out soon. When one lives in the bush, mathematics becomes the equipment. Derivatives and functions become the components instead of coils and capacitors. I started this on benches in Golden Gate Park decades ago, eating out of the trash. These writings now carry the Borderland name. Now adequate donations exist for more extensive writing and no digging in the trash for food.
          But is public support available of the magnitude required to complete and outfit a laboratory building? Is it even possible to go one more round, will the world even last that long? Only time will tell.

          73 DE N6KPH


          (1) Techzombie's Post -, Eric's response a couple months later, which David Webster deleted without Eric's knowledge or consent - it was recovered:

          (2) The Gang of Four,

          (3) Definition of Haole, Haole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          (4) Ray Savant's Avatar: motorcyclesFTW shake

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          • JS Bach and Engineering Mathematics...??

            He guys...

            Ive heard Eric talk about the music of JS Bach and the profound influence it has had on him in some of his lectures...Does anybody know where or if I can find more in-depth info on how this music specifically relates to Eric's new Verser Algebra and Engineering Skills?? THanks


            • Originally posted by logician3 View Post
              He guys...

              Ive heard Eric talk about the music of JS Bach and the profound influence it has had on him in some of his lectures...Does anybody know where or if I can find more in-depth info on how this music specifically relates to Eric's new Verser Algebra and Engineering Skills?? THanks
              Science and logic alone are not enough to comprehend the aether and how energy flowed through it and from within it. Eric looked to the legendary mathematician Charles P Steinmetz and to Oliver Heaviside for answers. Their censored writings revealed that they too had taken this battle for truth upon themselves and were met with the same resistance. In their mathematics and Tesla's experiments lie the key to unlocking the aether but there was one element missing to decipher the riddle.

              Johannes Sebastian Bach and his music held the answer. The multi-dimensional organ music of Bach began to reveal an organic matrix to Eric. He began to see the work of Bach as a culmination of the same thread of natural science exposed by Pythagoras of Samos. The aether and the energy it produced was not some mechanical construct and thus pure mechanics and mathematics alone could not represent it. The aether was an organic energy matrix and it was as responsible for the static electricity in the air as it was for the plants that grow from the ground and the animals that walk the earth. Eric had begun to step out of the world of pure science and into the metaphysical.

              Eric noticed in his experiments that when he ran this special electricity of Tesla's through wood or other organic matter that it would burn tree like etchings into it. They looked like the branches of trees and their dimensions reflected the golden ratio. Going a step further Eric noticed that when this energy was transmitted within vacuum bulbs that galactic formations and cosmic arrangements would form within the bulbs. It was as if he was looking through the Hubble telescope through a light bulb on his lab bench. Further experiments revealed the fractal organic nature of all matter. The aether theory became all the stronger the more one compared the cosmic and organic.

              This should get you started and you can get all the required info on Bach and his musical theories and how they were created with this book:

              J.S.Bach by Albert Schweitzer (1923 or after english edition)

              You must also understand the ether and electricity and there are loads of books that can help with these.

              Hope this helps,



              • Eric left a very important question at the end of his piece

                "But is public support available of the magnitude required to complete and outfit a laboratory building?"

                I am surprised noone has yet responded to that question. It did seem to me that something like that was happening before the 'gang of four' debacle occurred. There did seem to be quite a lot of public support for that idea and financial and practical support was being given. I for one was contributing regularly although I am also a pensioner and not wealthy. Is there no hope of re-building something from the ashes? I am waiting for Eric's book and I will buy it. But I would prefer to see Eric actually building stuff as well as writing. Crowdfunding seemed to work once. Why are we not doing it again? Is there noone now in a position to organise it?


                • Hendershot Generator

                  Hendershot Generator:
                  We are now into our second build after denouncing the first information as scam material and little do the perpetrators understand how bitterly they will suffer in later life and will suddenly realise, too late, the damage they have done to themselves.

                  Now into my 3rd home-made capacitor build which is said to be the 'heart' of the device.
                  Some difficulty here in obtaining two with the same characteristics.
                  Waiting on non polarised capacitors to arrive and will present some pictures when completed.
                  This is a very close replication of the 'Archive' schematic and believe we have some sort of an understanding as to how it works.
                  Arthur Aho and Ed Skilling have been present with an actual build and have passed on invaluable material and later more from JG Gallimore.

                  Have had to put the Vacuum Tubes aside to complete this project but will be coming back shortly.

                  Aetheric Weather Engineering:
                  Believe I have a perception of success with the latest test running of the David Wells Machine where we have received record rains for September after a prolonged dry spell.
                  Beginning now to understand how it works and have a larger machine in mind.

                  Aaron, thankyou for the message from Eric.



                  • thanks to Eric Dollard, and vid to share

                    wow great work everyone

                    just wanted to share some stuff in case people havent seen

                    TMT 5 : Tesla Magnifier: Colorado Springs Model - YouTube

                    i felt it was necessary to put together a miniature of reasonably accurate proportions of Tesla's Colorado laboratory of 1899-1900.

                    very interesting to observe a more free ringing resonator of equal height and width, being fed directly by a preamplified current and prescribed frequency.

                    503.4 kHz Target Freq
                    L1 5 turn 22" diameter 14 gauge
                    39.98uH and 2.5 nF tank circuit
                    L2 31 turn 22" diameter 24 gauge
                    930 uH and 48pF self capacitance 2141" wire length
                    **L3 165 turn 4.13" diameter 4.13" tall 24 gauge
                    1888.1uH and 4.8 pF self capacitance 2141" wire length
                    Topload Capacitance 25 cans = approx 47.2 pF
                    (equal wire lengths)
                    ** corrections from said in video diagram

                    interesting to note the self cap of secondary was almost the same as the resonator topload capacitance, maybe coincidence

                    and here is vid 6 trying a larger master oscillator and remotely positioned resonator.
                    i was surprised to see it come so alive from just the single base injected currents, rising purely through series LC resonant action, not simply crudely and violently trying to induce the resonator from primary induction, a little more refined

                    TMT 6 Tesla Magnifier: New Master Oscillator and Resonator - YouTube
                    Attached Files
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                    In the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities.
                    In the expert's mind there are few.
                    -Shunryu Suzuki


                    • J S Bach - Albert Schweitzer

                      J S Bach - Albert Schweitzer:

                      J.S. Bach Volume 1 : Albert Schweitzer : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive



                      • Originally posted by orgonaut314 View Post
                        I am still in the very early stage of coil design and had a few headaches over copper choice.

                        I will try now a litze construction with either 7x0,25mm or 10x0,2mm very cheap coper from an old trafo or from normal wire. With holes of 1,6mm in the wood I will get the right spacing of 62% I hope.

                        My only worry is that my whole construction primary and secondary will have a little low volume. The primary has a sheet thickness of 0,07mm. I might try two layers. Volume = 5,5cm3.

                        This coil should work at 3 MHz.
                        great job man, you will be glad you made enough upright supports, and thru holes.
                        if too spaced, the wires flip over eachother, and without going thru holes, the tension of the winding will loosen earlier turns from the upright supports collapsing

                        ...anyway you won't have those problems

                        one thing to read before you wind, is "Practical Magnifier Construction Principals" PDF
                        i regret not using different gauges for my sec and resonator, they should be big, smaller, smallest. Tesla's patent indicates they could be the same thickness (sec/ resonator) but from observing modern magnifier builds of Golka, Wingate, Hull and others, whom are close to Eric's level have discovered thru experiment that there are many things the "casual coiler" ignores which should be given deep consideration.

                        anyway, not saying anyone here is casual, but this was amazing info
                        Tesla Magnifier System

                        and the 13M story, (magnifier project #13 of Will Wysock N6UXW) with 14M plans below
                        The 13M Story
                        In the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities.
                        In the expert's mind there are few.
                        -Shunryu Suzuki


                        • RCA Book coming Tuesday!

                          I just got back from Eric's lab down in the Nevada desert.

                          Here is a video talking about Eric's suppressed RCA Book, which we'll be
                          launching this coming Tuesday.


                          Give the vid a thumbs up to show your support for Eric's work!
                          Aaron Murakami

                          Books & Videos
                          RPX & MWO


                          • 2 Eric Dollard Videos

                            On Eric P. Dollard - Official Homepage - in the right column, there are two videos that you all probably have already watched.

                            One is The History and Theory of Electricity (previously mislabeled by others at the Theory of Anti-Relativity) and the other is Origin of Energy Synthesis. You can watch them both on Eric's homepage.

                            Below each embedded video are links to a zip file with these vids that show Eric's real homepage address - feel free to download them and pass them around or upload them to YouTube to help support Eric. They are subtitled with, which actually is authorized by Eric.

                            Any video showing a website other than is NOT authorized by Eric and is an imposter site, which was setup without Eric's permission. These two videos are the only versions that are authorized by Eric for free distribution.

                            Here are the zip files for your convenience:


                            Aaron Murakami

                            Books & Videos
                            RPX & MWO


                            • Thanks for the update Aaron.

                              A quick update from me, partially relevant to the subject; I'm currently writing from here

                              I've been in France for nearly 3 weeks, will be back in a few days and (physical) work shall begin on the project(s). Current camp is 50 metres or so from the beach, this was just after sunset last night

                              At one of the other beaches

                              And finally, the ceiling of a little old church on the top of a cliff in Normandie I believe. The usual four letters are written in the pyramid.


                              "Knowledge is cosmic. It does not evolve or unfold in man. Man unfolds to an awareness of it. He gradually discovers it." - Walter Russell

                              "Once men died for Truth, but now Truth dies at the hands of men." - Manly P. Hall